A Complete Guide to Kickstart a Reputable Career in Airforce

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When it comes to self-protection, we immediately check for vulnerabilities. Am I right? In the same manner, nations also require some sort of security to analyze the dangers and its causes. Especially, in the air because of the warfare that can happen in the sky at any time.

Do you want to engage in such warfare as a fighter or a supporter? If yes, then get ready to land from above to below in this post just like a pilot and learn everything about a career in airforce.

Why a Career in Airforce?

Air forces regulate the air with its complex tactical and strategic missions. It includes giving protection to land and naval forces. So in simple words, we can call it “the army of air” that remains in scrutiny to provide close air support to the various sectors of the army of its nation. However, Air forces are not about the fighting pilots, it is also supposed to contain a huge amount of support from other workforces such as cyberspace support, maintenance, weapon loaders, intelligence, special operations, logistics, security, etc.

Air forces are also accountable for the operations of ICBM(Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles), communication equipment, and military space. Moreover, some air forces also coordinate other air defence resources such as surface to air missiles, anti-ballistic missile warning networks, anti-aircraft artilleries, and defensive systems.

Pros of Having a Career In Airforce

“ What if you get in one of the major public departments of the nation?” The primary advantage you will have is a remarkable position in the society. In addition to this, the government would take care of your matters. Once you get a job offer in the Air force, we are pretty sure that you won’t be able to deny the offer because of the following benefits:

  1. Insurance Facility: Having a career in airforce can help you get a lifetime medical insurance that not only works for you but also for your family.
  2. Security: The only thing that can give you maximum satisfaction after getting a job in this field is the assurance of job security. You will never be asked to leave the job even when you are not performing well for the assigned tasks.
  3. Rank: Let me open one of the alluring pages of the Air force. This is the only place where you can get ranks in the military and nowhere else. The best moment attached with such ranks may give you the entitlement of life. Even after retirement, you will have something to remember and feel good about.
  4. Educational Facilities: Education is one of the best facilities provided by the Air Force. If you are selected for the desired course, then the expenses will be supported by the Air force. And most importantly, this advantage will be extended to your family because they provide a reserved quota in most of the educational organizations for the family too.
  5. Travel Around The World: If you are one of those students who have dreams to travel the world then this job would be a perfect match for you. There’s not a single job in the public sector that lets you travel along with the taste of a regular office job.
  6. Pension: With a job in Airforce, there is no problem in getting old because the government assures you a lifelong income that helps you to survive in the drastic fluctuating economy.
  7. Medical Expenses: The Air Force will bear all the medical expenditures that you will have on your shoulders when you get old. And yes, it’s not limited to only you. Even your family members can take this advantage.

Cons of Having a Career In Airforce

  1. Medical Procedures: At some places, it gets really hard to pass the medical test. Candidates can get rejected even with the slightest deficiency of something as per the standards of medical fitness invented by them. But wait! It doesn’t mean it’s tough at all places. There are some places where the standards of medical fitness tests are lenient.
  2. Deteriorated Family Life: As you know, Air force is pretty similar to military forces. And what a military person misses the most is his or her family. So we can say that it’s one of the biggest cons of having a career in this field.
  3. Bond of Service: Even if you want to resign, you can’t unless you pay back the amount that has been spent on you by the government in the process of training.
  4. Adaptation of Nationality: If you are an Indian, Singaporean, or from any other nationalities and you want to serve US Air force, then you have to adopt the nationality of US. At some places, the case may vary but in most places, you will have to change your nationality.

Eligibility Criteria

For establishing a career in air force students must be well aware about the basic eligibility criteria-

  1. Students must have completed XIIth from a recognized board.
  2. Students must have pursued Math’s and Physics at the +2 level.
  3. If they are appearing for the exam after completing graduation, they should hold a B.E/B.Tech degree in the relevant field.

Physical Eligibility for Career in Airforce

– One must have 20/20 uncorrected vision.

– The weight of the body must be proportional to the height of the candidate.

– Candidate must be able to run 1.5 miles within a stipulated time.

