Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College

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Tuck School of Business

The Tuck School of Business has been consistently achieving milestones and setting benchmarks for other b-schools around the world. Established in 1900, it offer an MBA degree with an aim to develop wise, decisive leaders in their school of business who can better the world through business. Famous personalities like Christopher A. Sinclair (former CEO of Pepsi Cola and Mattel), Kevin McGrath (CEO of Digital Angel) and Kamran Pasha (Screenwriter and Director) are some prominent names in the list of 10,000 alumni members of the university. Let us know more about the program, the class, the campus, and everything you would want to know about the Tuck School of Business.

Tuck School of Business Rankings

Ranks tell a great story about an institution. Each ranking evaluates a different set of criteria, surveys different audiences, and measures various aspects of a program. Here are different ranks that have been given to the Tuck School of Business by various sources:


  • The Tuck School of Business rests on the campus of Dartmouth College. It is located in the rural area of Hanover, New Hampshire with the Connecticut River flowing by its side. The school houses six academic and administrative buildings under its name.
  • Currently, the school has 5 residential complexes and a new complex known as Tuck Living and Learning Complex. It houses close to a hundred additional students (home to nearly half of the first year Tuckies). Additionally, this complex also has several classrooms and study spaces.
  • The school also boasts of having outstanding recreational facilities. It includes a golf course, its own ski area, fitness centers, and an equestrian center. It is also home to the Hood Museum, which is amongst the largest and oldest college art museums in the U.S.
  • Tuck provides comfortable residential facilities built with mature executives and students in mind. But, only single students live in residential complexes. Often, the demand exceeds the supply and the school has to go through the lottery system for the allotment of 145 on-campus rooms.

Student Facts

From a total of 289 students, the Tuck School of Business is currently housing:

  • 49% of women 
  • 32% of US minorities 
  • 37% of international students 

Special Note- Tuck School of Business is known to have the best women representation among the top-tier MBA colleges, alongside the Wharton School.

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MBA at Tuck School of Business

  • MBA at Tuck School of Business is a full-time 2-year program
  • Students may also specialize in fields of marketing or finance if they want
  • The first year incorporates a specialized project and a 32 week core curriculum in general management
  • In the second year, students design their own concentrated field of study and study 12 elective courses
  • The MBA faculty are grouped into 7 academic areas. This includes marketing, operations management, finance and economics, accounting, management science, international business, strategy, and management.
  • A major highlight of the MBA program is the quality of the enrolling students. Before arriving at Tuck, they have beforehand professional experience and diverse career aspirations. 
  • That means, students don’t just learn from the prestigious faculty of the school, but they learn a great deal from each other as well. Occasionally, they are also invited to participate as research associates and fellows.
  • Post their MBA, students at Tuck are exposed to over 10,000+ companies and organizations for recruitment. 
  • The students are offered an average base salary of around $140,000.
  • Also, the school’s compensation rates and employment levels are at or around the highest of the top MBA programs around the globe.

Special Note- Not to our surprise, the students successfully find employment within the first 3 months after completing their graduation.

Admission requirements in the Tuck School of Business

It’s a dream of many students to land on Tuck School of Business, an institute that is providing a full-time MBA program with over 20+ specializations. Given are the admission requirements to get an admission in the Tuck School of Business. 

  • First and foremost is work experience of at least 5 years
  • Official academic transcripts of past (like UG degree, School marksheet)
  • an average GPA of 3.48
  • English Proficiency Test like IELTS (minimum 7), TOEFL, PTE
  • Good GMAT/GRE scores. Tuck accepts an average GMAT score of 720
  • Letter of Recommendation 
  • Statement of Purpose 
  • Resume/CV
  • English essay on the topic provided by the College

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Cost Structure

Given below is a brief cost structure provided by the Tuck School of Business for the class of 2022:

Expenses On- Campus (in Rs)Off- Campus (in Rs)
TuitionRs. 50,00,000- Rs. 60,00,000Rs. 50,00,000- Rs. 60,00,000
Books and SuppliesRs. 1,11,000- Rs. 1,12,000Rs. 1,11,000- Rs. 1,12,000
HousingRs. 9,65,000- Rs. 9,75,000Rs. 11,67,000- Rs 11,70,000
Miscellaneous and Health ExpensesRs. 11,63,000- Rs. 11,73,000Rs. 13,91,000- Rs. 14,00,000
Program FeeRs. 2,64,500Rs. 2,64,500
BoardRs. 51,900Rs. 51,900
TotalRs. 83,00,000- Rs. 84,00,000(Approximate Figure)Rs. 87,30,000- Rs. 87,40,000(Approximate Figure)

Special note- The admission at the Tuck School of Business has an acceptance rate of 20% which makes it towards a difficult college to land on.

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