Career in Mining Engineering

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Mining Engineering

In earlier times, the extraction of minerals from underground was carried out by labourers. The conditions in which miners worked were quite hazardous, be it the suffocating atmosphere beneath the ground or the fatality of accidents. They would put their lives in danger while working in a technologically challenged environment. The need for better machinery and equipment for mining arose and that’s when the study of mining engineering came into being. It aims to design efficient machines to take the place of miners and extract various valuable minerals stored inside the earth’s crust. Here is a blog aiming to elucidate the various aspects related to a career in Mining Engineering, including the courses offered, top universities as well as major career profiles.

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Mining Engineering: Course Overview  

Mining Engineering analyses the process of extracting minerals from the earth’s surface and converting them into usable forms. It also refers to the phenomenon of designing and crafting tools, machines and engines for mining. To deal with uncertain situations that may arise during the process of extraction, candidates get to learn about budgeting, planning the design, feasibility, exploration of mines, along with operation and execution of mines so that they can create efficient machines which can carry out extraction without the rigorous involvement of human labour.

Subjects Covered

The curriculum of a program in Mining Engineering incorporates a multitude of aspects of the procedure of extraction of minerals. Though the varied disciplines and subjects of each course might vary as per the education level as well as the institution you are studying it from, here is a list of some of the key concepts covered in this field.

Mine Planning  Ventilation  Design of Engineering Structures 
Minerals Processing  Drilling and Blasting  Mine Cost Engineering 
Mine Health and Safety  Ore Reserve Analysis  Environmental Aspects of Mining 
Rock Mechanics  Industrial Management  Extracting Methods 

Eligibility Criteria 

Students wanting to get admissions into Mining Engineering at any of the leading and prestigious universities abroad have to fulfil certain prerequisites set by the institution. For those seeking enrollment in a course in this field, the primary eligibility requirement is to complete the formal schooling of 10+2 in MPC subjects. However, some universities accept students with BiPC subjects as well. Candidates have to qualify the SAT exam along with English language proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Along with all this, students are advised to have a lucrative Letter of Recommendation (LOR) with a Statement of Purpose (SOP). Further, these basic admission requirements can differ from one university to another and this is why it is advised to check their official website before applying for a course.

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List of Mining Engineering Courses 

There are a variety of courses available under this field which students can choose from. If you also want to acquire a degree in this springing field, here is a list of some of the key courses that you must consider at different levels of education: 

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  • BE Mechanical Engineering 
  • BE Hons Science Major in Mining Engineering  
  • BE Hons Information Technology- Mining Engineering 
  • BSc Mining Engineering
  • ME/MS Mining Engineering 
  • ME Mining, Geological and Geophysical Engineering
  • MSc Mining and Minerals Engineering 
  • PGDip Mining Engineering 
  • MPhil Mining and Minerals Engineering

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Top Universities 

Since it’s an emerging specialisation amongst the multitude of engineering branches, a plethora of universities and colleges offer courses in this field to students across the world. To help you further in your research, we have compiled the following list of some of the emerging and prominent institutions for Mining Engineering:

Thus, we hope that this blog has helped you understand what the field of Mining Engineering entails. If you are aspiring to pursue a degree in Engineering but don’t know which specialisation to opt for, sign up for a 30-minute free career counselling session with our Leverage Edu experts and we’ll assist you in finding an ideal program as well as university that aligns with your interests and aspirations and equips you with the necessary skillset to sail farther in your career journey.

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