Study in Poland- An International Student’s Paradise

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Study in Poland

Every year millions of students in our country apply to various universities across diverse fields to pursue higher studies. However, most students fail to get a seat in a great university. These students then either go for a below-average college and pay huge amounts or quit studying.

In a scenario like this, students eagerly look for alternatives but the lack of awareness plays its part. The best way out of such a dilemma is to explore opportunities abroad. But, as the legend says, you need to have a huge bank balance to accomplish that dream. Even if you are not looking to get admitted to a top university.

You might be right, you might be wrong! But invest the next 5 min in reading this blog and you will see a whole new bunch of opportunities opening up for you! An opportunity named ‘Poland.’

Why Study in Poland?

Recently, Poland has been emerging as a top destination to study especially for international students. There are many reasons for the same, as it is a nice place to live, with friendly locals, interesting history, delicious food and vibrant culture but the top three logics are:-

1. Quality Education

The feature of Poland that attracts students the most is high-quality education. The level of education at universities in Poland is top-notch. The education system is well-developed with proper monitoring and constant evaluation of the colleges. Bodies are formed that are responsible for keeping a check on the quality and standard of education imparted. Prominent Polish institutes taking care of quality assurance in higher education are The General Council for Science and Higher Education, The Conference of Rectors of the Academic Schools in Poland and the Polish Accreditation Committee.

Every course offered at the universities of Poland has to take approval from the Polish Accreditation Committee (APC).  All Colleges in Poland strive to get an ‘excellent’ grade for their courses from APC. Therefore, the higher education institutions in Poland do not only focus on producing graduates but their key area of focus is to develop students in an all-round manner.

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2. Low Expenses

Another important reason why students prefer to move to Poland to continue higher studies is the affordable price. The average cost of studying in Poland is even two times less than in Western Europe. The tuition fees in Poland range between one lakh rupees and rarely go higher than three lakhs for a year.

Moreover, a shared flat in the city centre for approximately 10,000 rupees and a monthly public transport ticket costs only one-fourth of this price per month. During summer, you can use public bikes which are almost free of cost. After a few days in Poland, you’ll certainly learn how to get a cinema ticket for some hundred bucks or a tasty lunch for less than 500 rupees. Also, finding a part-time job while studying is not a hard task in this country. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that Poland is a convenient place to study even if you do not have deep pockets.

3. The Polish Life

Studying in a foreign country can never be only about studying especially if it is a European country. The life outside the doors of your university matters somewhat equally as the inside. The vibrant culture and the warm nature of the locals are an added advantage if you plan on moving to Poland to study. Other than this, the artistic offerings of Poland are incomparable to any other European country. The Poles are extremely sociable and welcoming.

Famous festivals like Open’er which was awarded Best Major European Festival of 2009 and The OFF Festival which was chosen as the best middle-sized music festival in Europe attract many tourists to Poland every year. In addition to this, every year, each university organizes its festival called Juvenalia. During Juwenalia, all classes are cancelled so that students can relax and have time to party. Enough said, studying in Poland is comfortable and you can continue living your king-size life without a second thought!

So, now if you feel enlightened and wish to give a concrete shape to this thought, here are few good colleges in Poland that you can consider (in no specific order):-

University QS World University Rankings 2024
University of Warsaw262
Jagiellonian University304
Gdańsk University of Technology851-900
Nicolas Copernicus University901-950
AGH University of Science & technology
Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan731-740

The number of students choosing Poland is increasing with every passing year. Open your sphere of options and let the world compete to have you as a student in their institutes. Poland is not only a tempting choice due to the rich course availability but the above-mentioned factors make it even more appealing. Thus, forget the frown and tread on the path of studying abroad instead of wasting a few of the most important years of your student life.

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Is Poland good country for Indian students?

Yes, Poland is among the most preferred destinations among Indian students, with its high standards of education and welcoming environment.

Can I study in Poland after 12th?

Yes, you can apply for an undergraduate program in Poland after completing your class 12th

How much does it cost to study in Poland?

The typical tuition fee in Poland is INR 1-3 lakhs per year.

So, this was all about studying in Poland. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad.

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