Sydney vs Perth: Which is the Best City to Study?

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Sydney vs Perth which is the best city to study

The major difference that first comes into consideration between these two beautiful cities is their beaches. Although both Sydney and Perth come with beautiful beaches, Perth has a lot more isolated and scenic ones than Sydney, where they’re mostly packed with crowds. But of course, you’re not planning for Australia only for the beaches (except for those occasional college trips). Let’s dig into what more Sydney and Perth have to offer as growing cities for international students pursuing higher education in Australia. Continue reading this article to get the ultimate rundown between Sydney vs Perth: which is the best city to study?

Average Maximum Temperature25.2 C23.4 C
Population Density310 people/sq. km415 people/ sq. km
Monthly Public Transport TicketAUD 107.73AUD 158.78
Unemployment Rate5.8%6%

Why Study in Perth?

  • A favourite destination for those who enjoy a nice and warm climate, untouched beaches, and a diverse cultural and social environment, Perth boasts of three world-ranking universities and bustling student life. 
  • With concentrated university campuses and accessible travelling modes, you can live surrounded by some of the most beautiful nature’s wonders in Perth. 
  • Perth’s student numbers are similar to Melbourne but on a smaller scale. International students also represent a third of all university students. 
  • The city offers plenty of educational choices with great opportunities. 
  • However, the living costs in Perth are relatively high as it is the second-most expensive city after Sydney. 
  • On the other hand, the high living costs do reflect a strong local economy and the job market for fresh graduates. 

Why Study in Sydney?

  • Home to more than 50,000 international students, Sydney boasts a high-quality education environment and increasing employment opportunities. 
  • Being the financial hub of Australia and headquarter to various multinational corporations, Sydney has emerged as one of the largest economies in Australia. 
  • Other than that, Sydney is home to Australia’s five internationally ranked universities which offers globally accepted research degree programmes. 
  • With these aspects, Sydney has already attracted a bunch of international students from all over the world due to which the cultural diversity of Sydney is significantly on the rise. 
  • The beaches and leisure spaces in Sydney are bustling with young crowds which makes a simple walk down the lane also very pretty memorable. 
  • With such bustling nightlife and a dynamic artistic environment, Sydney comes as one of the topmost study destinations in the world.

Top Universities in Sydney and Perth

Deciding on the best-fit university according to your budget and course requirements is one of the significant aspects of analysing universities. If you compare these two cities, both are significantly good enough when it comes to university rankings and the availability of diverse courses. But to make it easier for you, here we have categorised these universities in a more detailed structure for comparison.

Top Universities in SydneyTop Universities in Perth
University of SydneyUniversity of Western Australia
UNSW SydneyCurtin University
University of Technology, SydneyEdith Cowan University
Macquarie UniversityMurdoch University
Western Sydney UniversityUniversity of Notre Dame

Cost of Living: Sydney vs Perth

The significant factor of living abroad is majorly decided by the cost of living. Here is a detailed list of approximate values between the two cities. 

Weekly RentAUD 520 (INR 27,633)AUD 460 (INR 24,444)
Monthly TransportationAUD 175 (INR 9299)AUD 105 (INR 5579)
Overseas Student Health CoverAUD 400 (INR 21,256)AUD 400 (INR 21,256)
Groceries/FoodAUD 257 (INR 13,657)AUD 150 (INR 7971)
MealsAUD 20 (INR 1062)AUD 18 (INR 956)

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Housing in Perth vs Sydney

While the houses in Perth are half the prices of the houses that you will find in Sydney, they are well-built and spacious for a good standard of living. In Perth, you can get a studio unit in a nice neighbourhood for about AUD 300 (INR 15,942)  a week. In Sydney that would cost you AUD 600-AUD 700 (INR 31,884 – INR 37,198) a week.

Jobs in Perth vs Sydney

Perth is located in a region where the standard of living is still less industrialized. This is one of the major reasons why Perth has a plethora of job opportunities in the mining and hospitality-focused industry. On the other hand, Sydney’s cosmopolitan economy offers fresh graduates jobs in the media and digital industry.  As various multinational companies and businesses are settling their headquarters in Sydney, there has been a rapid growth in its employment rate.

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Places to Travel: Sydney vs Perth

  • The location of Perth as a city is one of its most interesting aspects. As it falls in the outskirts of mainland Australia, it is comparatively isolated from other cities in the world. Living here will give you an experience where you will find yourself closer to nature. 
  • Travelling from Sydney to other places on the east coast is also very convenient as the flights usually cost about AUD $200 with just 2 hours to spare.

In conclusion, some of the well renowned and prestigious universities in the World are the pride of Australia. These universities look like a dream to many but with correct information and guidance, it is not that complicated to apply for these foreign universities. If you have plans to make your dream come true regarding studying in Australia, we have a complete application process assistance at Leverage Edu. For a free consultancy, session reaches out to us now at 1800572000.

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