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Biodata stands for Biographical Data. From a professional point of view, it is similar to a resume. It contains all your factual data, depending on the usage. They mention your objective, qualifications, skills, hobby, work experience, and in the case of personal biodata, your details like marital status, family background, etc. The primary purpose of this is to provide your biological information and some essential insight about you; it is different from a CV. Here, in this blog, we cover all details about Biodata Format. 

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What is a Biodata Format?

A document known as a biodata, or biodata format, provides details about you and acts as an introduction for a variety of reasons. A biodata is mostly used for employment and marriage, and is widespread in the following nations:

  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • Pakistan
  • Sri Lanka 

Consider carefully how to get the recruiter’s attention while writing a biodata format for a job. Read the job description in its entirety before applying, and be sure to highlight your qualifications by mentioning your education, experience, and work history. The recruiter will also be looking for information about your gender, ethnicity, religion, interests, and other personal characteristics in the form of your biodata.

Types of Biodata

When we talk about biodata, we can essentially diversify it as per the type of usage, your profession, and your experiences. Mentioned below are the various types of it: 


  • For Job
  • For Government Job
  • For Teachers
  • For Freshers
  • Creative


  • For Marriage for Girls
  • For Marriage for Boys

Professional Biodata

A professional Biodata is one that presents all your professional details and is usually needed for jobs, interviews, school, colleges, etc. It can be of many kinds and may contain information about various things. 


The format for the same is mentioned below. You can have a look here:

  • Objective: This section describes you in a line or two. Here, you must mention your current skills and how you will use them to achieve your future goals.
  • Personal Details: This section requires you to add your date of birth, contact details, location, email address, and sometimes, LinkedIn address.
  • Educational Background: An educational background contains your schooling from Class 10th to your latest qualification. In this section, you must write about your school/ university name, degree type, and marks obtained.
  • Job Experience: Here, you mention any of your job experiences. This is only valid for experienced people. It would help if you said your company’s name and the duration you served. You can also write about the key responsibilities you held.
  • Certificates and Internships: Here, you mention any certification or internship experience that you have. This section is more important for those who do not have any job experience.
  • Hobbies and Skills: You can mention your recreations if you want; however, there are specific hard skills and soft skills that every company or institute looks for in their desired employee/ student. You must make sure you have those skills and mention them in this section.

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Biodata for Job

A biodata for a job is just like a resume. You must use it for your job applications for interviews. While there is the same format that is followed for biodata for a job as it is for a professional one, there are certain sections that you may want to add or skip depending on your job application. 


The format is mentioned below. It must contain the following: 

  • Objective
  • Personal Details
  • Educational Background
  • Job Experience 
  • Certificates & Internships
  • Hobbies and Skills
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Some companies have a particular requirement for their biodata. These can include personal information or professional information like: 
  1. Professional References
  2. Educational References
  3. Current Location
  4. Preferred Location
  5. Nationality
  6. Current CTC
  7. Expected CTC
  8. Strengths
  9. Weaknesses

The picture below shows the format for a job:


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Biodata for Government Job

You might think that Biodata for government jobs must be the same as for a private appointment. But there are specific rules and regulations that every type of government department follows. Generally, private job companies may or may not accept a simple resume with fewer details, but your biodata for a government job must be detailed. 


Certain government jobs also mention their own format. Essentially for a government job, it must contain the following:

  • Objective
  • Personal Details
  • Educational Background
  • Job Experience– Your job experience should be in detail. You must mention your key responsibilities here.
  • The following sections do not hold as much strength in a government job biodata so you can give them a smaller space: Certificates and Internships, Hobbies and Skills, Volunteer Experience. 

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Biodata for Teachers

A biodata for teachers is required for application in schools and colleges. A biodata for teachers should contain all their experience and qualification that is fit for the job they are applying for. For eg: if a teacher is applying for the position of a physics teacher but they have shared their experience in a psychology subject, it won’t be of any use. 


