Cost of Studying in Ireland: A Guide

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Cost of Studying in Ireland

Are you curious about the cost of studying in Ireland? Ireland is one of the choicest countries in the world in terms of educational excellence, affordable education and lucrative career opportunities. University College Dublin, Trinity College Dublin, and University College Cork are some of the most resonating and resounding names in the educational landscape of Ireland. Before one plans out their educational visit to the country, it is vital to check how much it will cost so that you can have a clear picture of the budget. Here is a blog that aims to guide you with the details regarding the cost of studying in Ireland. 

Cost of Studying in Ireland

When we talk about the cost of studying in Ireland, it is quintessential to take into account all the important aspects and elements like tuition fees, visa requirements, and accommodation. Let’s discuss some of the core elements of the cost that you may have to incur while studying in Ireland. 

Tuition CostAverage Expenses
UG Courses€10,000- €25,000
PG Courses€9,950- €35,000 per year
Student Visa€60
English Language Course€150- €950
MBA€20,000 to 35,000
Masters€4,000 – 9,000
MBBS€27,106 – 40,659

Tuition Fees

A major amount from your study-abroad budget will go for the tuition fee of the chosen program. The tuition fee of a course may vary depending on the university you choose. Majorly, students go on to pursue UG, PG and doctorate-level courses in the country. If you have opted for usual UG courses in fields like humanities, education, etc; then your academic costs could be lower than the programs in the fields of management, science, medicine etc.

Course LevelAverage Tuition Fees
UG €10,000- €25,000 per year
PG€9,950- €35,000 per year
English Language Courses€150- €950

Apart from this, universities may demand some extra amount in terms of examination fees or functional charges. 

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Ireland Student Visa Cost

To enter the country and pursue your dream education, it is mandatory to have an Ireland student visa of the right type. As per the duration of the program, you can choose between types C and D. The cost of both of the types is almost €60 (INR 5,000). 

Cost of Studying in Ireland: Living Costs

AccommodationHostel: €200-300 per month
Apartment:€400-900 per month or €450-550 per month
Monthly Campus Expense€300-650 per month
Food Costs€250-350 per month
Travel Costs€50 – 55 per month
Flight Cost€751 one way
Utility Cost€550- 1,000 per month 
Social Cost€60 – 100 per month

The cost of living is another crucial factor of the ‘overseas education plan. Costs that you have to bear for accommodation, food, travel, connectivity, etc are categorised under the cost of living. There is no such fixed amount that one will have to mandatorily spend over this cost, it depends on the lifestyle you choose in Ireland. To give you a better idea about the cost of studying in Ireland, here we have calculated the average cost of staying in the country using our cost of living calculator

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Accommodation Costs 

Since Ireland has always been a demanding country for higher education, yet, fetching accommodation in the country is an easy task. Most of the institutions do provide accommodation in the form of hostels, student residence halls, etc or you can opt for private hostels, rent an apartment, etc. The accommodation cost mainly depends on your chosen location and whether you intend to live alone or with a partner.

Type of AccommodationRent 
University hostels €200-300 per month
Apartment (for single person)€400-900 per month 
Shared Apartment€450-550 per month
On-campus accommodation€300-650 per month

Food Costs

The expenditure for food from your cost of studying in Ireland budget will not be very high. For groceries, an average amount of €250-350 per month can be spent. If you are consuming three-meal course food in an average restaurant, you can expect to pay €30- 55 per month.

Travel and Transportation Costs

Talking about transportation costs, you can easily use public transport to commute to the university or the college. Make sure that you grab a monthly pass for buses and roam around the country at discounted rates, i.e., around €50 – 55 per month. You can also rent a bicycle for around €20 per day. You can neglect this expense if you stay on the university campus.

Utility Costs 

For the cost of studying in Ireland, there are other costs too that have to be borne by the student. For an international student, it is necessary to bear the costs of certain utilities like electricity, water, gas, laundry, etc which costs around €550- 1,000 per month. You may have to spend around €50-60 per month for internet changes. 

Social Activities and Other Expenses 

There are other expenses of books about €75 per month, social activities about €60 – 100 per month and movies and outings of €45 per month

Affordable Universities in Ireland

Here is the list of affordable and reputable universities which can help you reduce the cost of studying in Ireland: 

UniversityAverage Tuition Fees
University College Cork6500 EUR/year
St. Patricks’ College4500 EUR/year
University of Limerick7000 EUR/year
Cork Institute of Technology3500 EUR/year

Top Universities in Ireland 

Here is the list of high-rated and top-ranked universities in Ireland and the tuition fees:

UniversityAverage Tuition Fees
Trinity College Dublin7500 EUR/year
University College Dublin6700 EUR/year
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland6000 – 8000 EUR/year
National University of Ireland, Galway6000 EUR/year

Affordable Short-Term Certificate Courses

Below are the affordable short-term courses in Ireland with their average fees and time duration:

Short-Term CourseUniversity Average FeesDuration
Compose Facility OperationInstitute of Technology – Sligo, Ireland2,095 EUR/full 2 months
Biopharmaceutical Processing Institute of Technology – Sligo, Ireland6,450 EUR/year 1 year
Professional certificate in Women and substance use University College Dublin2,215 EUR/full4 months
Cleanroom Manufacturing Institute of Technology – Sligo, Ireland4,650 EUR/year1 year
Medical Technology Regulatory Affairs and QualityInstitute of Technology – Sligo, Ireland8,000 EUR/year1 year

Cost of Studying in Ireland: Scholarships and Financial Support 

Ireland offers an array of scholarships for international students to ease the cost of studying in Ireland. Many scholarships are offered by the Irish government as well as other universities and private organizations. Glance through the list of scholarships you can avail yourself of in Ireland:

  • The Government of Ireland International Education Scholarship
  • The Walsh Fellowship
  • Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship
  • FDC Group Scholarships for EU Students at University College Cork in Ireland
  • IAA Geoffrey O’Byrne White Memorial funding for International Students in Ireland
  • Full MSc Food Security Policy and Management Scholarships in Ireland
  • Global Business Program funding for Non-EU Students at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
  • National College of Ireland International Higher Diploma Scholarship
  • PhD Studentship in Electrical Detection of Atmospheric Radicals, Ireland

Cost of Studying in Ireland in Medicine, Masters, MBA Programs

MBBS 27,106 EUR – 40,659 EUR
Masters4,000 – 9000 EUR
MBA20,000 EUR – 35,000 EUR

Part-time Jobs for Students

Here are some part-time job opportunities that can help ease the cost of studying in Ireland-

  • Tutor
  • Server/Bartender
  • Barista
  • Research Assistant
  • Translator
  • Demonstrator in University
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Is it expensive to study in Ireland?

Studying in Ireland can be expensive, however, the value offered at the Ireland universities is worth your money.

Is Ireland worth it for Indian students?

Yes, Ireland is an ideal destination for Indian students. It offers world-class education via its top-ranked universities.

What jobs are in shortage in Ireland?

Some of the high-in-demand job profiles in Ireland are finance professionals, engineers, healthcare professionals, and hospitality professionals.

We hope that this blog has helped you understand all the key components of the cost of studying in Ireland. Many Indian students dream of pursuing education in foreign nations due to the exposure and career growth they offer. Consider joining a free counselling session with Leverage Edu if you plan to study abroad

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