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Indian School of Business & Finance

New Delhi, India


Business and Management, Economics, Finance, Accounting, Data Science

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History, Affiliations and Rankings

The Indian School of Business and Finance is a world-class Business School in New Delhi, India that awards degrees under the aegis of the University of London and under the academic direction of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Established in 2006, it was founded as a Teaching Center of the UOL and in 2009, became an Affiliate Center of the University followed by its present nomenclature as a Recognized Teaching Center of UOL. Essentially, this means that students at ISBF enroll as University of London students and graduate with the UOL degree and also, therefore, experience world-class globally-oriented Business and Management education in India. In 2020, the ISBF also partnered with Kingston University, London to offer a transnational Business Management program. Further, the Institute is also affiliated with the Mountbatten Institute, which allows Indian students the unique opportunity to undertake one-year international work placements across New York and London and experience the international corporate culture. 

Infrastructure, Campuses and Courses

The state-of-the-art ISBF Campus is located in South Delhi, and in the vicinity of other prominent educational institutions of New Delhi. Equipped with technology-facilitated lecture halls, contemporary student spaces, and recreation rooms, the campus offers an environment conducive to academic excellence. At ISBF, students will receive a global top 10 education, where academic programs are designed, authored and graded by LSE faculty. The Institute offers Bachelor of Science programs in Economics, Finance and Accounting, Business and Management and 4 Graduate Diploma in Management, Economics, Finance and Data Science. Courses are designed to include stimulating discussions, projects and events and inculcate a critical thinking and problem-solving aptitude in the students. Further, students at ISBF get plenty of opportunities for international exposure, such as through 2nd Year Transfers. After completing their first year at ISBF, students can transfer to LSE or prestigious universities across the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong. Also, at the end of their studies, all ISBF graduates are invited to attend the Convocation Ceremony in London!

Accomplishments and Alumni

Indian School of Business and Finance brings the world-class education afforded by leading business schools of the world. In 2018, ISBF was recognized with the Best Institute for Providing Global Exposure award from ASSOCHAM India, followed by the National Education Award for B School Leadership in 2017. Further, LSE ranks among the top 10 institutions for Business education worldwide which means that students at ISBF get access to a global top 10 education. Strong academic foundation at ISBF set students on the path of success; in the recent past, graduates from ISBF have successfully secured admission to postgraduate programs at eminent institutions in India, including ISB Hyderabad and various IIMs. ISBF graduates have also been accepted to top-ranked Master’s programs abroad, including those at London Business School, Yale, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Oxford, NYU, Columbia University and more. Also, in the last six years, the Careers Team at the Institute has achieved 100% placement for both Bachelor’s and Master’s students. Ritesh Agarwal, Founder and CEO of OYO Rooms is one of the most storied alumni of ISBF. Further, five ISBF graduates from the Class of 2022 are leading a trending, sustainable fashion startup, Emacity, that is already creating sensation among the youth. 

Student Diversity and Visiting Companies

The Indian School of Business and Finance welcomes talented and intelligent students from across India and a handful of international students. It is a kaleidoscope for student activities, both academic as well as extracurricular, to transform students into well-rounded professionals. A multitude of activities, from Dance, Music, Sports, Design, Photography to Model United Nations (MUN), Social Work and Entrepreneurship, on the campus complement the intensive classroom exchanges. Further, there is a Career Placement Cell and a Careers Team which assists students throughout their professional journey, from building an impressive profile, group discussions, mock interviews, to industry visits, getting placements, networking and mentorship. McKinsey and Company, Bain and Co., Willis Towers Watson, Moody’s Analytics, KPMG, PwC, Citi, J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, PepsiCo, Hindustan Times and other popular brands recruit ISBF graduates in India and abroad. Students have also taken year-long work placements internationally at brands including, Merrill Lynch, HSBC, Morgan Stanley and others.

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