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Character Certificate

Whether you are planning to work abroad, apply to universities or are trying to procure scholarships, a Character Certificate can be an important piece of document to produce. It is just as important as a letter of recommendation. As the name suggests, this certificate essentially testifies for a clean character of a person and attests to the fact that there have been no criminal proceedings/ bad records against the said individual. In this blog, we cover everything you need to know about a Character certificate and the process to avail the same and how to get police character certificate.

What is a Character Certificate?

Character certificate is a legal document issued by a government authority/ police, institution or an individual station that the individual does not have a criminal record or court cases in their name or a bad history in their previous institution. The reason institutions/governments require this document is to ensure that the person in correspondence will not prove to be a threat to their environment or the institution’s name. It is different from a bonafide certificate but just as important. It is also called a Police clearance certificate as the background check is done via the police. Usually, the form and mode of application of the document may vary depending on the institution or the authoritative body. The process of issuing this certificate involves cross-verifying relevant documents and financial records and a thorough analysis of the person’s conduct before issuing the certification.


This document can be required in various places. Therefore different types of certificates exist, such as:

  1. Police character certificate
  2. Certificate for job
  3. Character certificate for student
  4. Character Certificate Used in India
  5. General Character Certificate
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There are various uses of this certificate. They are mentioned below.

  • College/ University: It might be issued by the college/university to ensure that the student’s records will not tarnish the reputation of the university.
  • Employment – In order to ascertain the conduct of the employee in the previous organization, these certificates can be mandatory to produce – both in public and private settings.
  • Setting up a business – This document is necessary to produce while setting up businesses to ascertain that the person will carry out business honorably and display excellent business conduct.
  • During immigration/travel – it is almost compulsory to produce certificate during the visa process to ensure that the applicant is not involved in malevolent activities.

How to Get it?

If you have a clean history, good records and no criminal proceeding against you, then issuing a Character certificate is the least of your problems. Here’s how you can get character certificates depending upon the place of submission.

  • For submitting a certificate in an academic setting, approach your previous college principal for the same. You are required to get a signature on the document attesting your good behaviour whilst studying the institution.
  • While applying as a fresher contact your university for the same.
  • If not a fresher, then ask your present employer for the same when switching your job
  • In the case of immigration and travel, you will be required to produce a Police Character certificate that includes police verification.
  • Or else you can also issue a this certificate online from the respective state citizen-government website.

How to Apply Online?

Online portals are available on the respective state website for applying for the document. Any citizen is eligible to apply. The verification process takes about 10-12 working days after which the certificate will be made available on the website for download. Here are the steps to apply for the certificate.

  • Register of the respective state website as a new user. You will find a section of character verification report in the “citizens service section”.
  • After your registration is complete login to your account with the generated ID and password.
  • Fill in all the accurate details in the Character certificate application Form.
  • To cross – verify all the information, you must mention the nearest police station in the area and the name of the district.
  • Upload all the necessary documents and click ‘Save’.
  • You are required to pay a fee of 250 INR in order to complete the process.

Documents Required

There are certain documents required if you wish to apply for the certificate. They are mentioned below:

  • Letter from Company / Application to Commissioner / Superintendent of Police for NOC
  • Recent Passport Size Photo
  • Signature on White Paper
  • Age proof (SSC/HSC certificate, self-attested indemnity bond, birth certificate)
  • ID proof (PAN card, driving license, election card, student card)
  • Address proof (ration card, electricity bill, telephone bill, aadhar card, passport, a letter from society)

Sample of a Character Certificate

 A character certificate can be created very easily using Microsoft Word using temple. Given below is the format of a character certificate:

Police Character Certificate Sample

Sample Certificate

Character Certificate Sample for Jobs

Character Certificate

Apply for Character Certificate UP Police Online

Character Certificate Sample for Students 

Head of Department/Issuing Authority

Institution Name

This is to certify that (NAME OF THE STUDENT), S/o / D/o / (PARENTS NAME) has attended your institution from (START YEAR) to (END YEAR). The student holds good morale and exhibited good behaviour for the duration of their courses. The student has no records of violent behaviour or anti-social behaviour towards others. 

Signature and or/Signature of Issuing Authority


Character Certificate Sample Used in India

In India, below is the format used as a Character Certificate. 

Credits: aplustopper

Character Certificate General Sample

This is to certify that __________, residing at__________ is very familiar with me from the past few years. I believe that this person exhibits an excellent character and does not hold any criminal activities record nor have any pending cases against them as per my knowledge. 




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How do I get a character certificate?

There are several types of character and a candidate can get one depending on his or her purpose. It is issued by the educational department for students, employers for employees and government authorities. 

What is the format of a character certificate? 

The format of the character certificate depends on the issuing institution. You can refer to the above formats according to your preference. 

Who signs the character certificate?

They are signed by the following gazetted officers: 
Police Officer
Headmaster of School
IAS Officer
Lecturer or Professor of College/University
Principal of College
Research in service with the Government
Scientist in service with the Government

What is the validity of a character certificate? 

The validity of certificate usually is of 6 months the period from the date of issue. However, this depends upon the organization and its requirements. 

Here’s everything you need to know about Character certificates. We hope you find this helpful. Please apply for the certification through the official website with secure payment getaways. Beware of fake websites that claim to get you the certificate and ascertain the veracity of the sources. If you need help in admission to the university of your choice or need career guidance, get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts. Sign up for a free session today!


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