Career in Medicine: Complete Guide, Checklist & Jobs

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Career in Medicine: Complete Guide, Checklist & Jobs

Do you doubt that medicine is overrated? That your degree in medicine might just end up being a piece of paper? Get off the fence, for there are more than a few mainstream careers to explore in the field of medicine. Especially after the outbreak of Covid-19 countries are trying to strengthen their defence to avoid any such catastrophe in the future and promoting many jobs and research opportunities related to medicine. Stay tuned to know all about making a brilliant career in medicine. 


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Why Pursue a Career in Medicine?

Students who take medical courses in school and college often face burnout at the time of graduation thinking of giving up their passion. This is because there are so many students graduating with a medical degree that it seems impossible to stand a chance in the job market. Instead of disappointing yourself with such thoughts, here is what you can do; 

  • Research the specialisations in demand and curate your coursework accordingly. Foreign universities give you a chance to select various subjects for your studies. 
  • Be a part of research projects going on in your university and take help from your professors to find a research field that interests you and is in demand. 
  • Don’t sit idle in breaks, instead read the latest research papers. Also, enrol for research internships and programs with research organisations, health centres, hospitals etc.

If this sounds too much to do, let’s have a glance at the perks of pursuing a career in Medicine. 

  • There are a variety of jobs in this field. You can work as a researcher, with patients, in the field, in management and so on! 
  • Countries like the UK etc are recruiting more people in the healthcare and medicine field to improve their overall healthcare industry
  • Also, jobs in medicine are the fastest-growing jobs these days. Therefore, you have a higher chance of promotion and job security in this field. 
  • Even with the rest of the world facing inflation, medicine is a field that offers the best work stability to the workers at all times. 
  • Jobs in the medical field come with added perks. These perks can start with visa assistance to start working abroad accommodation support, free healthcare benefits, flexible shifts and many more. 

Top Jobs for Medicine

Most of the jobs in medicine offer a lot of perks and growth opportunities. However, the jobs mentioned below are the ones in demand these days. 

Job ProfilesAverage Salary 
Physician 278,900 USD / Year
Veterinary Assistant12.71 USD / Hour
Nursing Assistant13.63 USD / Hour
Medical Secretary 14.44 USD / Hour
Nutritionist 50,737 USD / Year
Health Administrator71,347 USD / Year
Physical Therapist 81,026 USD / Year
Audiologist83,122 USD / Year
Neonatal Nurse93,594 USD / Year
Pharmacist52.54 USD / Hour

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Requirements to Make a Career in Medicine

Though the requirements will be highly governed by the choice of country and the type of job you choose, here are some basic requirements to get jobs in Medicine abroad. 

  • A valid passport from the home country.
  • A work permit and work visa of the country chosen for employment.

(Please check if the country offers separate visas for healthcare professionals)

  • Passing results on licensing exams that are eligible for a particular country. 
  • Language proficiency tests are required in the country with the minimum score required for a visa. 
  • Academic requirements like Bachelor’s or Master’s in Medicine or related fields. 
  • Proof of previous work experience and a detailed CV. 
  • A background check report or clearance certificate from the police. 

Best Countries to Build A Career in Medicine

Countries that have openings for related professions, offer good perks to the employees, are flexible towards international employees and have a stable reputation in the research and job background are considered best for the field. Some of such countries are mentioned below; 

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How to Apply for Jobs in Medicine Abroad?

The easiest way to travel abroad these days is as a medical practitioner. So, if you have got your expertise sorted and have relevant experience, you can secure a good job abroad. Here are some ways to apply for medical jobs abroad. 

  • Make well-updated profiles on international job portals and websites and apply online. 
  • Apply to individual organisations through their career portals on official websites. 
  • Build connections on networking sites to gain information and apply with the help of field experts. 
  • You can also choose to apply through job agencies but research thoroughly about them before applying. 
  • Join community pages on social media where job postings can also be found. For example some nurse’s associations on Facebook or Instagram. 


Is medicine a good career choice?

Yes, medicine is a good career choice. After the outbreak of COVID-19 countries is trying to strengthen their defence to avoid any such catastrophe in the future and promoting many jobs and research opportunities related to medicine which is boosting jobs in this field. 

What is a career option in medicine?

Positions like Physician, Veterinary Assistant, Nursing Assistant, Medical secretary, Nutritionist, Health administrator, Physical therapist, Audiologist, Neonatal nurse and Pharmacist are good career options in Medicine. 

What are the best countries to pursue a career in medicine?

The best countries to pursue a career in medicine are; New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Switzerland, Canada, Australia and Ireland. 

This was all about how you can make a career in medicine abroad. Let us know your thoughts and doubts about jobs related to the field of medicine through comments. If you want to know more about jobs and studying options abroad follow Leverage Edu

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