LLB Course Details: Know All About It!

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LLB Course Details

Popularly known as the Bachelor of Law, the LLB degree is a specialized undergraduate program dealing with the development of a strong foundation in legal-related subjects. The curriculum of which loosely falls into criminal and civil law covering aspects like human rights, environmental law, etc. Owing to the multifaceted nature of law, it is important to not only possess a concrete foundation of basic legal structure but also work towards your own interests within the ambit of the law. In this blog, we aim to shed some light on important LLB course details as well as the universities across the globe where you can pursue the course. 

Is a Foreign LLB Degree Valid in India?

Before moving forward, it must be noted that an LLB degree from abroad is not directly comparable with an LLB degree in India. The Bar Council of India, the lawyer-governing body, has put out a few conditions and only in those cases will the individuals who possess law degrees from foreign universities shall be deemed acceptable by Indian standards. Given below are some pointers pertaining to the LLB course details on eligibility and comparability:

  • Students must have undergone a course pattern of 10+2+3+3 in case of an LLB degree after graduation or 10+2+3+5 in case of a five-year integrated law degree.
  • There are some specific conditions for UK universities. To know more about it, click here.

How Long is the LLB Course?

While in India, the LLB degree lasts for around 3 years, in other places of study like the USA, UK, Europe, etc, it can run anywhere between 3 to 6 years. This variation depends on factors like LLB course details, objectives, universities, and electives. Furthermore, dual degrees like BA LLB, BBA LLB, or with disciplines of Finance, Accounting or Management tend to be longer.

LLB Course Structure

The course curriculum set by the universities focuses on imparting knowledge through a fluid combination of theoretical concepts, research, and practical training. Some courses may even have options of studying abroad or learning about an alternative law such as German or French Law, amongst others. Overall, an LLB prepares individuals for a rewarding career in law across a multitude of fields.

LLB Course Details: Curriculum & Subjects

The curriculum of LLB is uniquely designed to encourage a multidisciplinary understanding of law-related issues in an organic manner. Since it involves an in-depth study of the constitution, various penal codes, judicial procedures, jurisprudence, criminology, family law, torts, consumer protection, and professional ethics, etc, various study techniques are adopted. This includes moot courts, seminars, paper presentations, workshops, interactive lectures, etc. Though the LLB course details in terms of subjects and LLB syllabus can vary from one university to another, here are some common modules which you’ll get to study:

LLB Course Details: Admission & Application

Another important aspect of LLB course details is the process of admission to various law programs around the world which is conducted on a set basis. Having an undergraduate degree and performance score of exams such as the LSAT, AILET Exam, CLAT, etc are important. Moreover, unlike in India, the admission committee in foreign universities considers the overall candidature rather than only assessing performance on any concerned exam. Other application materials may include a statement of purpose(SOP),  letters of recommendation(LOR), funding essay, university transcripts, etc.

Courses & Universities

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While the Juris Doctor is popular in US universities, the more traditional LLB and bachelor’s degrees in law are commonly offered in other countries. Further, LLB graduates can choose to pursue advanced courses such as LLM or Master of Laws, Master of Public Policy, Master of International Law, etc. Thus, apart from knowing the LLB course details, it is also important to have an idea about a few of the leading recognized universities abroad offering LLB degree programs: 

Name of University QS 2023 Global Rankings [Law] LLB Course Details
Harvard University 5 Juris Doctor
University of Oxford 4 BA in Jurisprudence [Equivalent to LLB]
University of Cambridge 2 BA in Law
London School of Economics and Political Science 56 LLB
University of California, Berkeley 27 Juris Doctor in Law
University of Melbourne 33 Juris Doctor
National University of Singapore 19 LLB [3/4 years]
The University of Sydney 41 LLB
King’s College London  37 LLB
LLB Politics, Philosophy and Law
University of Tokyo 23 LLB
Leiden University 131 LLB

Note: The course offerings of the above universities are not limited to the above degree programs.

Job Profile and Salary

The following are the popular careers after LLB:

Job Profile Salary
Litigation Attorney 4.8 Lakh
Corporate Counselor 23 Lakh
Cyber Law 7.5 Lakh
Business Law 6.9 Lakh
Company Secretary 7.0 Lakh

It is important for students to carefully go through the LLB course details before deciding to venture into this field. If you aspire to pursue a degree program from universities abroad or work as a legal professional but are facing difficulties as to how to go about it, then take assistance of experts at Leverage Edu. From completing the admission related formalities to helping with the Visa interview, the counselors will assist you at every step! You can also book a 30 minutes free career counselling session so that you make an informed decision towards building a vibrant career.

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  1. thanks for sharing such an informative article. i appreciate the way you explained important things related to details of LAW COURSE in a very precise way.
    very nice and shareable blog

  1. thanks for sharing such an informative article. i appreciate the way you explained important things related to details of LAW COURSE in a very precise way.
    very nice and shareable blog

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