Parents Guide to Study Abroad

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Parents Guide to Study Abroad (1)

Studying abroad is adventurous for your child and you as well. Thus, there are most likely to be ups and downs so you may require to be prepared for all these obstacles and support your child throughout the journey. Many students are pursuing higher education abroad, have you ever thought about why? So in this well-connected world, spending a year or two at international universities increases the chances of employment and also helps in developing skills that are helpful for your child personally and professionally. Some of the prominent variables you may require to consider are location, cost, length of the program and if the credits are transferable or not. Your baby is a grown-up now and thinking about studying abroad, and this can certainly be hard on parents (you can ask mine). This blog is a parents guide to the study abroad journey with tips at the end. If you want to explore more then Keep Reading.

Why You Should Let Your Child Study Abroad?

Studying abroad is not an option but a decision that is going to impact the rest of the lives of you and your child as it extends far beyond academics, and career. This experience may help your child to open their minds and explore new cultures, experiences, and friends at the global level. Studying abroad no doubt comes with immense benefits, however, this experience can rattle the nerves even if you are one of the most easy-going parents. All that you require to do in this situation is to feel comfortable and think about how valuable this study abroad idea can be for your child. Even if you are nervous let your child spread his wings and don’t forget to focus on the positive impacts of this remarkable journey,

Study Abroad Benefits 

As mentioned so far there are a plethora of benefits of pursuing study abroad. Let us reflect light on some of the common benefits.

  • This experience is going to teach your child real-life skills that your child was deprived of in his classroom. Nowadays, cultural awareness and second language proficiency are basic requirements for most top organizations.
  • Your child would get to learn a second language that would make your child apart in the competitive job market. Learning a language at home is comparatively less chance than learning the language in another country where the language is actually spoken. Thus this immersion is the bridge to second language fluency.
  • One of the enriching parts of the studying abroad journey is making global friends that would eventually help your child to expand globally as well as the professional network they have.
  • Studying abroad majorly helps in developing confidence and most importantly independence. Your child would get to adapt to cultural shocks, figure out a new subway system, try bizarre food and much more.

How to Pick a Program for Studying Abroad?

One of the most important aspects of parents guide to study abroad is picking a program for your child. You have to choose a location that is both inspiring and exciting, and also would help your child to grow to achieve their goals. Some of the aspects you need to consider are location, length of the program, semester of study or if the credits are transferable or not. You can also research the programs by analyzing verified reviews. 

Key Questions 

You may reach providers with these questions:

  • What is the type of in-country support there?
  • What is included in the tuition fees?
  • If there is a delay in graduation due to any reason?
  • Will scholarships apply? If yes then how much?

On Budget Programs 

There are a plethora of scholarships offered by various universities as financial aid to help students in their higher education. All you can do is encourage your child to apply for fellowships, and scholarships through the study abroad programs. Another thing your child can do is raise funds by themselves by offering private lessons or cleaning cars or houses. By doing all this you will witness a unique change in your child.

Safety of Your Child

The only thing that most probably you would be scared of is letting your child go far from you. All you are required to do is be prepared. 

How to Prepare?

Here are some tips you may consider while preparing to study abroad experience 

  • First, you can get travel insurance when you are travelling and experiencing sickness at the same time then travel insurance as support is definitely helpful. 
  • Before starting a journey it is always helpful to get the basic knowledge about the destination. Learning local laws, embassy locations, and customs is a must for your child.
  • One of the most important things you need to consider is making sure about the medical history of your child. You may hand a document to your child with the study location, and information including allergies, history and medications.
  • Another thing that always helps is keeping a backup handy that has your child’s passport, and other relevant information that can be helpful in emergencies.
  • At last, all you need is to educate your child about the precautions they need to take while going out, especially about money. 

Hope this blog helped you with the various requisites related to studying abroad plan for your child. Getting into prestigious universities is quite tricky and your child may require more than good grades. You may enlist assistance from Leverage Edu – Your Trusted Study Abroad Expert for a flawless application process and end-to-end assistance. Call us immediately on 1800 57 2000 for a free 30-minute consultation.

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