BEd Distance Education

BEd Distance Education

Considered as one of the most respected and noblest professions, Teaching is is an art that can be mastered by a few. Tasked with shaping a child’s career as well as aiding in their personality development, a teacher has a wide range of responsibilities to handle. Needless to say, with scores of degree programs now evolving, the requirement of educators who can impart the right knowledge in a creative way has also increased. So, if you are interested in building a career in this field, pursuing a BEd course like Bachelor of Education or B.Ed in Special Education can be the most viable option! Moreover, with technology changing the face of education, aspirants who have some prior responsibilities or commitments can opt for a B.Ed Distance Education course. So, if you are wondering how you can do BEd from distance learning options then here is a blog that will shed light on the important details pertaining to the BEd Distance Education program!

What is the BEd Distance Education Program?

BEd distance education is a 2-year course that covers various facets of pedagogy and education. Conducted either online or on a weekly basis, the course curriculum not only imparts knowldege of this field extensively but also helps improve leadership, communication skills, and analytical reasoning

Skills Required to Become a Teacher

Teaching is one of the noblest yet a tough profession to pursue. Not only do you need to be academically sound but you must also possess some career skills that can help nurture a child. In order to flourish in the field of teaching, here are some of the professional competencies which you must have.

Eligibility Criteria

Though they are the same courses, the eligibility criteria of the conventional BEd and BEd distance education vary. Glance through the following points to understand more: 

  • The candidates must have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in art, science, commerce stream or engineering branches
  • The minimum percentage required is 50%. 
  • Trained, in-service teachers in elementary schools
  • Applicants who are through with a teacher education programme as recognised by NCTE
  • Candidates with 2 years of teaching experience in primary/upper primary schools. 

B.Ed Distance Education Syllabus 

When it comes to the course curriculum of BEd distance education, then you must know that its syllabus follows the same line as that of a traditional BEd program. Tabulated below are the topics: 

Childhood and Growing Up Contemporary India and Education
Gender, School and Society Pedagogy of a School Subject
Critical Understanding of ICT Assessment for Learning
Creating and Inclusive School Drama and Art in Education
Health Education Understanding Disciplines and Subjects
Knowledge and Curriculum Language across the Curriculum
Learning and Teaching Reading and Understanding Text

Note: The above-mentioned list is just for indicative purposes and course offerings might vary from one university to another.

Is BEd Distance Education Valid?

Most of the candidates who want to apply for the distance learning courses are rather skeptical as to if the degree is valid or not. To answer that, it is absolutely valid and opens up the job avenues both in government as well as private sectors. But, the university matters. So, make sure you pursue BEd distance education from a top university to have a bigger edge over others in this field. In India, IGNOU is a rather famous university for all open or distance education programs. Other than that, UP Rajshri Open University is also popular for the BEd distance education course. Moreover, unlike other academic institutions, it offers a 1-year curriculum!

With the growing demand for courses taught in distance mode, universities across the country have started offering online education in India. Here are some of the educational institutes offering BEd distance education programs: 

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • UP Rajshri Tandon Open University
  • Annamalai University
  • National Correspondence College
  • Rabindranath Tagore University
  • Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University
  • Kurukshetra University
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Open University
  • Netaji Subhash Open University
  • Jammu University
  • Andhra University School of Distance Education

Entrance Exams for BEd Distance Education Program

Most of the popular universities, which offer online education like IGNOU, conduct their own entrance exams for the B.Ed distance education course. Enlisted are some of these competitive exams

  • UP B.Ed JEE
  • IGNOU B.Ed
  • BU-SDE [Bharathiyar University]

Distance Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Pocket Friendly Though affordable, buying a laptop/setting
up a WiFi can lead to additional expenses
Study while working This can often lead to distractions
Learn and study at your own pace and choice of place May not get an opportunity to learn from
a good faculty
Accessible with a click Those who are not tech-savvy may find it
difficult to study 

Career Prospects

Almost, if not all, the career prospects of B.Ed regular and distance education courses are the same. B. Ed degree holders can find employment opportunities in Schools, NGOs, Education Departments, Hospitality and Assistance firms, etc. They can even start their own private tuitions. Enlisted are some of the popular work profiles: 

  • Primary School Teacher
  • Secondary School Teacher
  • Teacher’s Assistant
  • Social Worker
  • Tuition Teacher
  • Private Teacher
  • NGO Teacher

Hence, we hope that this blog has helped you comprehend what a BEd Distance Education is all about. If you want to kickstart a career in Teaching but are not sure which degree program will suit your interests then reach out to us at Leverage Edu. The experts, after assessing your profile will recommend the program most suitable for you!

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