Courses after 12th Other Than Engineering

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Courses after 12th Other Than Engineering

The world is your oyster as a PCM science student in India! From pursuing astrophysics to learning aviation and wealth management, science students can opt for any course of their choice. If you are someone scouting for an alternative path to engineering then here is a list of courses after 12th other than engineering.

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Courses After 12th Other Than Engineering

There are a lot of courses after 12th, other than engineering that can be pursued by students from a variety of educational backgrounds. Gone are the days when career options were limited and opportunities to fulfill them were non-existent. So, let us discuss some of the courses after 12th other than engineering:


Bachelor of Business Administration, commonly abbreviated as BBA, precedes a course in MBA, i.e. Masters of Business Administration. This course teaches students to supervise the operations of the business field, financing, accounting and other important aspects of business administration. One of the good courses after 12th other than engineering, this degree lasts for about 3 years and the candidates can opt for specialization with it as well. A course is especially useful for future entrepreneurs because it helps build a student’s management and leadership skills. Here are some popular courses after 12th other than engineering.

  • BBA Business Administration
  • BBA International Business
  • BBA Entrepreneurship
  • BBA Finance
  • BBA Accounting
  • BBA Marketing
  • BBA Sports Management
  • BBA Human Resource Management
  • BBA Hospital and Healthcare
  • BBA Hospitality
  • BBA Tourism


A Bachelor of Science is another course a science student after 12th can choose to enrol in. This degree is not restricted to physics, mathematics and chemistry, as it is open to many other branches that do not involve the core subjects of the science stream. This course lasts from three to four years depending on the country of its completion. This degree is available in two types, namely: B.Sc. Generals and B.Sc. Honours. This degree is one of the courses after 12th other than engineering that can also be considered. It can be pursued in numerous fields and is widely seen as one of the best courses after 12th other than engineering. Some courses after 12th other than engineering are:

  • BSc in Computer Science
  • BSc in IT
  • BSc in Nautical Sciences
  • BSc in Horticulture
  • BSc in Physics
  • BSc in Chemistry
  • BSc in Agriculture
  • BSc in Veterinary Sciences
  • BSc in Forestry
  • BSc in Biochemistry
  • BSc in Environmental Science

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A Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management is a course for students dreaming of a career in the hospitality industry. The duration of this course also happens to be three years. The general public often finds it easy to simply this degree to being focused on menial tasks like cleaning dishes and drinks preparation. Amongst the other courses after 12th other than engineering, this course teaches the students how to manage housekeeping duties, front desk responsibilities, accommodation arrangements and everything that falls under the purview of the service industry.  Students with outgoing personalities and good communication skills should definitely give this course a try.


Bachelors of Management Studies is a degree that teaches students the basics of management and organizational skills. This course is great for those who are aiming to climb up the corporate ladder. This degree, like the other courses after 12th other than engineering on the list, also lasts for 3 years and requires the student to score a minimum of 50% in their senior secondary class. This is mainly to ensure that the students are up to par with changing industry laws and standards.


If the TV series Suits had any impact on young minds, then this is definitely one of the courses after 12th other than engineering, which is worth considering. Bachelors in Law is a degree that varies in its duration from 3 to 5 years, depending on the course. The LL.B. degree takes up to 3 years to complete, while an integrated course, like B.Sc. LL.B. or a B.A. LL.B. takes up to 5 years to complete. The students need to appear for the CLAT examination to get past the first step of becoming a lawyer.

B. Des

The budding Sabyasachi’s are sure to look this one up as their course of choice after 12th. This course, like the rest, offers specialization streams to allow the students to focus on particular sections of this vast course. Specializations include courses as a hairdresser, a beautician, a jewelry designer, apparel designing and more. Students with a creative mind pursue this course for however many years it may last, as it is subject to changes based on the type, of course, the student chooses and whether they enroll for a diploma or a degree.


The final degree on this list of courses after 12th other than engineering is the Bachelor of Architecture. This degree is an up and coming course that is making its mark on the job market. The course covers various sections of architecture, interior designing, safety management, spatial designs, etc. It is a five-year course and blends both theoretical and practical knowledge to ensure that students stay on the cutting edge of global architectural trends.

B. Plan

Another great course after 12th other than engineering for students is Bachelors in Planning. This course is ideal for candidates interested in learning about planning, design and engineering related to urban settlements. The B. Planning is offered by popular engineering colleges in India like IITs and other schools like the School of Planning and Architecture and the Sushant School of Art and Architecture.

Commercial Pilot Training

Science students with a background in mathematics interested in Aviation can apply for Commercial Pilot Training programmes or BSc in Aviation to pursue an exciting career other than engineering after science. CPL is a course for students who wish to explore a career as a commercial pilot in national and international airlines. There are a plethora of schools offering CPL courses for students who have finished 12th and for graduates as well.


Students looking for diversifying can opt for programmes in the humanities and arts stream as well at college level. All students who wish to explore their philosophical and creative skills can opt for certain UG programmes in broad areas like Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Philosophy, Journalism and Media, Mass Communications, English etc. They can even go for integrated programmes like BEd. Here are some humanities related courses after 12th other than engineering for science students:

  • BA in Economics
  • BA in Political Science
  • BA in Philosophy
  • BA in Mathematics
  • BA in Journalism
  • BA in Mass Communication
  • Integrated BEd

Not Engineering! List of Courses After 12th 

Diploma Courses After 12th Other than Engineering

  • Diploma in Airport Management
  • Diploma in Ground Staff & Cabin Crew Training
  • Diploma in Aviation Hospitality
  • Diploma in Airfare & Ticketing Management
  • Diploma in Nautical Science
  • Diploma in Cyber Crime
  • Diploma in Forensic Science and Criminology
  • Graduate Certificate in Digital Forensics
  • Graduate Certificate in Statistical Data Analysis

FAQs: Courses after 12th Other than Engineering

Which is the best course other than engineering?

There are a lot of courses other than engineering for students to pursue. BSc and BArch are the best and the most popular courses amongst science students. Students can opt for B. Planning, BBA, LLB, Integrated courses, BHM, BMS etc

What should I study if I not an engineer?

Other than Engineering, students have the option for fields like Architecture, Planning, Law, Aviation, Management, Finance, Nautical Sciences etc

Can PCM student become doctor?

No, it is not possible for students without biology in the 12th exams to pursue MBBS or certain courses like Life Sciences like Zoology and Botany.

Which job is best for PCM students?

PCM students can opt for a plethora of jobs other than engineering after 12th. They can become architecture, data scientists, marketers, physicists, professors, researchers etc.

Can a PCM guy give NEET?

No, students with PCM in 12th without Biology cannot attempt NEET or other entrance exams for medical.

Is PCM better or PCB?

Both PCM and PCB are equally rewarding for science students. Depending on personal interest and preference, candidates can opt for either combination of students in 12th.

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This was all about courses after 12th other than Engineering. Leverage Edu understands every student’s uniqueness and respects their individuality. We are here to aid you in any way possible so that you can choose the course of your dreams and pursue it with all the information you need.

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