BMM Subjects

BMM Subjects

Mass media is a thriving career in the age of social media and the internet. A media degree will help you get an experience of the ever-changing world with an analytical eye and will also give you the opportunity of exploring places that you must have watched on TV or a phone screen. Having diverse variants depending upon the university, a bachelor’s degree in mass media is essentially about a vast range of media fields that you will give you an exposure to print, broadcast and digital media. If you find yourself curious about the happenings from over the world you should definitely opt for a bachelor in mass media course. Knowing major BMM subjects will give you an overview of the course that you will be pursuing. Want to know more? Here is a list of the major BMM subjects that you will be studying in this course.

BMM Subjects- Introduction to Journalism

As a crucial one under BMM subjects, Introduction to Journalism offers a basic overview of journalism, its role in society as well as the history of journalism. As a mass media student, you will be learning the importance of journalism and the part that it plays in the world, mainly serving as watchdogs of society. You will get to know about historical events where journalists played a significant role as well as the journalistic ethics and laws related to different countries around the world.

BMM Subjects- Introduction to Advertising

Advertising has a pivotal part in the long list of BMM subjects. It is a key form of media that functions as a means of communication between a seller and a buyer along with a platform where a seller can convince people to buy their products or services. While studying advertising you will be exploring its significance, history as well as why it has become central in the digital age.

BMM Subjects- Media Laws and Ethics

Choosing media as a career path, understanding the ethics and laws of mass media will help you achieve a better view of what is ethical and lawful and what is not in the world of mass media. Especially how mass media operates amidst the spectrum of laws and still works towards being an integral backbone of our society. It is one of the major BMM subjects because regardless of how much you know about why mass media is paramount for society, not knowing the laws and ethics of it will be a big disadvantage. That’s why media laws and ethics are taught during a bachelor’s degree to make students aware of what the world laws as well as a country’s laws for mass media.

BMM Subjects- Radio & TV Journalism and Production

Being a practical subject, radio & TV journalism and production comprises of an experiential exposure to the world of radio and TV production in terms of journalism. There will be assignments and classes specifically focused on creating journalistic content for radio and TV, be it news or documentaries. You will be comprehending the technical skills for shooting and editing news, whether it’s broadcast or print content.

BMM Subjects- Media Organisation and Communication

Once you have grasped the role of media and how it is vital for society the next topic amidst the list of BMM subjects will be media organisation and communication. From knowing the requisite roles in a media organisation to discovering its functioning, this subject is concerned with an overview of how a media organization works and communicates internally and externally. 

BMM Subjects- Public Relation 

A salient element of mass media, public relations is the art of building communication of an organization with media as well as with people. This subject at its heart consists of concepts such as the basics of PR, its significance, history as well as how its carried out practically in the world. Moreover, you’ll be learning the impact of PR in the modern world of digital technologies as well as the tools and techniques used by organizations for facilitating a strong PR.

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