English Vocabulary Test

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Vocabulary Test

Have you ever wondered about the complexity of the English Language and the pool of words it contains? Mastering the English language is a difficult feat and an important aspect of undertaking this feat is to have a good command of the vocabulary. English has a vast vocabulary with words having multiple synonyms. Further, English proficiency is tested in many competitive exams like SAT, GRE, GMAT or CAT. If you are planning to study in an English-speaking country, it is mandatory to appear for globally accepted and standardized tests like IELTS, TOEFL etc. So, if you have been working hard on enhancing your knowledge pool of English words, here’s an exclusive Vocabulary test you must take to evaluate how far you have come!

Vocabulary Test Questions with Answers

1. What is another word which means the same as ‘nomadic’?

A) WildB) Barbarous
C) BraveD) Roving

2. Find the word which has the same meaning as ‘cleave’.

A) BigB) Cut
C) LittleD) Green

3. Fill the blank with the appropriate word: ‘The decision will ___ the entire nation.’

A) ImpactB) Impress
C) ImplantD) Implement

4. What is another word for ‘precarious’?

A) SecureB) Exalted
C) UncertainD) Important

5. What is the synonym of the word ‘Parochial’?

A) AbstractB) Unorthodox
C) BafflingD) Conservative

Hint: Check out our Synonyms List to find the right answer for this question of the vocabulary test!

6. Find the word that has the same meaning as ‘Impoverished’.

A) DestituteB) Indolent
C) AffluentC) Inane

7. Which of the following word means to recede back?

A) ComeB) Forward
C) RetreatD) Move

8. What word corresponds to the meaning of being implied without being stated.

A) HostileB) Tacit
C) OvertD) Generic

9. Select the right antonym of the word ‘amicable’.

A) GrumpyB) Friendly
C) PleasantD) Affable

10. Find the word which is a synonym for ‘berated’.

A) PraisedB) Supervised
C) ReproachedD) Detained

11. What word is the opposite of ‘counterfeit’?

A) FraudulentB) Cheat
C) DeceitD) Genuine

12. What is the antonym of the word ‘intrepid’?

A) CowardlyB) Courageous
C) FearfulD) Timid

(Don’t know the answer? Get the Right Answer from the Difficult Antonyms With Meaning list & ace this vocabulary test)

13. Choose the word which means the opposite of ‘quench’.

A) ParchB) Douse
C) ExtinguishD) Smother

14. She wasn’t feeling well, so she was ___ to go to the evening party. What word should be used to fill in the blank?

A) ReliantB) Reluctant
C) Relinquished D) Resistance

15. He fired his assistant for accessing his files without his ___. What word is appropriate for the blank?

A) ConsensusB) Contempt
C) ConsentD) Concede

16. Pick the option which is the antonym for ‘vicious’.

A) PassiveB) Savage
C) MercilessD) Cordial

17. What word has the same meaning as ‘hostility’?

A) CynosureB) Antagonism
C) SupportD) Behemoth

18. What word is used for someone ‘practising living like a hermit’?

A) AsceticB) Raconteur
C) AestheticD) Eclectic

19. Select the right word which means ‘something huge’.

A) CollusionB) Behemoth
C) TrivialD) Piety

20. What is the antonym of ‘amass’?

A) RelegateB) Digress
C) AssembleD) Dissipate

Answers for Vocabulary Test

Did this quiz help you in getting an idea about your vocabulary? Wasn’t it interesting to know more words and their synonyms? Are you ready to know how many questions in the Vocabulary test you got right? Check out the following answers!

Question NumberCorrect OptionAnswer

Vocabulary Test for Beginners

Have just started developing your vocabulary and ready to test? Here is a vocabulary test for Beginners which includes some tricky but simple questions. 

  1. What is the synonym of Freedom?
  2. Do you know the synonym of illusion?
  3. What’s another word for advice?
  4. Can you guess the synonym of tight?
  5. What is the synonym of desire?

Answers: 1) Liberty 2) False Appearance 3) Recommend 4)Close 5) Impulse

Vocabulary Test Intermediate

If you were able to ace the vocabulary test for beginners, let’s move on to the intermediate level. 

  1. Coin collecting is one of the popular________________
  2. How much do I _______________ you?
  3. Can you ________ this file on Monday?
  4. We need 2 year ___________ for this profile
  5. If you are not ___________ you  can switch your seats with me


  1. Hobbies
  2. Owe
  3. Bring
  4. Experience
  5. Comfortable

Vocabulary Test for SSC CGL
Credits: SSC Adda

Vocabulary Test Quiz

Quiz Your Inner Grammar Nazi with this Grammar Test!

We hope this vocabulary test has helped you evaluate your knowledge of English words and helped you learn new words as well. Increasing your vocabulary is a lifelong task and requires relentless practise by taking as many vocabulary tests as possible. Are you preparing for an English language proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL? Leverage Live offers exclusive online classes and study material to help students achieve their target score in their chosen language proficiency exam! Sign up for a free demo session with us today!

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