Diploma in Aviation

How to Pursue a Diploma in Aviation

Fasten your seatbelts as we reveal to you the road that leads to a fast-paced entry into the aviation sector. Whether it is a pilot, air hostess, aeroplane engineer, air traffic controller or aircraft dispatcher- we often feel that getting into the aviation sector is difficult and needs years of commitment. Well, a Diploma in Aviation breaks this myth. A Diploma in Aviation is a full-time, 6-12 months course that you can pursue after your 12th. It is designed for students who wish to learn about the operations and management of an aviation company. The curriculum is packed with learnings in IT, communication, problem-solving, teamwork, etc skills to make the students industry-ready!

Course  Diploma in Aviation
Course Duration  6 months-1 year
Level of Study  Undergraduate 
Minimum Eligibility  10+2 years of education with minimum 50% marks in grade 12th
Average Tuition Fee INR 60,000- INR 1,00,000
Average Starting Salary  INR 2,50,000
Job Profiles  Airline executive, Airline traffic controller, etc


A diploma in duration curriculum is divided into two semesters. Here’s the list of subjects taught during this course to students:-

  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Organisational Behaviour 
  • Mathematics for Engineering 
  • Introduction to Programming 
  • Cognitive Process and Problem-Solving 
  • Effective Communication
  • Engineering Design
  • Operations Planning
  • Engineering Cost Decisions 
  • Statistical Methods for Engineering
  • Aerodynamics and Propulsion
  • Avionics System
  • Aircraft System
  • Distribution and Transportation
  • Airline Operations 

Note: All these subjects above are included in a Diploma for Aviation however the combination of subjects each college offers can differ. 

Fun Fact: It has been predicted that India is going to become the largest aviation industry by 2030!

Eligibility Requirements 

To be eligible for a Diploma in Aviation, you are required to qualify in the following criteria:

  • Minimum 50% in the 12th grade in any stream from international, national or state board.
  • IELTS/TOEFL requirements if pursuing aviation courses from abroad
  • Passing the minimum cutoff if the aviation college has an entrance exam.

Since it is a diploma, there aren’t very rigid eligibility requirements like a BSc, BBA or MBA in aviation. 

Application Process

The application process depends upon which college you are applying to. Majority of the aviation colleges accept applications online nowadays. 

  • Make sure that you have passed grade 12th, have your mark sheet and passing certificate in hand before you apply. 
  • Check whether you are required to give an entrance exam for the particular Diploma in Aviation. If there is a requirement, prepare for the exam and make sure you pass the minimum cutoff. You can enter your academic and personal qualifications in your online application form within the application deadline. The deadlines for each college will be present on their college website. 
  • After you submit your application, you will have to wait for a week or two before you hear from the aviation institute or college. They might ask for a personal interview virtually to assess your profile. If you successfully go through it, you will be notified about your admission via mail. 

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Cost of Study

It is generally affordable compared to a bachelors and masters degree in aviation. The short duration also supports the cheap tuition fee for a Diploma in Aviation. The average tuition fee is INR 60,000- 1,00,000. Apart from this, if you are pursuing this diploma from abroad, the cost of living has to be considered as well. Use Leverage Edu’s cost of living calculator to estimate the approximate cost of living while doing a Diploma in Aviation.

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Salary and Job Opportunities

Once you graduate with this course, you are equipped with the technical and non-technical skills that help you make a surefire career in Aviation. Surely, what you earn with a degree is much more than a diploma but earns you a decent salary of INR 2.50 lakhs per year. You can apply for the following jobs with a Diploma in Aviation:-

Job Profile  Job Description Salary per year (INR)
Aircraft Executive Maintaining customer files and accounts 3 lakhs 
Airport Terminal Duty Manager Managing terminal staff and passengers  3.50 lakhs 
Aircraft Dispatcher  Planning flight paths and performance in climatic conditions  5 lakhs
Air Traffic Controller  Guidelines for landing and takeoff of flights 6.50 lakhs 
Air Station Manager  Checking the boarding, luggage and security process 3 lakhs 

Top Colleges for Diploma in Aviation in India

Here’s a list of top institutes for a Diploma in Aviation in India that you can apply to:-

  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics, New Delhi
  • International Institute of Aviation, Bangalore
  • Institute of Aviation and Management, Bangalore
  • Indian Aviation Academy, Mumbai 
  • Academy of Aviation and Engineering, Bangalore 
  • Trade Wings Institute of Management, Bangalore
  • Hindustan Aviation Academy, Bangalore 
  • Vasundhara Aviation Academy, Bhopal
  • Noida International Academy, Noida
  • Buddha Institute of Aviation Technology, New Delhi 

Top Universities for Diploma in Aviation in UK

The aviation industry in the UK offers some of the high paying jobs to the ones holding a Diploma in Aviation. Here’s a list of top institutes for a Diploma in Aviation in the UK:-

Top Colleges for Diploma in Aviation in Canada

Studying in Canada is a popular study abroad destination for Indian students. So if you wish to pursue a Diploma in Aviation from Canada, you can choose from the following institutes:

  • Centennial College
  • Fanshawe College
  • Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Canadian Tourism College
  • Canadore College

Top Colleges for Diploma in Aviation in USA

USA has the largest aviation market with more than 1 billion passengers travelling boarding commercial US planes. Let’s have a look at some of the best aviation colleges for in the USA:

  • Pearson Aviation
  • Lake Superior College
  • Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology
  • US Aviation Academy 
  • CCBC’s Aviation Academy


How long is the Diploma in Aviation course?

It is 6 months to 1 year long. 

What is the average tuition fee of a Diploma in Aviation?

The average tuition fee is INR 60,000 to INR 1 lakh. 

Where can I do a Diploma in Aviation in Mumbai?

You can pursue a Diploma in Aviation from Indian Aviation Academy in Mumbai. 

Can I be an Air Traffic Controller with a Diploma in Aviation?

Yes, you can apply for an Air Traffic Controller with a Diploma in Aviation. 

Is a Diploma in Aviation different from Diploma in Airport Management?

Yes, a Diploma in Aviation is related to aircraft while a Diploma in Airport Management is related to managing airports. 

How much can I earn with a Diploma in Aviation?

You can earn an average of INR 2.5 lakh per year. 

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