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Study at NYU's Stern School Of Business

The Leonard N. Stern School of Business is located in Manhattan, New York, USA in the heart of New York University’s main campus. In addition to its well-known full-time MBA programme, the school also offers part-time, executive MBA programmes, as well as a variety of other undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Stern is known for its collaborative student community and emphasis on intellectual and emotional intelligence development, as well as its extensive optional course options. Stern School of Business was also consecutively ranked #1 in the world for finance based on the 2017-2021 global rankings by the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). In this blog, we will be knowing more about one of the dream b-schools for aspirants to study in, New York University Stern School of Business. 

University  New York University
School Name  Stern School of Business
Type Private University
Location New York City
Year of Establishment 1900
Dean Raghu Sundaram
Mode of Program Full-time/ Part-time/ Online
Total Enrollment 5,637
Academic staff 418
Acceptance Rate 19%
stern school of business
NYU Stern School of Business
Credits: NYU

Stern School of Business Overview 

The Stern School was established in 1900 as the Undergraduate School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance on the University’s Washington Square campus by Charles Waldo Haskins (an alumnus of New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering). In 1988, the school’s name was changed to commemorate Leonard N. Stern, a benefactor and alumni. The school provides various undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in the field of business, accounts, and more. In 2018, Stern was placed first at the #1 among US colleges for finance professionals on Wall Street in 2018, accounting for 3.9% of hiring at major investment banks. The Stern School of Business provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate programmes. Accounting, Business Analytics, Finance, Information Systems, Marketing, Real Estate, part-time MBA, and executive MBA are among NYU Stern’s highly regarded academic programmes, which we shall go over in-depth in the blog’s subsequent sections.

Credits: NYU Stern

Did you know: Jeanette Hamill, J.D., M.A., became the school’s first female faculty member when she joined the Economics department in 1913. In 1936, women made about 15% of the entire student body.

NYU Stern School of Business Rankings

Let’s take a closer look at the stunning and marvellous rankings of the prestigious New York University Stern School of Business: 

QS World Rankings for EMBA, 2022 #8
QS World Rankings for Global EMBA, 2022 #18
QS World University Rankings for Masters in Management, 2022 #30
Best Business Schools by US News and World Report, 2021. #10
US News and World Report Rankings 2021 (Finance) #3
US News and World Report Rankings 2021 (Accounting) #10

Stern School of Business Class Profile 

This year, NYU Stern received 3,958 applications for the Class of 2023 and admitted 771 of them, resulting in a 19% acceptance rate. In the end, 360 students enrolled. Students in this class had an average undergraduate GPA of 3.59, with an 80% range of 3.30 to 3.90 and a 100% range of 3.00 to 4.0. The average GMAT score is 729, with 80% of students scoring in the 700-760 range. Business is majored by 27% of students in the Class of 2023, while engineering, math, and science are majored by 24%, social sciences are majored by 20%, economics is majored by 16%, and humanities, arts, and others are majored by 13%. Students had an average of 5.1 years of work experience when they started the MBA programme.

Prior to entering Stern, 23% of the Class of 2023 worked in financial services; other well-represented pre-MBA industries included consulting (12%), technology (9%), consumer products/retail (9%), military/government (9%), and nonprofit, arts, and education (8%). Entertainment and media accounted for another 7% of the total. Women account for 41% of the Class of 2023. In this class, 32% of students are dual citizens or foreign students, and 17% identify as a member of an underrepresented minority group. 

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Undergraduate Programs at NYU Stern School of Business 

The BS in Business programme, the BS in Business and Political Economy programme, and the BS in Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship programme are all undergraduate degree programmes at Stern School of Business. Let’s take a closer look at each of these programmes:

BS in Business

Aspirants who pursue a BS in Business at New York University Stern School of Business will obtain a well-rounded education in liberal arts, business principles, global business, and social impact. While every BS in Business student focuses on business, Stern’s flexible curriculum allows you to specialise in one of 13 business fields while simultaneously studying other NYU coursework, majors, and minors. Use our tracks as a coursework path to help you grow in areas of interest that straddle conventional disciplines, such as real estate, luxury marketing, business analytics, asset pricing, and more. NYU Stern works with academics, alumni, and prominent industry partners to provide programmes that will assist you in exploring careers, preparing for interviews, and connecting with employers. You will have access to a wide selection of professional development programmes and opportunities as a BS in Business student.

