How to Become an Online Tutor in India?

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How to Become an Online Tutor in India?

Establishing a career as an online tutor is a terrific way to get into the education profession and work from home. Working from home may be quite useful for tutors since it allows them to reach individuals in practically any region of the world and share their expertise with any student who is interested in learning more about a given subject. If you wish to work as an educator and believe that remote work would be great for you, you should try becoming an online instructor. In this blog, we will look at what an online tutor performs, the benefits of becoming one, and how to become one.

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Who is an Online Tutor?

An online tutor is a teacher who teaches classes through the internet to assist students to improve their skills in a given area. Most online instructors specialise in a specific area, such as English, mathematics, or science. Online tutors can also specialise in test preparation, which includes assisting students in preparing for standardised tests as well as other sorts of assessments such as entrance examinations or grade-level assessments.

While online tutors often have similar levels of knowledge as online or in-person lecturers, their roles can differ. This is because online tutors often serve as supplemental educators from whom pupils study in addition to the education they receive from their regular lecturers.

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Roles and Responsibilities

An online tutor may have a variety of employment responsibilities that contribute to helping students succeed in a specific field of study. Online instructors often do the following tasks:

  • Online tutors can build and create lesson plans that take into account their students’ requirements and goals, allowing them to tailor their courses to the pupils they have.
  • Although video conference calls are a common means to host meetings over the internet, their employment may also include conducting individual and group classes using video conference calls.
  • Monitoring progress and sharing information with students’ parents is another typical task for online tutors, especially when teaching small children.
  • Make curricular materials including handouts, worksheets, and assessments.
  • Prepare and create video course materials
  • Respond to student inquiries concerning the course.
  • Conduct evaluations to monitor student progress.
  • Address technical and Internet connectivity problems.
  • Reply to student, parent, and administrator emails and communications.
  • Track and document student progress over time.
  • Make new programs or courses available to school officials.

How to Become an Online Tutor (Step-by-Step Guide)

Some online tutors work for tutoring services or enterprises, but others start their own tutoring businesses. Here are some ideas for how to become an online tutor:

Evaluate the Requirements

The particular degree and training requirements for online tutors can vary depending on the subject and location where you live. Most online teachers have the same fundamental requirement: they must be an expert in the area they wish to teach. Some online tutors may pursue a bachelor’s degree in their field of study, but there may also be options to prepare for work as a tutor through tutor training programmes, many of which are available online.

An online tutor, for example, who wants to help students learn English normally needs a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) credential. You can learn what measures you need to do to prepare for a job as an online tutor by completing online research or contacting companies where you want to work as an instructor.

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Discover your Prospective Student Base

Considering the types of students you might wish to tutor might also help you prepare for your job. Online tutors can pique the interest of students of all levels and ages since they are so accessible, as students can take courses online from nearly any location. It can be beneficial to investigate different demographics of students you might be interested in teaching before beginning to take on customers to ensure you obtain the appropriate knowledge and training to effectively instruct them.

For example, an online instructor who wants to work with young children will most likely take different steps than an online tutor who wants to tutor adults.

Pick a Subject

One of the most crucial phases in becoming an online tutor is deciding on the subject in which you want to assist students in learning. This is because the majority of online tutors specialise in one or two courses and only train pupils in those areas of study. One strategy to choose a subject to specialise in is to think about the types of students you want to help and the subjects they might want to learn more about.

It can be advantageous to choose a subject to tutor that you are interested in or enthusiastic about since this can assist make establishing your knowledge easy and fun. You may also already be aware of or have an understanding of the subject, which can cut down on the time you need to spend studying your subject before generating materials and taking on clients.

Create a Curriculum

This phase is optional for online tutors who want to work for established tutoring organisations, but it can be advantageous because some tutoring companies require their instructors to create their curricula. But, for online instructors who wish to start their own tutoring business, this stage is critical in ensuring they have compelling resources that may help students learn effectively. Creating the curriculum for an online tutoring course may entail creating a variety of materials, such as video lectures, written worksheets and handouts, and interactive evaluations and examinations.

You might get ideas for your curriculum by looking at other online tutoring courses in your subject. You can also employ online learning-compatible tools to ensure that all of your pupils have access to your content.

Discover or Develop an Online Platform

This is another stage that online tutors who want to work at established tutoring organisations can skip, as most tutoring companies need their tutors to utilise the same platform to maintain consistency. This can be another important step for online instructors who wish to create their businesses in making their business accessible and easy to utilise for any student who chooses to study from them. 

Because there are so many alternatives for online programmes and platforms, researching the various sorts of programmes accessible will help you pick which might be the best host for your resources and classes.

Begin Accepting Students

You can begin looking for students to tutor once you have your curriculum materials and a digital platform to present them on. You can locate students by advertising on websites that advertise tutoring services and on social media platforms where people can share your company with others they know. If you want to work for an existing tutoring company, you can start by applying to firms you already know about or conducting web research to identify companies that would value your skill set and background.

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Benefits of Becoming an Online Tutor

For the proper people, becoming an online tutor can be a wonderful job. Here are some of the advantages of this professional path:

  • Schedule flexibility: Online instructors and students frequently identify study periods that work for both of their schedules. This allows you to tutor during your preferred working hours.
  • Ability to Help: As an online instructor, you have the opportunity to assist difficult pupils in improving their study skills. You can assist them in achieving their academic objectives, and you can even assist some students in preparing for courses after graduation.
  • Work from home: Instead of commuting to school, instruct kids from the convenience of your own home. You no longer have to commute and can easily continue with the rest of your day following tutoring.

Skills Required

Functioning as an online tutor may necessitate a combination of educational and technological hard skills and soft skills. Here are some of the skills required by an online tutor listed below:

Freelance Online Tutor

Freelance online teaching is not the same as regular online teaching. These tutors are hired for a certain session and at a specific time. If you have little teaching experience, you should work as a freelancer and look for the best sites to work as a freelance teacher. These are some top freelancing online tutoring websites that we recommend. –

Top Online Teaching Platforms

Here are some well-known e-learning platforms that can provide online tutoring opportunities:

  • Vedantu
  • Udemy
  • Indeed
  • Buddy School
  • Chegg
  • Up Grad
  • Edureka
  • Simplilearn
  • Open Learning
  • Teachable
  • Learn World.
  • Course Craft

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Salary Range

The yearly income of an online tutor in India ranges from 0.4 Lakhs to 6.0 Lakhs, with an average annual salary of 2.5 Lakhs. Pay estimates are based on the most recent 2.2k salary reports from Online Tutors.


How can I be a tutor online?

To Get Started as an Online Tutor, take the following steps:
Examine the needs.
Discover your prospective student base.
Pick a topic.
Create the curriculum.
Locate or construct an online platform.
Begin accepting students.

How do I get paid to tutor online?

There are numerous places where you can earn money by teaching online. The money will be deposited into your bank account on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. Several online teaching platforms charge set monthly fees for classes.

What does online tutoring mean?

Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in an online, virtual, or networked environment, with teachers and students participating from different physical places. In addition to space, the literature suggests that individuals can be separated by time.

You now have some ideas on how to become an online tutor and turn it into a company. Recall that today’s career-minded adolescents and adults are eager to go to any length to advance professionally. Yet, because many people do not have the time in their rigid and demanding schedules, they are considering online learning. At the appropriate time, you’re learning how to tutor online.

Even though e-learning has been around for a long time, current technology has opened limitless possibilities in the field of education, with more and more people signing up to take classes online every day. You are at the forefront of this online educational revolution, and the possibilities are endless.

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