Bonafide Certificate Format

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Bonafide Certificate Format

While applying for jobs or college admission you must have heard of this term “Bonafide Certificate.”  But, What is a Bonafide Certificate?. It is a statement proving that you belong to a particular educational institution like a school or a college or a professional organization as an employee of a company. It acts as proof that you were working or studying at a particular organization for a specific time duration. Many companies ask for the bonafide certificate to take your application further. There are various ways to format a bonafide certificate for students and working professionals. Let’s look at its application, usage and bonafide certificate format.

Why is a Bonafide Certificate Required?

Before familiarizing you with the bonafide certificate format, let’s first understand for which purposes it is used for. As this certificate provides proof that an individual is studying/working at an institution/organisation, you might need a bonafide certificate for the following:

  • As a student, you can seek concessions in public transports like buses, local trains and metros for which you will be required to provide this certificate while applying for the same.
  • To apply for a passport or a driving license or in case of visa application, where you are required to prove that you are studying abroad at an academic institution or working with an organisation.
  • For those students that need financial aid, application for education loans and scholarships also need a bonafide certificate to prove your association with the institution.
  • In any corporate or academic conferences, seminars or similar events, you will need this certificate to validate your entry.
  • Some companies partner with other businesses to provide employee benefits like travel concession for a taxi service and in order to certify your association, a bonafide certificate is needed.

Types and Documents Required for Bonafide Certificate

There are two types of bonafide certificate format, these are:

Bonafide Certificate Format

How to Apply for Bonafide Certificate?

As discussed, be it for a loan application or for an internship, students and working professionals may need bonafide certificate for various purposes. Before delving into the bonafide certificate format, let us first understand what all has to be included while sending an application for the issuance of this document:

  • Student/Employee Details
  • Name of the Addressing Person 
  • Date of Applying 
  • Statement of Purpose (Explaining the Reason for Bonafide Certificate)
  • Signature of the Applicant

To understand the format in detail, read our blog on Application for Bonafide Certificate!

What to Include in Bonafide Certificate for Students?

Every institution whether a school or a college will require the bonafide certificate format to be different according to the difference in demands. So, if you are wondering what is bonafide student of institution certificate then, here are a few general things which are included in the certificate:

  • Institution’s Name on the Letterhead
  • Date of Issuing
  • Details of the Student
  • Details Stating that the person in question is or was associated with the institution. 
  • Signature of the Head of the Institution 

Bonafide Certificate Format for Students

Bonafide Certificate Format for Students
Bonafide Certificate Format for Students

What to Include in Bonafide Certificate for Working Professionals?

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Bonafide certificate format for a working professional can be different as compared to that of a student as it includes details regarding their working background and the organisation they are/were associated with. Here is a list of a few general things which should be included in the bonafide certificate for employees:

  • Organisation’s Name on the Letterhead
  • Details of the Working Employee (This includes the Joining Date and Working Experience)
  • Date of Issuing
  • A statement proving that the individual is or was associated with a specific organisation.
  • Signature of the Head of the Organization 

Bonafide Certificate Format for Working Professionals

Bonafide Certificate for Employees
Bonafide Certificate for Employees

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