How Parents Can Help Their Children Learn English

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how parents can help their children who are learning english

English is the most dominant language of communication throughout the world. English is the official language of more than 75 countries in the world. The influence of the English language has also spread globally through American pop culture, music, movies, advertising, and TV shows. In this blog, we will discuss how parents can help their children learn English which will help them grow further in their careers.

Why Study English Language

  • Around the world, English is the first choice among other foreign languages. 
  • English language got the position of global lingua franca.
  • English is a very common channel of communication among people from different countries or regions when they meet while travelling, doing business or in other contexts.
  • As per the estimation about a third of the world’s total population uses the English language as their mode of communication.

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English Language Categories

English language comprises the following mentioned sections. Learning English or any new language requires completing each of the following four important sections.

ListeningListening is the prime phase of learning the English language. It helps the learner to get aware of the art of speaking the language after knowing the right sentence structuring and right pronunciation of words. Listening is the fastest way of learning any language through the absorption of words.
ReadingReading is the second stage of the English language learning process that comes after listening. Reading the language for beginners generally takes more time. It is one of the most important sections. The reading process helps the learners to understand the language about vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and right sentence structuring.
WritingWriting is a skill and it takes time to write any language English in this case. Errorless English writing requires good knowledge including sentence structuring, vocabulary and grammar. Improvement in the art of writing is a step-by-step process. Writing good English is a testimony of good knowledge of the English language.
Speaking Speaking is the last stage of learning the English language. Fluent English speaking requires consistent efforts in all three parts i.e., listening, reading, and writing. Flawless English speaking in itself is the testimony of command over the language.

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Test NameIntended Target Age
Young Learner (YLE)7-12
Key English Test (KET)12-13
Pearson Language Test (PET)13-14
TOEFL Junior11-15

Parent’s Role in Helping their Children Learn English  

Parents’ support plays a very crucial role in the life of children we all know. Parents are the real support pillars of their wards. Support and guidance from parents during the learning process especially when starting something new and different work as a catalyst for the children. When the child is learning the English language the support and guidance of parents depend upon the child’s age, purpose and performance. These are the following below-mentioned ways through which parents can help their children who are learning the English Language.

Fun Learning 

  • Learning with fun includes different games and activities based on the design of the English language.
  • It is especially for children who are below 15 years of age.

Reading Habit Inculcation

  • Developing English reading habits is the first and most important activity required by children.
  • Parents can guide, track and make them realise the importance of daily reading for better and speedy results.

English News Listening

  • This activity helps in the improvement of listening skills which results in better sentence absorption.
  • English news listening also helps in improving word pronunciation.

Daily Vocabulary Task

  • It includes giving the task of learning new words generally 5 or 10 or  20 depending upon age group.
  • It will not only help in vocabulary building but at the same time boosts confidence and eliminate fear.

Daily Writing Practice 

  • Writing practice boosts confidence in the learner. Parents can encourage their children for the same.
  • Consistency in efforts is the main requisite for improvement in English language writing.

Speaking Support 

  • Speaking is the last stage in learning the English language. It is the most crucial as well as difficult part. Parents can improve the speaking skills of their children through active participation.
  • They should not discourage their children if they are speaking with flaws like wrong pronunciation, sentence structuring and grammar while learning. 


  • A quiz not only develops the feeling of achievement but also accelerates the learning process.
  • English quizzes can include vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure etc.

Revision Before Exam

  • Parents can spend some extra time with their children before the exam and help them in revision and improve their performance through pre-exam evaluation.
  • It will not only strengthen the bond between parents and children but also give much-required confidence before leaving for the exam.

Motivate During Lag

  • It is the most important duty of the parents, they should constantly motivate their wards when they are not able to meet their expectations and their faculties too.
  • It gives them the confidence to continue the learning process and not quit because of initial results. It helps them in their performance improvement gradually.

Appreciation for Doing Good

  • All is well like appreciation for our good efforts. Appreciation from parents accelerates productivity.
  • Parents can appreciate their wards in various ways like any short weekend trip, gifts, words of encouragement, etc.

This blog is mainly covering all the possible ways how parents can help their children who are learning the English language. After faculty or teachers students need to get full support from their parents in the learning process. It includes different interesting as well as practical methods that need to follow by both parents and children. If you are planning to study abroad. To know about the admission procedure and colleges & courses shortlisting you are suggested to book the 30 minutes free counselling session with our study abroad expert at Leverage Edu. Call on -1800-572-000. 

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