What Makes a Good Teacher?

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Qualities of a Good Teacher

Students, at the onset of their educational journey, are like artists with blank canvases. A teacher is a guide who helps them discover the colours of the world, enables them to create their own colour palette and prepares them to embark on the journey to make their painting of life. Good teachers can make a monumental difference in students’ lives, right from pre-school to higher education. They can have a long-lasting impact on a student’s mind and shape their perspective towards learning. If you are curious about the traits of a teacher or are considering a career in teaching, then scroll this blog to know what qualities make a good teacher!

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Good Teachers are Strong Communicators

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Communication skills are a must for effective learning. It is essential that a teacher interacts with students inside and outside the classroom can affect how students view the subject. As one of the top qualities of a good teacher, communication is key to explaining how a particular topic applies to students’ personal lives, interests, and hobbies have proved to support learning. Teachers must communicate with clarity and a certain level of assertiveness to help students grasp concepts quickly and receive information with open doors to ponder the topic. 

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Good Teachers are Good Listeners

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If an educator can learn to hear out what the students say, they can find a way to reach them where they are. Before being able to impart knowledge, a teacher must try to understand the headspace of the students to tailor lessons in a way that reaches them best. Listening to and observing students can also help teachers identify students facing anxiety or struggling with a topic. Teachers can then help build the student’s confidence and skills. This is why listening is one of the best qualities of a good teacher because active listening can help you connect with your learners and build a rapport in your class.

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Good Teachers Focus on Collaboration 

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A good teacher never works alone. Learning must always be a team activity and the key to success in this environment is the ability to collaborate. Teachers must collaborate with an open mind, be flexible, connect and develop the best practices to help their students learn better. Professionalism is an essential trait in the teaching profession along with a willingness to share knowledge and experiences with others is one of the most important qualities of a good teacher.

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Good Teachers are Adaptable

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In a constantly evolving environment, with rapid technological advances in education, especially post the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers need to adjust their teaching styles based on the age of their students, the study resources available and changing curriculum, methods and requirements. Adaptability is an important virtue when teachers might be taking classes for different grade levels.

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Good Teachers are Engaging 

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Engaging students with humour, creativity, and a strong classroom presence is an integral part of what makes someone a good teacher. Teaching is not about sitting back and just lecturing; it is about engaging with the students in the process. Engagement often helps students express their thoughts and opinions, improving their understanding of the subject and presentation skills. 

Good Teachers are Empathetic

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One of the key qualities of a good teacher is empathy and the ability to look at students as individuals who have things going on in their respective lives. Something that may be easy for one student might not be the case for others. Like any other individual, students’ learning capabilities are also impacted by their personal lives and distractions. Everyone can learn at a different pace and in various ways. Teachers must pay close attention to students and approach them with an open mind and heart. 

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Good Teachers are Patient 

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No matter which grade an educator is teaching, their patience will be put to the test. While handling a class and interacting with colleagues, teachers must remain calm to handle diverse situations. Along with this, parents also come to talk about their children with certain expectations. While interacting with parents about their ward’s reports, one of the qualities of a good teacher is being patient enough to understand them. 

Good Teachers Model Risk-Taking

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Another key trait of a good teacher is to always push their learners to become a better version of themselves. Mentorship is one of the important qualities of a good teachers because a teacher should always mentor students not just academically but also beyond the classroom. A teacher can shape a thousand minds and that’s why it is important to have the best mindset and approach to learning embedded in motivating and encouraging them to better.

Good Teachers are Life-long Learners 

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Teachers must have a dedication to continued education and a love of learning. Whether learning more about a particular subject area, new methods of communication or even exploring how to bring more technology into the classroom, expanding one’s knowledge is key to developing that of the students. Teachers should always be open to learning from their colleagues and students alike. 

While teachers continue to be one of the strongest influences in a student’s life, these qualities of a good teacher can help a student shine to their potential. A good teacher can instil a growth mindset in students and help them gain confidence. Want to study a degree in Teaching and Education abroad? Sign up for a free session with our Leverage Edu mentors and we will help you discover the best academic programs abroad!

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  1. Good to see the millennials come of their age & deliberate on concerns that help in nurturing life, society through evolution with an egalitarian approach & a sensibly considerate human touch.

  1. Good to see the millennials come of their age & deliberate on concerns that help in nurturing life, society through evolution with an egalitarian approach & a sensibly considerate human touch.

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