BS in Business & Political Economy

The Business & Political Economy (BPE) degree is a 4-year long degree at NYU Stern that combines liberal arts, business basics, social impact learning, and global experiences while still allowing you to choose from a variety of electives and minors at NYU. Aspirants will get a practical grasp of today’s global business environment over the two required semesters of study. Your sophomore autumn semester will be spent at NYU London, while your sophomore spring semester will be spent at NYU Shanghai. Students will be able to spend the third semester at an NYU Global location of their choice.

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BS in Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

The BS in Business, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (BTE) at NYU Stern School of Business is a four-year, STEM-certified programme that prepares the next generation of business leaders with the entrepreneurial mindset and business and technology competencies needed to play transformative roles in the twenty-first century. The degree combines liberal arts, business basics, social impact learning, global experiences, entrepreneurship immersion, and applicable tech capabilities, while still allowing you to choose from a variety of electives and minors offered by New York University. The BTE degree will prepare you for business and technology jobs in big and small technology companies, consulting organisations, and banks, and many will go on to create their own businesses.

BS/MS in Accounting

The BS/MS in Accounting dual degree programme allows you to achieve two different degrees. At the Stern Undergraduate College, the BS degree is usually completed in four years or fewer. After graduation, you’ll transfer to the Stern Graduate School to get an MS degree in one summer. You will have earned the 150 credits necessary to become a certified CPA in New York State and most other states. With two Stern degrees, you’ll join a worldwide network of alumni who work in accounting, advising, consulting, investment banking, and entrepreneurship, among other fields.

BS/BFA in Film & TV

The Stern-Tisch BS/BFA is for you if you have a passion for cinema and television as well as an interest in the business side of these industries. It is a five-year programme with 160 credits. You must complete the entire set of requirements for both the Stern BS in Business and the Tisch Undergraduate Film and Television BFA degrees once enrolled in the Dual Degree programme

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Postgraduate Programs at NYU Stern School of Business 

After knowing and briefly discussing the undergraduate programs at the New York University Stern School of Business, let’s now move on to the various postgraduate programs that are being offered by the Stern School of Business: 

MBA Programs 

The New York University Stern School of Business allows aspirants to find their perfect MBA that fits their requirements and expectations. The New York University Stern School of Business also offers a range of MBA programs that are tailored to meet their specific academic and professional goals. Let’s have a look at the various MBA programs that are available: 

MBA Programs  Duration  Intakes  Tuition Fees
Full-time MBA 2 years August  $153,560 (INR 1,13,93,660)
Tech MBA 1 year May $96,872 (INR 71,87,592)
Part-time MBA 2-6 years to complete January, August Manhattan: $146,493 (INR 1,08,69,311)
Westchester: $138,000 (INR 1,02,39,158)
Fashion & Luxury MBA 1 year May  $96,872 (INR 71,87,592)
Credits: NYUSternMBAAsmission

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Executive MBA Programs 

The EMBA programmes at New York University Stern School of Business are geared for working individuals who want to improve their business acumen and expand their networks. Here are the different EMBA programs that are available at the NYU Stern School of Business:

EMBA Programs  Duration  Intakes  Tuition Fees
EMBA: New York City 22 months January, August $204,000 (INR 1,51,36,147)
EMBA: Washington DC 2 years January, August $204,000 (INR 1,51,36,147)
TRIUM Global EMBA (Jointly offered by NYU Stern, London School of Economics and HEC Paris) 17 months September $185,150 (INR 1,37,37,537)

Master’s Programs 

The New York University Stern School of Business provides a variety of master’s degrees for both early-career professionals and executives. Let’s explore the courses in each of the categories below: 

Master’s Programs for Early Career Professionals

Master’s Programs for Early Career Professionals Duration 
MS in Accounting 1 year 
MS in Data Analytics & Business Computing 1 year 
MS in Marketing and Retail Science 1 year 
MS in Organization Management and Strategy 1 year 
MS in Quantitative Economics 10 months 
MS in Quantitative Finance 1 year 
Online MS in Quantitative Management 20 months 

Master’s Programs for Experienced Professionals

Master’s Programs for Experienced Professionals Duration 
MS in Business Analytics 1 year 
MS in Global Finance 1 year
MS in Risk Management 1 year
Online MS in Quantitative Management 20 months 

PhD Programs 

You will have an amazing opportunity or chance to participate in rigorous collaborative and multidisciplinary research during your time at the New York University Stern School of Business. Let’s explore the extensive and research-based PhD programs that are being offered at the NYU Stern School of Business: 

Programs  Average Duration  Fields of Study 
Pre Doctoral Program  2 years  8
Doctoral Programs 6 years  8
Visiting Scholar  1 year  8

Important Dates 

The application deadlines and important dates for the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the Stern School of Business are listed below:

Programs Application Deadline
MBA Round 1 (15th October 2021)
Round 2 (15th January 2022)
Round 3 (15th March 2022)
Other Postgraduate Programs  Fall (15th March 2022)
Undergraduate Programs  Fall (15th April 2022)
Spring (1st October 2021)

Eligibility Criteria 

Aspirants must know that the eligibility criteria to study at NYU Stern School of Business will vary depending upon the type of program, its level and various other factors. Having said that, mentioned below are the general eligibility criteria that need to be fulfilled or met by students who aspire to study at the Stern School of Business.

