Essay on Scientific Discoveries

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Essay on Scientific discoveries

Writing and speaking skills are the most important skills in the world. It shows how well a student will convey his or her ideas, experiences and thoughts. Essays are one of the most popular forms of writing to ascertain an applicant’s general knowledge, experiences, writing style and language skills. It is used in many entrance exams like SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and in college applications as well. From a very early age, school curriculums have been encouraging students to write essays and give speeches. Sometimes the topics provided to students can be difficult and complicated. So, today we have come up to help the students with an essay on Scientific Discoveries!

Five Qualities of A Good Essay

Before we provide you with an essay on scientific discoveries. Let’s learn about essay writing. Writing an essay is a difficult thing. The writing should be rich in content plus should not bore it’s readers. Here are the five qualities a perfect essay should have:-

  • Focus: All of your writing should come under one single topic. No matter how vast your essay is, it should always revolve around the topic of the essay. Avoid unnecessary details.
  • Development: Each and every paragraph of your essay should centre the topic of your essay. Try to use examples, details and descriptions.
  • Free composition: Always follow a basic structure. Before finalising your essay, jot down the points you would like to mention and then make a series. Do not surprise the reader with complicated words, try to keep it as simple as possible. 
  • Correctness: Make sure your essay is free from any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, mismatched sentences, etc. Always use standard English, and complete sentences.
  • Introduction and Conclusion: The introduction and the conclusion of the writing is the most important part of the essay. First impression is always the last impression, so is the introduction of your writing. After reading the first two or three lines, if the reader gets bored , he may not read your whole essay. So make sure your essay contains a crispy beginning. Alternatively make the conclusion so strong and effective that the reader never forgets your essay. Don’t feel afraid to use quotes, catchy lines, slogans and all. They are the cherry on the cake for your essay.

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Sample Essay on Scientific Discoveries

Here is an example of an essay on scientific discoveries to help them out in their school assignments!

Everything around us is a grand discovery. Be it a necessity, comfort, or luxury, they all came from different scientific discoveries that took place over a span of time. Starting from a small pin to a big ship, everything is just a mere invention for making the life of humans easier. Scientistic discoveries take place in every arena of thought so before we talk about these inventions. Let’s examine what is science?

What is science? Science is a system for acquiring knowledge. We use observations, experimentations to come to a conclusion and explain any natural phenomenon. In simple language, science is the systematic field of study or knowledge gained from experimentations, observations and some accepted facts. And so the scientific discoveries have done miracles in human lives. 

Scientific discoveries and inventions have made our lives easier and more comfortable than we could have ever imagined. Scientific equipment accomplishes lengthy tasks in just minutes. Be it in the health sector, education, transportation, etc.,  all the inventions are just the gifts of science. Nowadays we are in a situation where without science, we cannot imagine our survival. Without science, no country, no single person would have made progress.

Scientific discoveries inventions are machines that accomplish any task of humans either fully or partially. According to the business dictionary, the word ‘invention’ is “a new scientific or technical idea, and the means of its embodiment or accomplishment. To be patentable, an invention must be novel, have utility, and be non-obvious. To be called an invention, an idea only needs to be proven as workable. But to be called an innovation, it must also be replicable at an economical cost and must satisfy a specific need. That’s why only a few inventions lead to innovations because not all of them are economically feasible.”

Wikipedia further says, “An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition or process. It may be an improvement upon a machine or product or a new process for creating an object or a result. An invention that achieves a completely unique function or result may be a radical breakthrough. Such works are novel and not obvious to others skilled in the same field.” These definitions made us clear about how important scientific discovery is for us.

Due to science, we are able to get all kinds of things we desire for. Electricity is a miracle that gives us light even in the dark. It further helps us to run industries and conserve the environment and control pollution.  A cricket match is going on in America and we are able to watch it. Why? Inventions! Nowadays medical science is doing its best all over the world. Let us not forget computers, which is the greatest invention of mankind. 

However, it is rightly said that every coin has two sides. Scientific discoveries and inventions have given us a lot and at the same time created a lot of disadvantages too. Nowadays people have become so much dependent on technology that even walking for them has become difficult. Inventions made people so lazy, especially the young generation. All they could think now is sit at their home, with their computers and tablets on. Gone are the days where people used to go out, play and have actual fun in life. Also, scientific inventions have made people jobless. Employers are substituting their employees with heavy machines. And this is the sad reality everywhere. Along with a luxurious life, technology has made our lives more complicated. People nowadays catch the disease early due to no exercise and sitting in front of their computer the whole day. 

The biggest and disastrous inventions are weapons, guns and bombs. What’s worse than taking the life of people? It has ruined unity, peace and harmony all over the world. 

Scientific discoveries and inventions have contributed so much that my essay would never be enough to explain it. In the end, I would like to say that do not take up the monstrous side. Try the blessing of discoveries and make your life better in every aspect.

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