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“Dad, Aeroplane” A kid pointed towards the sky with his forefinger. Were you that kid? Who cares? The point is- are you still curious about aircrafts the way that kid was in his early childhood? If yes, then come along. Today, we’re going to show you a way to make a career in aviation. We know it’s a wide field, but we will do our best to show you high demanding career paths related to this field so that you can choose the one which suits you the most.

What is Aviation?

Simply put, aviation refers to those activities which surround the aircraft industry and mechanical flight, or we can say that it’s a practical art of aeronautics.

From design to development, from production to operation and from flying to the repair of aircraft, everything takes place in it.

Some experts also define it as “the operating of aircraft or flying.”

So are you ready to build a career in aviation?

Where do you see yourself in the aviation industry?

As a pilot, aerospace engineer, air traffic controller, flight attendant or something else?

Advantages of Career in Aviation 

Get an Opportunity to Travel the World

Now, this is the most obvious advantage you are going to hear from people who have worked in this industry. It doesn’t matter whether you fly an aircraft or not, you will still get discounted flights to the most popular destinations.

Employees in this industry generally travel for free or at a negligible price. Even some airlines have agreements with each other so that their employees can purchase flight tickets at a discounted price.

Meet New People

Another pro of career in aviation is that you will be a piece of the big puzzle who can form a more precise image.

Some people consider it as one of the tedious jobs, but that’s not the actual case.

Do you know? Even some flight attendants claim that they have chosen their job because it allows them to meet interesting people every day.

Continuous Growth

This is one of those industries which ensures the continual development of employees.

You will get a chance to attend free training and career development sessions. Moreover, along with reviews, you will also receive a financial incentive scheme for your contributions.

Workshops and equipment are provided by the department so that you can build next level skills and work properly.

Do You Want A Better Lifestyle?

Wait! You’re not going to be a total hardworking expert.

Airlines and airports make sure that you’re enjoying life within and outside of work. Of course, they too know the importance of being happy at work.

Some airlines will offer you satisfactory discount on hotels, rental cars, and even some travel attractions on holiday. And yes, they will also provide health support for your family.

Disadvantages of Career in Aviation

1. You Will Have To Stay Away From Your Family

Constant travelling may result in a distance from the family for a long time. So you’re going to spend less time with your family and more with your career.

2. Strict Routine and Discipline

Once you get into the aviation industry, you’re going to be a real metahuman. You have to work for long hours.

Also, it’s essential for you to take care of your health because irregular hours may mess up with your health. So we recommend you to be on a balanced diet so that you can perform well.

Moreover, you will have to follow all the strict rules and regulations without any excuses.

So here we are. From now on, it’s your job to weigh the pros and cons of choosing a suitable career path for yourself.

But wait! We’re going to show you some high demanding career paths in the aviation industry that you can choose to make a profitable decision.

Career Paths

Pursue a Career in Aviation as an Aerospace Engineer

Work of aerospace engineers is to design and develop spacecraft, satellites, missiles, and aircraft. They ensure whether the air transport made by them is functioning according to the design or not.

So as an aerospace engineer, you may develop and invent new technologies for the aviation industry. All such engineers have specialization in:-

  • Thermodynamics
  • Aerodynamics
  • Flight mechanics
  • Propulsion
  • Acoustics
  • Celestial Mechanics
  • Guidance & control systems.
  • Materials

The aerospace field splits up in two parts:

  1. Aeronautical Engineering: Work to build and invent aircraft.
  2. Astronautical Engineering: Work to develop and innovate spacecraft.

Aeronautical and astronautical engineers face distinctive issues and environment. However, both rely on the principles of physics.

Pursue a Career in Aviation as an Air Traffic Controller

The work of an air traffic controller is to regulate the whole air navigation system. They are accountable for the safety of all the air transports and the people who are flying it in the air. See, they keep a check on these things:

  • Instruct pilots on how to land and takeoff
  • Monitor and instruct the movement of air transports on the air as well as ground with the help of radars, visual references, and computers.
  • Communicate with pilots in the Air Control Room in order to keep them updated with the conditions of weather, runway closures, and any other serious information.

So basically, an air traffic controller monitors various traffic patterns within his range to clean up the most probable bottlenecks in the system.

Pursue a Career in Aviation as a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants adhere to rules & regulations to achieve their primary objectives by fulfilling the safety, comfort, and needs of the passengers during the flight.

In airlines, there’s a rule that 50 passengers will be served by only 1 flight attendant.

