Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges

With the tremendous development in the aviation industry, the requirement of professionals working on the maintenance, repair, overhaul, and modification of aircraft is ever-growing. And the perfect course for this field is the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering [AME]. In this 4 year-long course, you will study get equipped with the knowledge and skills required to maintain and service Aircraft regularly for safety, efficiency, and airworthiness. However, being a very technical and specialised branch, it is best to pursue this course from one of the globally recognised Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges and universities. So, here we are with a list of popular colleges where you can study AME.

Understanding Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses are available in different programs such as degree level, diploma or certification. These programs impart students with the core knowledge and practical application of Aircraft Maintenance required to ensure that the aircraft is suitable for safe flight. Various functions of Aircraft Maintenance include overhaul, inspection, replacement, defect rectification and embodiment of compliance and modifications with airworthiness repair and directives.

How to Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) or Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME or L-AME) is a professional with the requisite knowledge and experience along with a high degree of competence. Only a study of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is not enough, to become a professional in the field you will need a requisite license. This license is issued by DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation) who also conducts examinations to issue BAMEC (Basic Maintenance Engineer’s Certificate) and AW (Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s Licence).

AME Courses

Pursuing an Aircraft Maintenance course from one of the well-known Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges and universities is best suited for individuals planning to work in Aerospace or Aeronautical industries. There are various professional courses (also called license courses) recognised by the Aviation Law and are designed to develop the knowledge and skills in the maintenance of large and small aircraft. Enlisted are some of the AME course for you to consider:

  • BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering 
  • BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Including Foundation Year)
  • BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering & Management
  • BEng (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance 
  • Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Diploma of Engineering Technology in Aeroplane Maintenance
  • Diploma in Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance (Civil Aircraft)
  • Diploma of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Mechanical)
  • Diploma Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (Avionics)
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M-License
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Category S (Structure)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges & Universities 

The following are the well-reputed Aircraft Maintainance Engineering Colleges and Universities that offer plentiful programs in this field and equip students with an essential skill set and industry exposure.

University of South Wales

It is known to be one of the pioneering universities in the UK offering excellent opportunities in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. With its Aerospace Centre on campus, University of South Wales gives access to real aircraft experience. Moreover, the university’s 3-4 year Bachelor’s degree courses in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering allow individuals to undertake practical training all over the world working with maintenance, repair, and overhaul organisations.

Newcastle College University Centre

Newcastle College is the largest higher education college in North East England with over 16,000 students. It is among the popular Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges across the world, with its aviation academy based at Newcastle International Airport. The degree and certification courses in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering are mapped to embed technical knowledge and skills in large commercial licensed AME working in the Aviation industry. 

Nilai University

It is one of the established private providers of tertiary education in Malaysia with its globally recognised academic programs. With an aim to become an international centre of higher education, it is committed to building qualified personnel allowed to certify the aircraft’s airworthiness. Nilai University offers a 2.5-year diploma course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering to help gain an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) license and training with its aviation partners. 

Glyndwr University, Wrexham

The university is located in North East Wales, England. It offers various degree courses in Engineering, Computer, Art, Design, and Applied Research. The university provides a 1-year Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program that aims to provide comprehensive knowledge on modern aircraft maintenance, regulation practices, legislation, and planning. 

University of the Highlands and Islands

UHI is a tertiary university with academic partners comprising of 13 colleges and research institutes. This is among the major Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges in the UK and the only one in Scotland offering an honors degree and training certification designed to produce skilled graduates in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. The teaching faculty of the university includes professionals from the military and civilian environment providing excellent training and leadership skills to students aspiring to succeed in this dynamic industry. 

Solihull College & University Centre

Based in West Midlands, UK, Solihull College & University Centre offers wide-ranging courses in Apprenticeships, Construction, Engineering, etc at various levels from diploma to degree. The training centre provides Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses designed to support individuals completing the exam element of the EASA training certificate. Moreover, there is a range of relevant jobs for graduates in manufacturing, repair, and overhaul organisations. 

Southern Illinois University of Carbondale

SIUC is considered to be the flagship of Southern Illinois University (SIU) providing a number of courses at its various schools and colleges to over 17,000 students. Its degree program in CASA Aviation Technologies is designed with a specialization in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering for technical training individuals with FAA approved airframe and powerplant program.

Universiti Kuala Lumpur

The university aims to improve the quality of technical engineering education in Malaysia. UniKL offers a range of accredited programs in Engineering Technology. A 3-year diploma course in Engineering Technology in Aeroplane Maintenance covers the fundamentals of aircraft systems and structures. Graduates are qualified to work in different aviation industries such as airlines, repair and maintenance organisations, avionics repair stations and aircraft vendors.

Red River College

Red River College is one of the finest Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges located in Winnipeg, Canada. It is known to be the largest institute of applied learning and research in the Manitoba province. A 17-month diploma course in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering provides basic training required to attain an aircraft maintenance engineer “M” license through a study of aircraft maintenance theory and practical projects.

Aviation Australia

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program at Aviation Australia is approved and recognised by both EASA and CASA (Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority). Its diploma courses allow individuals to complete their practical training at the Technical Training Centre featuring a world-class hanger and comprehensive range of aircraft.

Okanagan College

Okanagan College is a public institution located in British Columbia, Canada, and offers more than 120 certificates, diploma, and degree programs to around 1000 international students from over 40 countries. It offers the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program in its partnership with Northern Lights College which is among the best Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Colleges in British Columbia. The course is designed to create professionals with the necessary skills to seek employment in the Aviation industry as an apprentice AME.

Career Prospects

Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and experts graduated from various Aircraft Maintenance Engineering colleges, universities and training centres can benefit from immense opportunities available in the field of Aviation and Aircraft. Along with ensuring the maintenance of the aircraft system, they also work toward the safety and security of aircraft. Below mentioned is a complete list of varied career prospects you can explore in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering:

Employment Areas
  • Line Maintenance
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Companies
  • Warehousing Companies
  • Aviation Corporations
  • Maintenance, Repair and Overhauls Industries
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Engineering Division of the Aviation Sector
  • Technical Publications
  • Private Airlines
  • Flying Clubs and Academies
  • Civil Defence Forces
  • Education and Teaching
Job Prospects After Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
  • Aircraft Technician
  • Production Planning Engineer
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Aircraft Maintenance Avionics Engineer
  • Hardware Design Engineer
  • Graduate Engineer Trainee
  • Lecturer and Professor

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re enthusiastic enough to work as a licensed AME, enrol today at one of the best aircraft maintenance engineering colleges or universities. Leverage Edu experts can guide you throughout the process of selecting an ideal program in Aircraft Maintenance to filling up the application forms and sailing towards a career full of spark and away from the ordinary.

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