Top 9 Educational Field Trips for School Students in India

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It is undoubtedly true that education extends beyond the pages of books and the walls of classrooms. Educational tours are one of the many teaching and learning methods that teachers use to impart knowledge to their students. Educational field trips not only supplement classroom instruction but also foster a child’s social and emotional growth. For the finest learning experience, we’ve created a list of the top 9 educational field trip destinations for children in this post. Continue reading to know more about it.

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What is a field trip?

A field trip is basically a journey or an excursion to a new place which different from the usual environment. It is defined as a visit to an outside area from the normal classroom led by teachers for firsthand observation.

Importance of Educational Field Trips for School Students

It has been observed that information that is seen in real life is easier to understand and remember than information that is read in a textbook. It is far preferable to learn anything in person rather than merely from a book. Practical learning also extends our mental images and leaves a lasting effect. For instance, a trip to a farm will enable kids to comprehend the entire farming process and how it links to the food they consume every day.

Additionally, educational field excursions encourage social and emotional growth in addition to learning in class. These excursions provide kids the chance to practise social skills including leadership, cooperation, and communication. They promote more peer interaction, teach students how to handle difficult problems through cooperation, and aid in the formation of bonds. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best educational field trips for school students in India to promote learning.

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Top 9 Educational Field Trips for School Students

Here are the best educational field trips for school students:

1. Dholavira and Lothal, Gujarat

Source: Gujarat Tourism

Dholavira and Lothal located in Gujarat are the two greatest representations of the Indus Valley Civilization for helping students understand the orderly and technical way of life at the time because they had well-designed drainage, water-conservation, and sanitation systems. Students can explore and learn about the remnants of the private baths, drainage systems, wells, dockyards, and other structures at Lothal. Those who love history will be thrilled with this area.

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2. Jaipur, Rajasthan

One of the greatest locations to explore palaces and forts is Jaipur. In various locations across Jaipur, students may witness the intricate carvings and captivating beauty of Rajputana-style buildings. Some of the most well-known sights in the city are the magnificent Jantar Mantar, Wax Museum, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, and Nahargarh Fort. Students may learn about architecture, history, art, and much more since Jaipur preserves its regal past for the modern era, which is visited by tourists from across the world every year.

3. Digboi, Assam

It is a small town in the Tinsula district, in Assam. It has a significant place in history as Crude Oil was discovered her in the late 19th century and in 1866 first oil well was dug. By the year 1901, the first oil refinery was established here. In the year 1867, Italian engineers accidently discovered oil in the area. Digboi also has a notable oil museum which also has preserved machinery.

4. Living Root Bridge

Located in Meghalay, the living root bridge is made up of the aerial roots of rubber fig trees. In the small Khasi town of Pynursla, a 50 m bridge is present which is an example of the longest living root bridge. This is made up of live roots that too of live trees. It can be help up by scaffolding until the roots grow. These bridges look as if they have been drawn from a fairytale.

5. The Hanging Pillar

The Hanging Pillar is located in Andhra Pradesh in a 16th Century Veerabhadra temple called the Lepakshi temple, in the Anantapur district. The temple itself is an example of architectural wonder. Out of the 70 pillars of the temple, one pillar appears to be floating slightly above the ground. It is even possible to a thin sheet of paper or cloth through it proving that it is not an optical illusion. It is slightly dislodged from its original position as in the British era, one of the British engineer is said to have tried to move the pillar in order to see the truth of the mystery of this architectural wonder.

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6. Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Source: Kaziranga National Park

Wild grasslands and deciduous woods surround Kaziranga National Park, which is situated in an expanse of beautiful greenery. One-horned Rhinoceros are well known in the national park which is a UNESCO world heritage site. In addition to other herbivores like Indian muntjac and wild boar, students can take a tour to view wild Asiatic water buffalo, eastern swamp deer, and other species. This location is commonly visited by students who are interested in botany, zoology, and wild animals in order to better comprehend flora and fauna. 

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7. Hampi, Karnataka

Source: Karnataka Tourism

Hampi is an ideal place for history buffs and architecture students. Or for anyone who is interested in the beauty of historical places. Located in east-central Karnataka, and a six-hour drive from Belgaum, it was the capital of the 14th-century Vijayanagara Empire, which was the world’s second-largest medieval city after Beijing. The interesting things that catch the attention of students and tourists include ruins from market complexes, townships, residential areas, tanks with unique hydraulic techniques and a temple complex. The “Stone Chariot,” which seems to have had religious significance, is one of this location’s most distinctive characteristics. The Queen’s Bath and the Elephants Stable, which are examples of Indo-Islamic architecture and attest to the advanced multi-ethnic culture, are also among the remains. Intriguing straw-made boats known as “coracles,” which resemble spherical handcrafted “tokris,” are also available for students to ride. This unusual boat ride may be the best to traverse the Tungbhadra River. The caves that formed naturally on the river’s edges are probably going to astound them. 

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8. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

Source: Britannica

The Taj Mahal, a large mausoleum, frequently crosses our minds whenever we consider travelling to Agra. Its numerous attractions, including Red Fort, Fatehpur Sikri, and Itmad-Ud-Daulah, are centred around its exquisite Mughal, Islamic, and Persian architecture, making it the perfect destination for an educational visit. You may explore the Jahangir Palace, marble mosques, and Diwan-e-Khas, all of which are located behind a high fortress wall, inside the lavishly adorned Red Fort. Another excellent example of Mughal architecture is the fortified old city of Fatehpur Sikri. Here, students may study the history of the Mughals. As a result, Agra is one of India’s top tourist sites for educational visits.

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9. Delhi-NCR

Delhi is a city that combines modernity and heritage. It is home to several well-known tourist destinations, and it is always crowded with visitors from all over the globe. This city offers a wide range of tourist attractions where students may study about several dynasties, including the Mamluk, Khilji, Tughlaq, Sayyid, and Lodi. The architecture, historical forts, and a variety of museums from the colonial era are also available for students to visit. Students may study more about Indian history at a number of educational locations in the city. The National Rail Museum, Nehru Planetarium, Shankar’s Doll Museum, Lotus Temple, Old Fort, and Stellar Children’s Museum are a few more of the top tourist destinations.

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Going on educational trips gives students the finest educational view of the world since they are brought in contact with the real world. By engaging in various activities and surroundings, educational field excursions can motivate students to follow their interests and discover various cultures, arts, religions, and subject areas. Since educational trips are one of the most crucial components of the learning process, every school should arrange them for their pupils. What time and location are you considering for your next educational field trip?  

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What are the examples of field trips?

Wildlife sanctuaries, zoos, farms, amusement parks, science centres, and museums are some examples of educational field trips.

What are the activities of educational field trips that students can enjoy and gain experience from?

Fruit and vegetable harvesting, community gardening, scavenger hunts, and instruction in the fundamentals of organic farming are all activities that encourage kids to develop a connection with nature and an appreciation for the foods and other items they consume on a daily basis.

Tell 5 Tips for making educational field trips a success.

Make every effort to plan ahead.
To assist your students in getting ready for the trip, share the pre-visit requirements and a map of the full tour with them.
Provide students with name tags.
Create precise learning goals.
Encourage children to take note of their surroundings and instruct them to record everything they encounter on their tour.
Bring back the complete trip experience and connect it to the classroom for improved comprehension.

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