English for Bank Exams

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English for Bank Exams

With the inventive technologies are transforming the world into a global village, we are living in a society that has embraced plurality and diversity. Varied cultures coexist together in an environment where there is a greater chance that most of the people might not speak the same language. Becoming a common language that facilitates effective and convenient communication, English has gained a universal prominence in the multicultural world we live in.

Whether you are looking at academic institutions or official setups, English is widely used for oral as well as written communication. So, if you are applying to study abroad or for any national-level competitive exam, you might need to prove your proficiency in this language.

Also, for Indian exams such as Bank, PO, Clerk, UPSC, or SSC, English aptitude is a pivotal section found in their assessment structure. Through this blog, we will explore the varied aspects of what the section of English for Bank exams entails and how you can effectively prepare for it to successfully ace the test and qualify for the job that you are aspiring for.

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English Syllabus for Bank Exams

While studying English for any of the Bank exams, the first thing you should do is explore the different sections you need to focus on. Generally, the English aptitude contains four sub-sections wherein your grasp over the language, its intricacies and how you comprehend different ideas and concepts is assessed. These crucial sub-sections are: 

  1. Grammar 
  2. Reading Comprehension 
  3. Vocabulary 
  4. Verbal Ability or Para Jumbles

While the above-mentioned element for the section of English for bank exams might vary as per the test you are appearing for, their central aim lies in examining the candidate’s proficiency in both written as well as spoken English.

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Topic-wise Weightage of English for Bank Exams 

Here is a topic-wise bifurcation of marks (on average) for different topics of English for Bank Exams. Have a look at the table provided below:

Topic/Section Prelims Marks Mains Marks 
Reading Comprehension1014
Error Detection55
Cloze Test510
Para Jumbles56
Other topics or Miscellaneous105

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Exam-Wise Weightage of Marks 

Here is another table that presents the exam wise weightage of English for Bank Exams that are most popular and given in India. 

Bank Exams Marks of Prelims Marks of Mains 
IBPS Exam3040-50
SBI Exams 3030-40
RBI Exams 3040-45
Other Banking Exams 3040-50

Now that you are aware of the key essentials covered under the English aptitude, you can draft a competent strategy to strengthen these aspects. To help you understand the syllabus of the section of English for Bank exams, we have elaborated the different topics and their general components below.

Reading Comprehension/Passage

As the most common element included under the assessment of English for bank exams, the Reading Comprehension questions are extracts taken from newspapers, magazines and different pieces of literature. The candidate is asked to thoroughly read the passage and answer the questions asked. While going through the question, make sure that you focus on its key idea and theme plus try to summarize its central points before moving on to the questions. Moreover, you might also be asked to rearrange the paragraphs of the passage in a cohesive manner and provide it with an appropriate title.

Tips for Preparing for the Passage Section Under English for Bank Exams: Read as much as you can. Master the art of speed reading and try summarising complex passages into simple ones which will help you solve the questions easily and efficiently.

Best Books for Reading Comprehension

  1. English Reading Comprehension
  2. Proficiency in Reading Comprehension Simplifying the ‘Passage’ for you
  3. Wiley’s ExamXpert Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

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Another essential aspect of English that we often don’t pay much heed to is grammar. For any language, Grammar is described as it’s core system and structure that facilitates it’s written and spoken aspects. When it comes to the grammar section for studying English for Bank exams, the main topics that you must learn and master are tenses, prepositions, subject-verb agreement, articles, sentence construction, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, non-finite verbs, degrees of comparison, direct and indirect speech, idioms, and active and passive voice, amongst others.

Tips for Perfecting the Grammar Section Under English for Bank Exams: Understand the basic rules of English grammar, be it Nouns, Verb or Tenses. Take as many mock tests as possible to grasp the different concepts and variations.

Best Books for Grammar

  1. Wren & Martin High School English Grammar and Composition Book (Regular Edition)
  2. Essential English Grammar with Answers+Intermediate English Grammar with Answers

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Vocabulary is another fundamental aspect of any language and constitutes its body of words that are used for communication. The questions under this section of English for bank exams include those with grammatical errors, synonyms and antonyms as well as meanings and definitions. Here’s our guide to How to Improve English Vocabulary!

Tips to Boost Your Vocabulary for English for Bank Exams: Inculcate the habit of reading. Also, highlight those words that you don’t understand, look up their meaning and incorporate those words in your conversations with others. You can also make colourful flashcards for learning the meanings of difficult words.

Best Books for Vocabulary

  1. General English for all Competitive Exams
  2. The English Acumen Grammar + Vocabulary + Comprehension
  3. Everyday Vocabulary More Than 6100 Words

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Verbal Ability

Verbal ability aims to examine how dexterous the candidate can express ideas utilising words and structuring them in an understandable manner. This section for English for Bank exams comprises of a set of statements that you need to rearrange in order to compose an ordered statement that is grammatically correct and conveys a cohesive meaning.

Tips for Cracking the Verbal Ability Section Under English for Bank Exams: Practice jumbled sentences and para-jumbles. Start with simpler statements and then move towards complex ones that are longer and contain difficult words.

Best Books for Verbal Ability

  1. How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
  2. A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (2 Colour Edition)
  3. Shortcuts in Reasoning (Verbal, Non-Verbal, Analytical & Critical) for Competitive Exams
  4. Ace English Language For Banking and Insurance

If we bifurcate the English sections for topics in popular bank exams, then here are the major topics you must prepare for:

  1. Sentence Connector 
  2. Error Spotting 
  3. Fillers or Fill in the Blanks 
  4. Sentence Correction 
  5. Para Jumbles 
  6. Odd One Out 
  7. Reading Comprehension 
  8. Cloze Test 
  9. Vocabulary 

Also, while the above-mentioned element for the section of English for bank exams might vary as per the test you are appearing for, their central aim lies in examining the candidate’s proficiency in both written as well as spoken English.


What are the English topics for bank exams?

Some of the English topics for bank exams are: Sentence Connector, Error Spotting, Fill in the Blanks, Sentence Correction, Para Jumbles, Odd One Out, and Reading Comprehension.

Which exam is easy in bank?

Clerical exams conducted by IBPS are considered to be easy bank exams.

Is 1 year enough for bank exams?

Yes. Dedicating 1 year to prepare for bank exams are considered to be enough

Thus, whether you are preparing for a national-level test or an international English exam like TOEFL or IELTS, the above-mentioned tips and tricks will surely help you in preparing an effective learning strategy for cracking the section of English for bank exam. Get in touch with our study abroad experts at Leverage Edu and we’ll help you master every single aspect of competitive exams such as quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, general awareness by providing you with the right study material as well as expert guidance and mentorship.

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