Student Accommodation in Reading UK!

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Student Accommodation in Reading

Finding types of accommodation in the country and city where the university you have chosen for further studies is located can be a time-taking task. After acquiring their offer letters from their dream universities, many students start searching for student accommodation online. To make this process easier for such students, we have curated a blog on Penthouse Apartment Student Accommodation in Reading. As you read on, you will find detailed information about penthouse apartments that you can rent before you even move to the beautiful town of Reading, UK

Why Stay in Reading?

One of the largest towns in the United Kingdom, Reading is a lively and diverse town in the city of Berkshire. Finding accommodation in Reading will provide the students with excellent amenities. Alongside this, they can also enjoy some of the most excellent schools and ideal commuter links! The town is mere 30 minutes away from London. Hence, it can be said that Reading is the perfect place for students who wish to enjoy the bustling city life but not reside in that same place. 

Reading has many good universities and colleges like the University of Reading, Reading College, Henley Business School,  ICMA Center, etc. The University of Reading comes among the Top 30 Universities in the UK. Reading which has great connectivity with many busses and trains working in the town can make commuting very convenient for the students who study here!

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Cost of living in Reading

When you find accommodation in the town of Reading, you may have to also calculate other costs. Hence, here is a rough idea of what costs you will have to incur during your stay in Reading. 

CategoryAverage CostINR Average Cost
Rent/AccommodationEuro 1738INR 1.47 Lakh
Rent & UtilitiesEuro 1038INR 87k
FoodEuro 495INR 41k
Transport Euro 71INR 6k

Penthouse Apartment Student Accommodation in Reading

Different sources can provide different apartments that the students can rent out to live near their university. In case the student wants to rent a penthouse, many also offer 2-3-4 bed penthouses that students can opt from. 

Aparto Queens Court – Penthouse Apartment Student Accommodation in Reading

Aparto Queens Court offers places to rent for students at an affordable price. It has both, academic year and short stays tenancy options that students can opt from. They also offer a luxurious 2 Bed Penthouse. According to them, the 2-bed apartments offer around twice the space as their 1-bed apartments. While they also include all the benefits. The students will have to share a kitchen as well as a furnished living area with one other person. The size of the room is 14-16m² and 32m² shared living space. Other details about the bedroom include a wet room, double beds with integrated drawers, a TV, plenty of storage, a desk, and WiFi. Apart from this, they also have a three and four-bed penthouse that students can rent. The student will have to share the accommodation with two or three other roommates. 

Picture Gallary and Room Plan for Penthouse Apartment Student Accommodation in Reading

Following are a few pictures that students can look at to get a rough idea of how these apartments are structured and look. 

Credits: Queens Court, Reading
Credits: Queens Court, Reading
Credits: Queens Court, Reading

Cost of Penthouse Apartment Student Accommodation in Reading

Here are the costs that the students will have to pay in order to rent these apartments. 

  • 2 Bed Penthouse – 250/Week (INR 24,317/Week)
  • 3 Bed Penthouse – 250/Week (INR 24,317/Week)
  • 4 Bed Penthouse – 250/Week (INR 24,317/Week)

Amenities Available

These are the amenities that the students will be able to avail in case they rent a penthouse from Aparto Queens Court. 

  • 24-hour CCTV and reception
  • Gym & fitness studio
  • Full events programme
  • Cinema room
  • Amazing team
  • Secure bike storage
  • Quiet study spaces
  • On-site laundry


Here is the exact location of these apartments:

Address: 15 Queens Walk, Reading, RG1 7QF

Queens Court is in a prime location and right at the heart of Reading. The commute to lectures can be just a 15-minute bus journey. The city centre is also just a 5-minute walk. This is why all shops, restaurants, cafes and bars are very near to this location.

How to Contact?

In case the students want to contact Aparto services, they can call on +44 118 372 2140. Apart from this, they can also quickly fill up a short form here They will have to provide details like Name, Email, Phone number, and Location. After providing these details, the students will receive a call from the executives that can guide them through the process. 


Is Reading UK good for students?

Students at the University of Reading can expect first-rate facilities, flexible working arrangements, and dedicated support throughout their studies. The university is also proud of the international programmes it provides to its students. If you want to spend a year studying abroad, Reading might be the place for you.

Where is the cheapest student accommodation in the UK?

The top 3 cheapest international student accommodations in the UK are £60 per week in Hull, from £50 per week in Dundee and Sunderland – weekly rates are from £70 per week.

Is it expensive to live in Reading UK?

The following is a summary of the cost of living in Reading, United Kingdom: Without rent, the estimated monthly costs for a family of four are $3,032 ($2,554£). Without rent, a single person’s monthly costs are estimated to be 871$ (734£). Reading is 38.35% cheaper than in New York.

You should definitely think about renting this accommodation in case you want to live in a luxury house. This article provides you with a complete procedure and details on how to rent this accommodation. However, it is not always in the hand of students to be able to navigate through this tough process. For this, I’m sure you’ll be pleased to take the assistance of an AI-based tool at Leverage Edu that gives you personalized suggestions based on your skills, qualifications and interests.

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