How to Get Admission in London School of Economics

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How to Get Admission in London School of Economics

Have you ever dreamt of studying in the United Kingdom? Do you want to get admitted to one of the best institutes in the world? The London School of Economics and Political Science is considered as one of the most prestigious colleges for social sciences in the world. LSE admissions committee gets numerous international students seeking admission every year and a global network that forms the crux of the academic structure in the university. The campus is well connected to central London and is declared as one of the most distinguished public lecture spaces for a university. Here is all the information that you will need on how to get admission in the London School of Economics.

Location London, United Kingdom
Motto “To understand the causes of things”
University Type Public University
Study Levels Undergraduate, Postgraduate
No. of courses 156
University Website

Academic History of London School of Economics

London School of Economics has been ranked 9th in the Times University Guide of 2019,19th in the Guardian University Guide 2020 and found at the 4th position in the QS World University Rankings of 2020. The student body of the LSE is considered to be the most academically forward in the country. LSE has an expanded library committed to the world of social science and political science and holds a borrowing rate which is 4 times more than the average in the country. Also, the London School of Economics and Political Science offers good placement packages to students. LSE has been host to 16 Nobel prize winners who were either students or part of a staff at LSE.

Moreover, the university is home to a large number of international students forming two-thirds of the entire student population in London School Economics. For the first-year students, LSE provides accommodation facilities in the campus itself. Being in proximity to Central London, travelling and accommodation costs are close to minimal. LSE has a 3% rate of average dropout which is considered the lowest in the entire country. According to the Research Excellence Framework 2014, LSE is renowned as a leading institution in research and one of the best colleges in the UK for Social Science.

Hence, getting LSE admissions can prove to be a life changing opportunity for many aspirants.

Step by Step Application Procedure

Once you have completed your application, your submitted application will pass through the following process at the LSE:

  1. After getting applications, LSE will take time to go through the applications as well as verify the authenticity of the submitted documents.
  2. Once your documents are verified, the application will be sent to the selectors.
  3. LSE selectors will go through the documents attached to every application. This step is to ascertain that you are the perfect fit for pursuing the applied course at the London School of Economics.
  4. The results of the selection process will be published within a specific time frame depending on the course you are enrolling for.

Documents Required

Following are the main requirements and documents that need to be submitted while applying for LSE admissions:

  1. Application Assessment Fee
  2. Completed Application Form
  3. Transcripts
  4. Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  5. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  6. References
  7. Test Scores
  8. Research Paper (if applicable)
  9. Written work sample (if applicable)

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Statement of Purpose

If you wish to get LSE admissions then your statement of purpose (SOP) could be the deciding factor. Also, as the school doesn’t conduct personal interviews, the admission committee will get to know about you through your SOP only. So, make sure that you craft your SOP while keeping in mind the requirements of the LSE admissions. Some important points that you need to remember while writing your SOP are given below.

  1. Your SOP should be well written without any grammatical errors and should be well structured and coherent.
  2. Your academic interests should align with the course that you are applying for and to make sure you fit in, go through the course requirements and syllabus before writing your SOP.
  3. At least 80% of your SOP should deal with the academic aspect.
  4. You should clearly mention in your SOP why you have chosen this course and why you wish to study at London School of Business.
  5. Extra curricular activities should also be included in your SOP but make sure you don’t stress a lot on them. Ideally reference to extra curricular activities shouldn’t be more than 20% of your SOP.
  6. If you are applying for a combined degree programme, make sure that you have equal importance to both the subjects in your SOP.


Another significant part of the application procedure for LSE admissions is the references that you need to submit. A reference letter is meant to give additional information regarding the skills and capabilities of the students apart from what is mentioned in the Statement of Purpose. So, while writing a reference letter, the referee must keep in mind the following points.

  1. Your referee should know all about the course and its requirements before writing the reference letter. So, that the points he/she mentions aligns with the course that the student is applying for.
  2. The reference letter should be different from the statement of purpose. There shouldn’t be a repetition of facts.
  3. The reference letter could include points made by different people but should be entirely compiled by a single person.
  4. The reference should not be of more than 4000 characters (including space) or 47 lines.
  5. The reference letter should contain the academic potential, qualities and other aspects that are relevant to the concerned course.

Funds and Fees

Programme Full-time Part-time
Undergraduate £22,430
Postgraduate £23,520 – £30,960 £11,760 – £15,480
Executive Masters £11,662 – £36,275 £11,662 – £19,224
MPhil/ MRes/ PhD Programmes £792 – £20,136 £792 – £10,068

The London School of Economics provides a number of Scholarship opportunities to its students. You can know all about them by clicking on the link given below:

Programme Related Funding

  • The Kaute Foundation Scholarship
  • LSE PhD Studentships on Inequalities
  • Centre for the Study of Human Rights – Sir Siegmund Warburg
  • Economics – Adeline and Karl Goeltz Scholarship
  • European Institute &  Bocconi Double Degree – Ceresio Scholarship
  • Finance – Antoine Faure-Grimaud MSc Scholarships
  • Geography and Environment – POLISS & Department of Geography and Environment
  • Social Psychology – Hilde Himmelweit Scholarship

Need-Based Awards 

  • Anniversary Scholarships
  • Graduate Support Scheme
  • Master’s awards
  • LSE Access to Education Graduate Scholarships

Acceptance Rate

The competition to get into London School of Business is quite high and therefore yeh acceptance rate goes as low as 25 percent. So, if you wish to be a part of this 25 percent, you need to excel in all the entry criteria.

Now that you know the process of how to get admission in the London School of Economics, the next thing is to find the right course in your field of interest. The mentors at Leverage Edu can guide you as well as assist you with the application process for LSE.

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