Mijbil the Otter Class 10 English

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Mijbil the Otter

Mijbil the Otter is a class 10th Chapter of English. It can be found in the book ‘ First Flight’. This chapter is important in the course of English in class 10th. In this Leverage Edu blog are the important details including summary, author and conclusion that will help you understand this chapter better:

About the Author

The author of Mijbil the Otter is Gavin Maxwell. He was born on 15 July 1914 and was a Scottish naturalist famous for his non-fiction writing and frequent working with otters. His father was Lieutenant Colonel, who was recognized for his hard work and dedication towards the army.

Maxwell was born at Elrig near Port William in South Western Scotland and went to other cities to pursue his education. During his school days, he built up an interest in natural history.

Ring of Bright Water is Maxwell’s famous writing that focuses on how he brought and raised an Otter in Scotland. The exciting thing is that the Otter was previously an unknown species that got its name after Maxwell.


This lesson tells the reader how the author’s life completely changed when he decided to take an otter as a pet due to his pet dog’s sudden loss.

He makes a reader understand his journey of traveling and enjoying with Mijbil the Otter that took place on his return from Iraq to London. In addition to this, he also explains how this beautiful journey led him to form an inseparable bond with the Otter.

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At the beginning of the story, the author and his friend are on their way to Basra. On their way, the author expresses his dream and desire to have an otter as his pet dog’s loss was making him feel lonely. During this conversation, his friend advised him to get an otter from the river Tigris in Iraq. On their arrival at the destination, his friend immediately received the mail, whereas Maxwell had to wait for a few more days to receive his mail. After his friend had left, the narrator received a delightful thing, the sack with an otter in it. 

The narrator named this otter Mijbil, who initially slept on the floor but soon entered the bed. The other was so joyful that when it entered the bathroom, it excitedly and joyfully rolled in the bathtub and quickly learned the way to turn 9n on the tap.

One day the narrator started searching for a flight as he moved to England, followed by Camusfearna. But the problem here was that some of the airlines strictly prohibited transporting animals which made the narrator choose a flight that would allow him to take his new pet ‘the otter’  with him. But the condition of this airline was that Mijbil should be packed in a box so that it did not trouble other passengers on board. 

Due to this reason, the narrator packed Mijbil in a box and went on for his meal. The closed container lined with a metal sheet made Mij uncomfortable, and so he tried his best to escape from it but ended up hurting itself. He was shocked to see the blood coming out from the tiny hair holes on the author’s return. He got scared out of his wits, and in an extreme hurry, he opened the box and found his Mij in an almost unconscious state. 

He then hurriedly removed the sharp edges and, with the utmost care, kept the Mij inside it. This whole thing took a lot of time, making the narrator late on his way to flight, but somehow, he managed to board the plane. The friendly air hostess allowed the narrator to keep the otter on his lap. As soon as the marooned the box, the otter disappeared from it, leading to fear and panic among passengers. But the kind and friendly air hostess helped the narrator to find his Mijbil (Mij). Finally, they reached London, and the narrator thanked all of them for their kind support.

Mij easily and happily adapted to the new place and its atmosphere and started playing marbles and ping-balls. On some days, Maxwell used to take tiny Mij on a walk, which surprised London’s people. Unaware of this species made them discuss and guess about it even more. Some termed Mij as a baby seal, beaver, squirrel, whereas few referred to it to be a hippo.

Read the Full Chapter on Mijbil The Otter Here

This chapter, ‘Mijbil the Otter, ‘ beautifully explains to its readers the author’s lovely and everlasting bond with his pet. It also describes the series of incidents that took place on the author’s journey to London.

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