Study in Hungary

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Study in Hungary

Studying in Hungary is a sweeping experience as you can explore with world-class educational opportunities while immersing in the unique blend of traditional culture and modern metropolises. This nation is well-known for its authentic urban attractions, alleviating landscapes beautified by blue waters and extraordinary culture. The royal residences and palaces of Hungary with its magnificence can blow your creative mind. Hungary draws in international students from both EU and non-EU nations. Largely international students studying in Hungary are from Germany, Iran, Norway, and other nearby nations. It has consistently attracted students from every corner of the world with its degrees being acknowledged and valued across the globe. Numerous organizations offer temporary positions to graduates completing their education here thus making them a part of the stimulating professional world. This blog brings you a comprehensive guide on study in Hungary, top universities, admission intakes, scholarships, costs and much more!

Why Study in Hungary?

Hungary brings a perfect blend of brilliant academic and research opportunities and professional exposure. The capital Budapest is known for its advanced tourism and consistently eye-catching views. There are countless reasons which can surely convince you to study in Hungary. Below we have listed some of the top reasons why one should pursue their future educational endeavours in Hungary.

No Language Barriers

Most of the courses in Hungarian universities are taught in English and thus internationally students face no hurdles in terms of the language of instruction. Further, English is also widely spoken across the country thus making it easier for international students to explore Hungary and make friends with the locals while studying here.

Quality Education System 

Hungary has an advanced education system that is carefully designed and is flexible to accommodate the needs of all the students. Being a largely public education system, the higher education institutions in Hungary offer advanced levels of study and the examination conducted in the Hungarian education system is valued worldwide thereby making a Hungarian degree valuable and lucrative.

Affordable Tuition Costs & Living Expenses

Another reason that makes it to the why study in Hungary is the crucial aspect of affordability. The education costs in Hungary are moderately reasonable when contrasted with the other countries of Europe. Likewise, living expenses are low compared to other European countries. 

Health Insurance in Hungary

While studying abroad, it is imperative to know where a student can go in case of a requirement of clinical assistance. As a resident of the European Union, students are liable to demand a universal social protection card (EHIC). With this card, international students will get the same treatment under medical conditions and at the same expense as the citizens of the nation.


One of the noteworthy reasons that have made this country a well-known alternative for international students is that it is amongst the best 20 most secure nations on the planet according to the Global Peace Index 2017. 

Admission Intakes in Hungary

Being aware of the intakes helps students apply on time and not miss any deadline when planning to study in Hungary. Hungary offers a number of intakes in a year allowing students space to flexibly decide which semester to join. Tabulated below are the deadlines and session intakes to study in Hungary:

CoursesIntake PeriodDeadlines
Postgraduate Courses [Universities]
Fall Intake – September
Winter Intake – January
December – March
September – November
Academic Session BeginJanuary
August – September
January – February
February – April

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Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for a university to study in Hungary, there are certain prerequisites you must be familiar with. While actual program requirements will surely vary as per the course and university, here are some general eligibility requirements you must know about:

  • For undergraduate-level courses, applicants must complete their high school qualifications as per the minimum marks prescribed by the university. Moreover, if you are applying for master’s degrees, you must be a graduate with a bachelor’s degree in a related field.
  • International students also have to provide language proficiency scores preferable of TOEFL for English-taught courses as very few universities accept IELTS scores in Hungary and you can also opt for German-taught programmes in the country for which you have to provide German language proficiency scores. For master’s degrees, you will also have to provide GMAT or GRE scores. 
  • Along with these, you will also have to submit your resume, a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letters of Recommendation (LORs). Moreover, for admission into master’s degrees, a face-to-face or skype interview is also conducted by universities in Hungary.

Cost of Studying in Hungary

For aspirants wishing to study in Hungary, it is essential to be aware of the costs involved. Compared to its other counterpart countries, tuition fees in Hungary is relatively lower. A student can expect to pay somewhere between 1000 EUR (roughly 85000 INR) to 3000 EUR (roughly 2,57,350 INR) for each academic year they spend in a university in Hungary. Another major cost to be taken into account is the living costs which includes accommodation expenses, food, utilities and other miscellaneous expenditure. Accommodations range around 200 EURO (roughly 17151 INR) to 500 EUR (roughly 42878 INR) per month based on the location and type of accommodation adopted. An additional 500 EUR (roughly 42878 INR) would be required to cover the rest of the miscellaneous expenses.  

Note: The aforementioned expenses elucidate average costs which might vary as per the city and other factors.

Admission Process to Study in Hungary

The admission process for the universities of Hungary starts from mid- September every year. Once you have decided to study in Hungary, the next step is to explore the best universities offering courses in your field of interest. Here is an overview of the admission procedure you must know about before applying for a Hungarian University:

  • Students are required to fill the application form for the chosen institute. Ensure that correct and authentic details are filled and recheck to avoid any discrepancies or errors.
  • Students must attach the application form along with a copy of the passport and other qualification details.
  • A duration of 7 to 8 days is needed before a student gets to know the status of their application.
  • After getting the confirmation about the admission, students are required to submit all the mandatory documents online for verification. These documents are required for the processing of the VISA and other formalities.
  • Following this, the candidate can apply for the Visa and go through the entire Visa approval process.

Documents Required 

Though the actual course requirements might differ, here are the documents required for applying for a university in Hungary are mentioned below:

  • Four passport size photographs 
  • The application form of the university is filled online.
  • Mark sheet of 10th and 12th class 
  • School leaving certificate 
  • Scanned copy of valid passport with image
  • Certificates of extracurricular activities 
  • The receipt which confirms the payment of fees.

VISA Application Requirements

Once you have received the acceptance letter from your university, the next step is to move towards the visa application. Here is a list of documents you need for the same:

  • VISA application form and valid passport
  • Passport-size photographs (latest)
  • An invitation letter
  • Letter of admission
  • Health check-up form

Top Universities in Hungary

Being aware of the esteemed universities of the country is the first step towards actualising your dream of studying abroad. Choosing a university can be a disconcerting decision therefore being aware of all the options available can be advantageous. Listed below are some of the major universities to study in Hungary as they are globally accredited for their top-notch courses and academic and research excellence.

UniversityQS Ranking 2021THE Ranking 2021ARWU Ranking 2019
University of Szeged501-510801-1000601
University of Debrecen521-530801901
Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE)601-650601-800501
University of Pécs651-700601-800
Budapest University of Technology and Economics801-10001001+801
Corvinus University of Budapest8011001+
Semmelweis University401-500901
Szent István University801-10001001

Scholarships in Hungary

Hungary considers education as a universal right and therefore awards a large number of scholarships to ensure everyone gets equal academic opportunities for lifelong learning. Here is the full list of scholarships provided by the universities in Hungary. These scholarships are valid for both international and national students.

  • Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship
  • The CEU Master’s Excellence Scholarship
  • The CEU Master’s Scholarship
  • Future of Big Data Scholarship & Training Program*
  • George Soros Leadership Fund Scholarship
  • South Balkan Scholarship
  • Education Future International Scholarship 
  • Bayer Science & Education Foundation – International Fellowships, 2019

We hope this blog has presented all the golden education opportunities that await you in Hungary. Is studying in Hungary your dream but you are unsure about how to actualise it? Get in touch with our Leverage Edu professionals who will guide you through the entire application process. Book your free session today and say hello to the new life that awaits you in Hungary!

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