– There are also some sit-ups and pushups standards.

Top Institutes

Mentioned below are the top institutes for pursuing a career in the Airforce –

  1. National Defence College, Khadakwasla
  2. Air Force Academy, Andhra Pradesh

These two are the only training institutes in India for those who wish to join the Indian Airforce. 

Career in Airforce- Career Paths

  • Flying Branch

Flying branch consists of  four different categories of aircraft flyers. Pilots in the Air force usually have expertise in any one type of aircraft. All the pilots are employed solely for their flying duties. But still, they can also be appointed for other duties as well.

  1. Fighters & fighter bombers – Fighter pilots in this branch are trained in the air fights where they are instructed to take down the enemy aircraft and attack the ground territory of the enemy.
  2. Bomber Pilots – Bomber Pilots drop missiles, bombs and various explosives on enemy targets. They have been provided radars, cameras for pinpointing the bombing targets, and electronic devices.
  3. Transport Pilots – Transport pilots are there to carry material, explosives, weapons, guns, light vehicles and men to the required regions where the war occurs.
  4. Helicopter Pilots – Helicopter pilots are for the purpose of taking material and personnel that includes ration and hardware to those level of heights where it’s super hard to make a road or airfield but a helipad can be reached.

Except for Pilots in the flying branch, there’s also a Ground Duty branch that is constituted in the following approach:

  • Technical Branch

The engineers in this branch work in either of the two regions:

  1. Aeronautical Engineers in Mechanical Branch – Engineers in Mechanical Branch are responsible for the aircraft and its systems like weapons. They are mostly concerned with the preparedness and rigidity of their aircraft so that they can prove themselves in the war-zone.
  2. Aeronautical Engineers in Electronic Branch – The objective of engineers in this branch is to balance electronic networks of communications from air to ground level and vice-versa. They operate, maintain, and install various defence radar systems, electronic gadgets, computers, and electronic equipment.
  • Administrative Branch

Now comes the administrative part of the Air force where officers are responsible for administration and personnel management of the Air force bases. The basic function of the administrative branch is to motivate the workforce to bring the desired results with the help of a high order operational readiness.

  • Air Traffic Control Officer

Air traffic control officer performs advisory services and control to enable the pilots of civil and military aircraft to conduct their flights with absolute safety in various conditions.

  • Fighter Controller

A fighter controller uses modern electronic counter-offensive type equipment to counter enemies in the air.

  • Logistics Branch

A logistics officer’s duty is to take care of the logistic support in the Air force. Such officers provision aircraft mechanical transport, armament, explosives, and its spares. Additionally, they also look out for the clothing items, things that are essential for day to day running of the organization, rations, and its manpower. At last, they provide supply management in a cost-efficient way.

  • Accounts Branch

Accounts officers analyze the cost and fund requirements. Their work is to monitor the expenditure, plan unit funds and forecasts the budgetary requirement of the Air Force. They function as financial controllers with diversified activities.

  • Education Branch

Education branch officers design training programs which consolidate the technological developments in the Air force. They teach subjects like Military Science, Computer Technology, Science, etc., in their training institutions. Such officers are accountable for guiding personnel growth in their academic qualifications. Sometimes they also run the Air force schools for the children whose fathers belong to Air force personnel.

  • Meteorology Branch

Meteorology officers play around the day-to-day scientific work that takes place in the Air force. They emphasize on accurate weather forecasting because it’s one of the most important considerations for the success of any operation.

  • Medical and Dental Branch

Officers from the Army Medical Corps are required to endorse the Air force. Furthermore, Air force runs some clinics and hospitals where even Navy and Army personnel have privileges to get treatment.

Be A Falcon and Spread Your Wings With Pride

To be honest, getting into Air force is not an easy task. You really need to have a falcon-like mindset to get approved in any Air force. But one thing is assured for sure, if you get accepted, you won’t regret for the time and energy you have put into this. For step-by-step instructions on how to build a career in airforce, you can contact Leverage Edu at +91-8826200293

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