  • Candidates who have completed your country’s pre-university education (equivalent to the USA 12th grade) before arriving on-campus for the fall semester are eligible to enrol into the NYU Stern School of Business for UG program.
  • Candidates who are currently enrolled in a foundation year program outside of the United States or if their highest degree earned by the time they plan to enrol at NYU Stern is either a certificate or diploma, then also they are eligible to apply at the Stern School of Business for UG programs. 
  • For aspirants wanting to pursue PG programs at Stern, they must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and recognised university in a relevant field of study. 
  • English proficiency tests scores like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo, etc are also required from international students whose native language is not English. 
  • Students are also required to submit certain entrance exam scores like SAT/GMAT/GRE based on which they will get admission to their course. 
  • For PG courses, candidates are required to have at least 3-4 years of work experience and more. 
  • Students will also be judged based on their personal interviews conducted by the school. 

NYU Stern School of Business Application Process

Admissions to NYU Stern are offered on a rolling basis throughout the year, however, the school offers four rounds of admission, with application deadlines typically in mid-September, mid-October, mid-January and mid-March. It also asks applicants to pay an application fee of $80 (INR 5935), which is non-refundable. Students are required to carry forward their application on a Common Application Portal

Students must have the following documents before starting with their application process: 

Cost of Studying at Stern School of Business 

If you are a potential university candidate, the table below shows an approximate budget for overseas students interested in studying at NYU Stern School of Business:

Type of Fee Undergraduate (in USD) Postgraduate (in USD)
Tuition and fees 56,500 (INR 41,92,119) Varies for different programs 
Room and board 19,682 (INR 14,60,341) 27,420 (INR 20,34,476)
Health Insurance 3,912 (INR 2,90,257) 3,912 (INR 2,90,257)
Books and Supplies 824 (INR 61,138) 1,500 (INR 1,11,295)
Indirect Costs 4,692 (INR 3,48,131) 4,692 (INR 3,48,131)

Note: These are just average approximate figures for international students to get a brief idea. There can be possibilities of change in the above-mentioned costs made by the university itself. 

Stern School of Business Scholarships

Financial help is available to students at the Stern School of Business in the form of scholarships, grants, federal loans, private loans, and student employment. Merit-based scholarships are awarded to around 25% of full-time MBA schools. The majority of Stern MBA students obtain scholarships that cover half or all of their tuition costs. At the time of admission, all local and overseas applicants are assessed for scholarships without any further documentation procedures. The table below lists the specifics of several scholarships available to full-time MBA students:

Name of Scholarship Rewards
Dean’s Scholarship Full tuition fees
Named Faculty Scholarship Full tuition fees
Stern Scholarship Full tuition fees
Directors Scholarship $50,000 (INR 37,09,840)
William R. Berkley Scholarship Full tuition fees + a stipend for housing and educational expenses.
Alumni Scholarship $60,000 (INR 44,51,808)

Stern School of Business Notable Alumni 

The Stern School of Business has amassed a global network of over 105,000 alumni members. Members get a variety of perks and discounts, including access to a video library, eligibility for two tuition-free courses each year, and a 50% discount on additional courses, as well as a 50% discount on all online courses. Here is a brief list of the New York University Stern School of Business alumni:

  1. Robert Greifeld: Former CEO of Nasdaq
  2. Tom Freston: Former CEO and co-founder of MTV Networks
  3. Alan Levin: Former Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Pfizer
  4. Richard S. Fuld, Jr: Former CEO of Lehman Brothers Bank
  5. Agnes Varis: Founder of Aegis Pharmaceuticals
  6. Cathy Minehan: Former CEO of Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
  7. Daniel Schulman: President and CEO of PayPal
  8. Richard C. Perry: Former owner of Barneys New York
  9. Aziz Ansari: Actor 
  10. Nomi Prins: Author 
Credits: Claire NY

So this was all about the famous and one of the most prestigious business schools in the world, the New York University Stern School of Business. Are you planning to study abroad in 2022? Then there is no more time to waste any further. Call our Leverage Edu experts on 1800572000 and book your free 30-minutes counselling session with us right now!

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