If you want to start a career in this field, you will have to pass a test to get a license before getting the position of a flight attendant.

Moreover, you will have to be great at communication, appearance, multi-tasking, providing emotional support, and anything that makes a passenger feel good.

Pursue a Career in Aviation as an Airline and Commercial Pilot

You are about to fly high if you choose this as a career. You will be responsible for how a plane flies in the air and run on the ground. Safety of the passengers, attendants, and anyone who is flying on the plane will be in your hands.

So to be an airline pilot, you may need to qualify for such criteria:

  • You must be over 18+ years old
  • An instrument rating commercial pilot’s license
  • 250 hours of flight experience
  • You have to pass psychological, physical, and aptitude test.

Remember! Having an air pilot job can give you the most challenging, rewarding, and exciting career.

Pursue a Career in Aviation as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

If a pilot can fly high, an attend can take care of the passenger, an air traffic controller may maintain the air traffic, then who will look after the maintenance of aircraft?

As an aircraft maintenance engineer, you’re going to look after the repair of aircraft. You will have to work closely with aerospace manufacturers to verify the aircraft.

An Aircraft maintenance engineer’s primary work is to troubleshoot problems, conduct inspections, make repairs, and suggest upgrades to the aircraft.

What Qualities Do You Need to Make A Career in Aviation Industry?

Good Communication Skills

You will be involved in conversations regularly. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an air traffic controller, aerospace engineer, or an aircraft maintenance engineer, you will have to communicate well.

You must possess the ability to convey your ideas in front of people.

Critical Thinking

A career in aviation is known as the most rewarding career because there are a bunch of problems that need a solution. So you need to have a problem-solving mind.

And this ability is not only required for technical jobs but also needed for non-technical backgrounds as well.

Positive Attitude

Along with shiny days, you will face dark nights too.

So as long as you remain calm and positive, you will be able to solve the arising issues.

When you go for an interview, the interviewer will notice whether you have a positive mindset or a negative one.


Look! So many lives are connected with your every action. Once you show carelessness in maintaining aircraft or in any activity. You will have to be loyal to yourself, your team members, and the aviation law.

Start Believing in Teamwork

No, you can’t control everything alone. You have to respect and appreciate the other members of the team. It takes teamwork to provide a safe journey to the passengers.

Besides, you will gain a lot of knowledge about the industry and the chances of making a mistake will reduce.

Top Universities Where You Can Make A Bright Career in Aviation

Pursue Career in Aviation at the Purdue University

Purdue University wouldn’t come into existence if John Purdue didn’t donate both money and land for the development of the college. Now the university provides more than 200 undergraduate programs and its School of Aviation is well appreciated worldwide. Once you study here, you will have a great experience because they provide hands-on-training.

Pursue Career in Aviation at the University of North Dakota

John D Odegard School-Aerospace has an awesome reputation for offering efficient quality education to aviation students without the burden of expensive tuition fees through the cost may vary from program to program. Listen! You may also receive financial aid and scholarships if you meet their eligibility criteria. Thus, your academic cost will reduce significantly.

Pursue Career in Aviation at the Ohio State University

There are so many aeronautical programs within the Center for Aviation Studies at the Ohio State University. Both undergraduate and graduate-level aviation programs are available. Moreover, if you are already done with a major program, you will be able to add a professional pilot specialization. Such specializations give students a chance to earn their Commercial Pilot’s Certificate with an instrument rating.

Pursue Career in Aviation at the San Jose State University

This 83 years old university specializes in aviation and technology with so many other faculties. Currently, the university offers two bachelor’s programs: Bachelors in aviation and bachelor in industrial technology. If we talk about the coursework, then it is designed keeping in mind the current trends. And you won’t have to pay as much fee as you pay in other colleges. You will enjoy the balanced weather here because it will never be too hot or too cold. Moreover, it is situated in the heart of Silicon Valley. Almost every student here has a high chance to get an internship.

Fly High If You Can

So you’re interested in making a career in aviation. Right?

If not, then ask yourself “Why did I just read the full guide till here?”

We were thinking about telling this earlier, but you need to tell us something.

Do you have at least 3 or 4 qualities from this list?: “What qualities do you need to make a career in the aviation industry?”

Congrats if you have.


Don’t you have any of those qualities?

Still, congrats because the quality that is most admired in this industry is loyalty.

You’re an eagle warrior. Are you ready to take off?

Why don’t you take some expert advice from Leverage Edu before taking off – +91-8826200293

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