Dublin City University

Public University

Dublin, Ireland

Established in 1985, Dublin City University (DCU) is a research institute situated in Dublin, Ireland. Spread across an 85-acre campus, Dublin City University offers a vast range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs and has a current student population of over 11,500 students out of which 2,00 Read more


Highlights of Dublin City University

  • DCU has collaborations with universities, governments, healthcare agencies and businesses worldwide.
  • The university maintains a start-up accelerator programme named ‘UStart’, which assists students with entrepreneurial zeal by lending them funds and space to start their own companies. 
  • DCU is one of the leading research universities of the world.
  • The international office team of Dublin City University assists students throughout the application process as well as sorting accommodations.
  • Famous Alumni
    Sean Og O Hailpin

    Gaelic footballer

    Jamie Heaslip

    Rugby player

    Lorraine Twohill


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