Dialogue Completion Concept, Examples & Questions

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Dialogue Completion

No matter which grade you are in we are sure that somewhere or the other you had to do questions related to dialogue completion. Starting from grade 6 to your IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, Cambridge exams you will definitely be tested on your skills to answer dialogue completion questions correctly. And that is enough to prove how important they are. Now, there are no specific rules which can help you ace these particular kinds of questions. All you can do is understand what dialogue completion comprises off and keep on practising. If you are interested in knowing more about dialogue completion then this blog is just for you. 

What is Dialogue Completion?

Dialogue completion as the suggests is a category of questions in which you will have to complete dialogues. In these types of questions, you will be given a conversation which is happening between two people with blanks in between. So, what you have to do is read the entire segment, find out what could be the possible dialogue of the blank space while considering the lines given above and below it and then fill the blanks. 

Solved Example

To make it clearer what a question on dialogue completion involves, let’s get into a sample question and see how it works:

Jacob – __________
Ashley- Are you kidding? It’s only June now.
Jacob – What do you mean? What’s wrong with June?
Ashley – Don’t you know that you should trim your roses only in the beginning of winter when it’s not the flowering season. 

(a.) Can you help me trim the roses in the garden next week?(b.) Do you know what’s the right time to trim rose plants?
(c.) You know so much about gardening(d.) Should I do anything special to keep the roses fresh during summer months?

Solution : (a.) Can you help me trim the roses in the garden next week?

Expert Tips for Solving Questions

There are no rules for dialogue completion but that doesn’t mean questions on dialogue completion are easy. To help you out, here are a few tips which might help you out:

  1. Start with reading the entire dialogue carefully and try to capture the essence of it, like what that conversation is about. Then go through all the given options (if there are) and then try to find out which one fits the best. 
  2. While solving a question on dialogue completion, considering three things can help you a lot. First, the relationship between the speakers of the dialogue. Second, the topic on which the conversation is based. Third, the situation in which the speakers are. If you figure these things out, you will be able to find the answer easily. 
  3. Keep practising. The more you solve these questions. The easier they will become for you. 
  4. As I have already said there are no specific rules for it but you need to have a hold over basic grammar to solve them. Some topics which could help you are the following. 
    • Direct/indirect speech
    • Subject-verb agreement
    • Tenses
    • Use of prepositions and conjunctions
    • Article and pronoun rules. 

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Exercise Questions for Dialogue Completion

Now that I have already mentioned how important practice is, let’s go ahead and solve some on your own:

Dialogue completion for Class 6

Arya : Is it possible to get an appointment with the doctor this evening?
Receptionist : I am sorry but the doctor ________.
Arya : Oh. I understand. But I need to show my reports to the doctor as ________ 
Receptionist : In that case, I can fix an appointment for you at 9 p.m. today. Please don’t be late as the doctor wraps up immediately after that. 
Arya : Thank you so much. I’ll be on time. 
Receptionist : Also, please don’t forget to _______. 
Arya : Yes, I won’t forget to bring in the reports. 

Customer : ________ olive oil?
Shopkeeper : Rs. 1800 per litre. 
Customer : Isn’t it a bit too expensive?
Shopkeeper : You know how ______ is these days. 
Customer : Then give me half a litre.

Dialogue Completion for Class 7-8

Rohan : Do you have  ________this weekend?
Vikram:  I don’t have any special plan.
Rohan :  How about we go to the zoo ____?
Vikram:  Oh. I would love to! But I  ______ my parent’s permission.
Rohan : Okay. Do that and let me know. 
Vikram :  I’ll ________ by tonight. 
Rohan : okay. 

Anya :  _________breakfast, today ?
Mother: Dosa and chutney. 
Anya : You know I don’t _______, but still you made Dosa. 
Mother : I know you don’t. But it’s good ______. So, you should eat it sometimes.
Anya : Okay. I’ll eat it today. But make my _________ tomorrow. 
Mother : Okay, you will get your sandwich for breakfast tomorrow. Happy?
Anya : Thank you Mumma. 

Dialogue completion for Class 9

John : Do you know that our school is celebrating its golden jubilee next month?
Eddie : Yes, I have heard about it. But (a.)_____?
John : It’s on the 15th of next month. (b.)______?
Eddie :  Of course, I will be coming. I am eager (c.) _______ school. 
John :  I am also looking forward to meeting everyone. 

When is it?Are you coming?To go to
Where is it?Will you be coming?To meet everyone
When was it?Should you be coming?To leave

Passenger (at Dhanbad Railway Station) : Excuse me. I (a.)_______. 
Clerk : Yes?
Passenger : What (b.) ______ for Delhi?
Clerk : Will you be fine with travelling at night?
Passenger: Yes. 
Clerk : Well you can take the 102 UP then. 
Passenger : What (c.)_______ from Dhanbad?

Have to inquiry. Trains are thereIs the time of departure
Should like to have some information.Trains are thereIs the time of arrival
Would like to have some information. Trains is thereTime the train arrives

Dialogue completion for Class 10

A : From which platform does the train 550 start from?
B : (a.) _____.
A : Let’s go and find it out together
B : (b.) _____.

From the nextYou are polite
I don’t understandThank you
I think soAll right
I’m also looking for itI have no clue. 

Little Liz came from a birthday party and her mother asked her, “Did you thank Mrs.Reed for the party?” “No,I didn’t,” answered the girl. “Why not?” asked the mother. Because “Another girl in front of me thanked Mrs. Reed and she said, ‘_____’ “

A) Not at all.C) How nice. 
D) Don’t mention it.E) It’s okay.

Dialogue completion for IELTS/TOEFL/PTE

A: Who is the woman crossing the street?
B: _____.
A: She is so pretty.
B: _____.

A) She is our teacher. / What about you?
B) Why are you asking? / I don’t know her.
C) She is Mrs. green. / He is coming to us.
D) These are Ann and Mary. / You are right
E) She is my friend. / You know him well.

Linda :_____.
Anna : I’m packing because I have to catch a flight to New York in three hours’ time.
Linda : Lucky girl! How long are you staying in New York?
Anna : _____.

A) What are you doing ? / For a fortnight
B) Where were you doing? / For a year
C) Have you already done everything? / Certainly
D) Are you doing anything at the moment, Sally ? / For a fortnight
E) What will you be doing? / at 5 tomorrow

Were you able to answer all the questions? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you need any help to solve these, you can mention it in the comments. This was your lesson on dialogue completion. We hope it was helpful for you. If yes, then follow us at Leverage Edu for more such helpful content. 

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