Poland Student Visa

Poland Student Visa

Did you know Polish universities are known to update their subjects and schedules every semester? This is probably one of the reasons why students choose to study in Poland. When you’re moving out to study abroad, student visa is of prime concern. Students who belong outside the European Union (EU) are required to legalise their stay in Poland, thus it is mandatory to have a Poland student visa. In this comprehensive blog we will understand the different aspects of student visa, but before that let’s understand what makes the education system in Poland so dynamic. 

Poland Education System 

Poland higher education is dominated largely by private universities and institutes. With just 138 state schools as compared to 310 private colleges and universities, the level of competition is high which results in studying at low cost with the highest quality of education in Poland as compared to other countries of Europe. Over 100 universities offer numerous programs in English, which adds to the popularity of Poland higher education system. Being a part of the European Credit Transfer System, students are also offered the opportunity to be a part of various exchange programs and to continue their studies in other countries. However, the admission process at the different institutes in the country vary as there is no central administration to administer, thus each institute is responsible for their respective admission processes.

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Details of Poland Student Visa

Those planning to pursue their studies in Poland are expected to legalize their stay. The “laissez-passer” of the UN is the only group of people who do not require a visa to stay in Poland. However, those who wish to extend their stay beyond 3 months and are members of the EU are required to register their stay in Poland beforehand. International visitors are required to get a visa from their home country along with the Temporary Stay Card that lasts for 45 days, right before your visa expiration date. This aids in prolonging your stay in the country. 

The Poland student visa, i.e. National Visa Category D is issued by the consulate or diplomatic institutions of the Republic of Poland, visa centres or the embassy. Through this visa, the students are allowed to stay in Poland for a year.

Documents Required for Poland Student Visa

There are numerous documents required during the process of acquiring Poland student visa. The documents that need to be submitted include:

  • A valid passport, that remains valid until 3 months of the planned departure from Poland.
  • School Diplomas and Certificates
  • Resume or CV
  • Completely filled and signed Poland student visa form.
  • Letter of acceptance from the institute in Poland you are planning to attend.
  • Visa application fee receipt, that is already paid.
  • Passport-size photograph of the applicant 
  • Accommodation proof in Poland
  • Health Insurance
  • Proof of English proficiency or any other language chosen as a medium of instruction.
  • Proof of funds required to live and study in Poland. 
  • Transportation or travelling documentations

Process for Poland Student Visa

Possessing the above-mentioned documents will ensure an easy and hassle-free process of getting your visa. Let us look at the process of getting the Poland Student Visa:

  1. Registration for the submission of documents for obtaining a Poland student visa. You need to get acquainted with all the details on the official website of the Polish embassy of your country or you can contact the customer service.
  2. Collect all the relevant documents
  3. Submit the documents on time
  4. Get your visa

Refusal of Visa Application

The chances of refusal for a Polish study visa are minimal because, in comparison to other European countries, Poland has flexible policies on visa and migration. In case, you are refused because of a lack of documents or any mistake, do not be discouraged. Applicants can re-apply the documents, eliminating the reason for the refusal. However, it is recommended to carefully check all the documents before applying in order to avoid failure.

Work in Poland with a Student Visa

Polish students are given a full right to work legally in Poland. Students of Polish universities under full-time program can easily find employment without any restrictions.

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We hope you find the information provided regarding Poland student visa to be informative and helpful to you. If you need any assistance regarding your visa process, you can reach out to our experts at Leverage Edu

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