What are MUNs?

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You must have heard about MUNs or Model United Nations in movies, novels, or while binge-watching series but do you know what exactly is Model United Nations? For students who are interested in international diplomacy & relations, MUNs are the best choice for you!

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What are MUNs?

MUNs is an academic activity that covers diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations & world issues. Here, teachers and students both actively participate in research work; students develop speaking, debating, and writing skills. Students in middle school, high school, and at the university level can participate here.

  • Delegates: They are educational simulation that prepares students for the conference, all the participants are called delegates and 
  • Representing countries: Every student has to choose a country/ political figures that they will represent at the conference. Different committees are made and different topics are given to these communities. 
  • Research: Topics are given before the conference to the delegates and they have to research those topics, students must ensure that they stay true to their political figure/country they are representing.
  • Draft Resolution: Policies are passed at the end of the conference by majority voting.
  • Awards: Awards are presented based on the student’s performance here.

Benefits of Participating

MUNs have various benefits from developing communication skills to research. Here are some of its benefits.

  1. Knowledge about countries

MUNs require students to become familiar with countries’ policies & behavior at the international level. Students can only gain this knowledge about researching about these countries from their origin and history to the latest developments.

  1. Boosts confidence

Modal United Nationsrequire students to interact with other students of different schools/universities. MUNs include debates and finding resolutions with some negotiations, MUNs help students to interact with new students and present their opinions in front of them.

  1. Problem-solving skills

At the end of MUNs students have to come up with the solution of the issue.  Students have to decide and make all the other students agree with the decision which benefits the countries they are representing and others too.

  1. Brush up your writing skills

Here, students have to prepare their speeches, negotiations, and solutions by writing. Students have to write in that discipline and showcase their creative ideas and skills as well that helps them in brushing up their writing skills.

  1. Leadership skills 

Students participating in Model United Nations have to take a stand with their opinions, overcome challenges, make decisions and work as a leader. MUNs not only boost confidence it also helps students to develop their leadership skills.

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College Application

Colleges are looking for that X- factor in students other than just regular academic grades. Colleges are also focused on student’s extracurricular activities. An activity like MUNs can help you stand out from other students in your college application. MUN is a great opportunity that helps students with multiple benefits and you can highlight or showcase those skills in your college application. These help develop the overall personality of the student that helps them in future at any public speaking, taking decision in a minute, researching in-depth with great communication skills.

Notable Participants

Mentioned below are the notable participants of the MUNs over the years. You can have a look here: 

  • US Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer
  • Former World Court Justice Stephen M. Schwebel
  • ABC’s This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos
  • Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton
  • Under-Secretary-General for Public Information, Kiyotaka Akasaka
  • UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-Moon
  • Actor Samuel L. Jackson
  • Ryan Seacrest from American Idol
  • Rainn Wilson – Dwight from The Office

In India

The Doon School Model United Nations: The Doon School, Dehradun organizes the annual The Doon School Model United Nations is the largest MUN in India that has over 400 delegates and 30-40 schools participating. Apart from the mandatory conference, It also has music concerts, dance evening, tea, and formal dinner for the participants. Some other famous MUNs in India are: 

  • Harvard MUN India
  • TechFest World MUN
  • AURO Model United Nations (AURO MUN)
  • Strawberry Fields High School MUN
  • Ivy League MUN
  • VIT MUN, Vellore
  • BITS MUN, Hyderabad
  • SLCU MUN, Bangalore
  • Symbiosis Law College MUN, Pune

Schools/ Colleges in India participating

There are several schools/ colleges that participate at MUNs. Some of these schools/colleges are:

  • Amity International School
  • Symbiosis Law School 
  • The doon public school
  • Delhi International school
  • Tagore International school
  • Dhirubhai ambani international school
  • IIT


1. What should be the points of my research for Model United Nations?

Your research work should include country profile, your debate points, the position paper of the country you are representing.

2. Can we add this certificate to the resume?

Yes, it is always a good idea to write down your extracurricular activities like MUNs in your resume.

3. How do we dress up for this conference?

It is a formal event and everyone has to wear formal attire.

4. What does MUN stand for?

MUN stands for Model United Nations.

5. Are there any Model United Nations at the college level?

There are several Model United Nation conferences at the college level.

6. Which is the largest Model United Nations in India?

The Doon School Model United Nations  is the largest Model United Nations in India.

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This was all about MUNs and their importance and significance. We hope this blog was helpful in solving all your doubts and answering all your questions. If you need help in any admission relayed procedure then get in touch with our Leverage Edu experts. They will guide you every step of the way!  

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