The format of a biodata for teachers must contain the following: 

  • Objective
  • Personal Details
  • Educational Background:  Here, you must mention your degrees related to the course you plan to teach. Specific requirements of different institutions from their teachers and educational background are the most important for them. 
  • Job Experience: Here, you must write your job experience in the same field you are looking for a teacher’s position.
  • Research Papers: This is one of the most helpful parts of a teacher’s biodata. In this, you can include the research papers you have written for different institutions. This strengthens your position as a teacher.

The picture below shows an example for teachers. 


Biodata for Freshers

A biodata for freshers is for those who have freshly graduated or applied to a job as a fresher. A biodata for freshers has no job experience section so you must emphasize skills and abilities. 


The format of biodata for freshers must contain the following: 

  • Objective: This is a section where you need to mention your potential career plans. You can mould your job objective according to your desired position.
  • Educational Qualifications: This is extremely important for freshers as you do not have any experience to show.
  • Skills
  • Internships: This is the closest you can come to work experience as a fresher. Mention your role and key responsibilities that you experienced while interning. 

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The image below shows the format and example for a fresher. 

Creative Biodata

A creative Biodata is essentially a new and trendy type that uses several colours, modern designs, and photos. A creative Biodata can usually work for a particular few fields like:

Personal Biodata

A personal biodata refers to a biodata for the personal details of an individual. These details are usually never needed for professional reasons but for personal work like marriage. Personal biodata includes details about parents and family members. Personal biodata may even include blood group and disability status.

Credits: Pinterest

Biodata for Marriage

Biodata for marriage is pretty common for arranged marriages in India. They are also called marital resumes or matrimonial biodata. It is a pretty common practice in Hindu marriages for bachelors to become householders. Hindu families exchange biodata of girls and boys looking to get married.

Marriage Biodata Format for Females

Such a document for girls highlights certain personal traits and her requirements from a potential suitor. The format for a Girl Biodata is different from a professional biodata as it is for the purpose of marriage.

  • Personal Details: Name, Date of Birth, Parents’ Name, Family Details, Educational background, profession, caste.
  • Appearance Details: Height, weight, hair colour and eye colour, complexion and facial features
  • Contact Details: Phone Number, Email address, Postal Address
  • Life Goals: Career plans, Family plans, Settlement plans
  • Lifestyle: Hobbies, Interests, and skills
  • Religious opinions and beliefs
  • Smoking and Drinking Habits, if any.
  • Groom Choice and expectations from the groom 

Here is a Sample of Marriage Biodata for Girl

Biodata for Woman for Marriage

Marriage Biodata Format for Males

Such a document for boys also has the same role as that of a girl. However, depending on the traditional marriage roles, there are a few sections that are different:

  • Personal Details: Name, Date of Birth, Parents’ Name, Family Details, Educational background, profession and current salary, caste.
  • Appearance Details: Height, weight, hair colour and eye colour, complexion and facial features.
  • Contact Details: Phone Number, email address, Postal Address.
  • Life Goals: Career plans, family plans, settlement plans.
  • Lifestyle: Hobbies, interests, and skills.
  • Religious opinions and beliefs.
  • Smoking and Drinking Habits, if any.
  • Bride Choice and expectations from the bride.

The image below shows the format and example of biodata for marriage for a boy. 

Biodata for Marriage for Boy

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A biodata has several usages, from professional to personal. You can create different biodata depending on your requirements. But as there are many different types, you must know exactly what kind of biodata you need. If you need any support creating biodata for universities, our Leverage Edu experts are always there to help! Call us at 1800572000 for a free session today! 

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  1. my name is muskan my father name is noor mohammad my mother name is najama khatun i am astudent of class 13 and fust time college please job foe me thak you

  1. my name is muskan my father name is noor mohammad my mother name is najama khatun i am astudent of class 13 and fust time college please job foe me thak you

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