Speech on Child Labour

Speech on Child Labour

Often in school or college, students are given the chance to give speeches or take part in competitions that require them to give a speech. It helps in personality building and helps in boosting confidence. One of the most common ASL topics, Child Labour is often provided in speech and debates. Here in this blog, we give you a sample of speech on child labour. 

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Sample Speech (10 minutes) 

Good morning respected teachers and my dear friends. My name is Aniket Verma and  today I stand before you to present a speech on child labour. An issue which needs our attention and focus. 

Let me begin by asking you, have you ever come across children working in factories or small restaurants to make a living? It is a shame to see such children working when they should actually be at school, concentrating on their studies. Child Labour is also described as work that deprives children of their youth, their future and their dignity, which is detrimental to physical and mental health. In reality, it is unlawful for a child under 14 years of age to work for a living in India. 

In this speech on child labour, I must bring before you that child slavery has been one of the main problems the government has had to overcome. While the constitution makes it a punishable crime to hire children for labour, data say otherwise. Many national and international policies have been put in place to shield these children from forced labour, but the ground’s truth is something different. In India alone, more than 50 million children are coerced into child labour for many socio-economic reasons.

“A school should be a child’s only workplace”

Major Causes of Child Labour

No speech on child labour is complete without listing down the major causes of child labour. I will now bring to your attention the major causes of child labour.  

Cheap Labour

These causes can be missing in large cities and villages, but this does not exclude urban centres from child labour situations. Child labour is an inexpensive choice. They may be forced to work more hours with lower wages. The owners would sometimes supply them with little food and money in exchange for long hours of labour. As a result of their lack of family care, these children succumb to such abuse.


Poverty affects a significant portion of India’s population. In the villages’ rural areas, life is much more complicated. Child labour is encouraged by weak economic conditions and low living standards. Both boys and girls are forced to work beyond their capacity to meet their basic food and life needs. It’s safe to say they’re out of choices.

Lack of Education

In rural areas, parents are less educated due to a shortage of educational resources. As a result, they undervalue the relevance of school and schooling in their own children’s lives. Couples wind up with several children due to a lack of reproductive information. Organizing three meals a day becomes difficult, and the children quickly discover the hard way.

Child Trafficking

Another aspect that contributes to forced labour is child trafficking. Children who have been trafficked have nowhere to call home. They are sent to an undisclosed location. Finally, these unfortunate people are forced into exceedingly torturous and dangerous occupations, such as gambling, domestic aid, drug transport, and so on.

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Gender Discrimination

At an early age, girls are often excluded from attending school. They’re designed to assist with both fieldwork and household chores. For the boys, the story isn’t any different. They dropped out of school to work in factories to farms and assist their father in earning a living.

“Child labor is a social crime, every child has a right to shine”

Impacts of Child Labour

Since I am presenting before you this speech on child labor, it is my duty to bring forth the impact of child labour and its adverse effects. 

Poor Physical and Mental Health

When children are young, they are innocent and ignorant. Child labour harms the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of children. They lack access to education, which is a basic human right. As a result of their physical exertion and the difficulties of collecting food, they are malnourished.

Forced Maturity

They seem to evolve earlier than they need to live in this world. Their infancy is wasted and broken by the bitter burden that comes with behaving like an adult. They are never available for the kind of attention and care they deserve at a tender age. They are often subjected to unreasonable demands from both their parents and their owners.

Physical Abuse

Such constant threats trap the kids in a fearful state of mind all of the time. There is a higher risk of physical violence. To deal with these stresses, young girls and boys turn to substance addiction. Many more dangerous behaviours become second nature to them.

Addiction and Sexual Abuse

From taking drugs to selling them, alcohol addiction, sexually transmitted diseases, rape, emotional numbness, violence are common things that surround their living conditions. Poor kids may also catch up with these habits from their own parents or localities, where their parents or friends show these behaviours regularly. Adults in villages and low-income groups fail to make a good life for themselves. As a result, they continue to see girls and children with disabilities as nothing more than a burden. As a result, young women are sold to marry older men, while children are left to beg on the sidewalks.

“Child labor is very tough, don’t make their future rough”

Challenges in Controlling Child Labour

Since the topic for today is child labour, we must also look at the challenges that come around controlling this menace. Therefore, moving further in my speech on child labour, let us look at the challenges in controlling child labour. 

Imprecise Laws

While legislation to combat the scourge of child labour have been enacted, they are somewhat ambiguous. Most rules, for example, are reluctant to enforce stringent requirements for unorganised industries.  It is inadequate for the kids to be immune from such dangerous work. Furthermore, specific guidelines should be established as to where the children should work and for how long, if at all, they need to.

Lack of Recovery Plans

Another problem that policymakers face is that children who have been rescued from the devilish embrace of infant labour have no recovery services. The dilemma of how these children can retake control of their new lives is an unresolved one. Proper diet and therapy play an important part in their prosperity.

Insufficient Awareness

In rural and urban areas, more information needs to be generated. The damaging effects of child labour on children’s minds should be taught to adults, including parents. The force and schemes promising free basic education for children should also be explained. More specifically, it is important to stress how education empowers kids and enhances their lives.

“The world revolves around the children. Children’s future revolves around education. Stop child labour”

Child labour does not simply imply that children are forced to serve. It has many and horrific side effects. It leaves a shadow on the mind of the kid. It jeopardises their mental and emotional well-being, as well as their capacity to learn and develop naturally. It is a stain on humanity’s skin and must be removed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

After all, what kind of people do we want them to become due to such treatment? We ought to consider it. Children are our society’s and country’s potential. We can’t expect real growth and success unless and until our youth are secure and balanced in every way. 

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This was our sample speech on child labour. We hope it helps you prepare for any future speeches you are chosen to give. For more such content, stay tuned to Leverage Edu. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn

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