Teaching-Learning Material

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Teaching-Learning Material

Teachers often use different learning and language tools and techniques to make learning captivating and impart quality education. To make learning more effective, teachers can take the assistance of teaching-learning materials or TLMs. In this article, we will bring to you everything that you need to know about teaching-learning material and more!

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About Teaching-Learning Material

Teachers can make their classes really intriguing and more significant for the students by utilizing a few articles or materials to help their verbal depictions. Utilizing an enormous assortment of materials are found to improve better comprehension of ideas and for making learning seriously fascinating. Teaching-learning material is also called Instructional material or Teaching Aids.

Today, with the emphasis on learning in a student-focused methodology, the students need an ever-increasing number of materials to improve their ability to learn together or independently. ‘TLM’ becomes fundamental to have a superior comprehension of the nature of the subject matter.

Types of Teaching-Learning Material

Here are the types of teaching learning material and aids to facilitate learning for kids:

tlm teaching learning material
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  • Visuals Aids: Blackboard, Posters, Flashcards, Presentations, Printed textbooks, Graphs and Infographics
  • Audio Aids: Radio, Tape-recorder and CDs
  • Audio-visual aids: Videos, Video recordings, Films and Documentaries, Virtual Classrooms
  • Language Laboratory
  • Computer-Assisted Learning: Pre-recorded DVDs, CDs, online quizzes, ebooks, podcasts and blogs

Why Do We Need Teaching-Learning Material?

Given below are reasons for why Teaching-Learning Material is crucial to learning:

  • Learning of new ideas becomes simpler if the student is given recognizable materials linked with the subject matter
  • Typically little children are drawn to objects of various tones and measures and show their interest in controlling these in different manners which when fed cautiously assists with fostering a propensity for playing with an assortment of articles. This aids in upgrading their creativity.
  • TLMs are required for compelling self-learning. With the utilization of proper materials, one can learn on their own with absolute power over their speed of learning. 
  •  By utilizing Teaching Learning Materials, teachers turn amicable; a cordial environment is constructed which significantly helps in learning.

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Characteristics of Good TLM

Given below are a few attributes of good Teaching Learning Material: 

  • The TLMs should be appealing to the kids. Size, shading (multicolour or splendid or engaging shading blend), development (like moving toys) and in a few cases the smell or/and taste or sound are a portion of the properties of the materials which allure students.
  • The familiarity with TLMs will assist with presenting new ideas. The kids can likewise control these materials easily for significant learning of new ideas. 
  • The novelty of the material additionally draws in the kids. Surprising materials or novel use of natural materials are the appealing highlights of good TLMs. 
  • The material ought to have utilitarian worth. It is in the appropriate utilization that makes the material positive or negative. 
  • Materials of numerous utility like dice, sticks, marbles, 3D shapes and blaze cards can have numerous utilizations in practically all branches of knowledge of primary school educational plan and are subsequently more popular as TLMs in the schools.
  • The simplicity of taking care of the materials which incorporate toughness, lightweight, and wellbeing (innocuous for use by kids) is a significant trademark for which such materials are liked in the educating learning measure.

Management of TLM

Given below are certain methods to manage Teaching Learning Material effectively:

  • Guarantee accessibility of adequate TLMs for the free utilization by students.
  • If you are intending to utilize the locally accessible materials, ask a few students to gather those and bring them to class.
  • Before the initiation of the period, gather every one of the materials from the school store or from different sources. 
  • Use divider exercises, floor exercises, materials arranged inside and outside the study hall like a nursery, jungle gym and so forth as wellsprings of learning 
  • Create a little gathering of students in your group who might be the forerunners in assortment, readiness, and upkeep of the TLMs in the study hall. They ought to be given the duty to figure out the necessary TLMs before the beginning of the period and to supplant the materials in their individual putting away places after the period is finished. The gathering might be changed each month. 
  • For better support, keep a record (stock book) of TLMs in your group. It would work within finding the harmed and lost articles in order to have a convenient substitution of those articles. 
  • Once in a month, the TLM stock ought to be checked and the store tidied up appropriately

Creative Ideas for TLM

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