High ROI Management Courses Abroad for Commerce Students

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management courses abroad for commerce students.

Are you planning to study abroad after completing your bachelor’s degree or after your 12th board? Commerce is a popular major among Indian students since it provides doors of opportunities in accounting, finance, business, management, and economics. Jacob Mathew, our study abroad expert, has curated a video with all the details from top colleges to the future scope of popular management courses abroad for commerce students.

High ROI Management Courses Abroad for Commerce Students 

These courses are not just for commerce students. In fact, Students from any stream, such as Science, Arts, Humanities, can consider these courses. These courses have the high ROI management courses abroad:


MBA is the most sought-after course after bachelors among students around the world. Many students want to study MBA in the UK, USA, Canada. Students with 2.5-3 years of work experience are interested in pursuing an MBA. Your professional goals determine the best nation in which you should study for an MBA. For example, if you want to pursue a career in finance, moving to London in the UK or New York in the USA makes sense. MBA assists people in either changing careers or progressing in their current careers. This is because of MBA’s ability to provide them with access to a completely new network. As a result, it is the most optimal high-return course that you can take from anywhere in the world. This makes MBA a popular management course abroad for commerce students.


Many students refer to MIM, or Master’s in Management, as a freshmen MBA. It is among the popular management courses abroad for commerce students. Students with 0-3 years of experience often choose this course. It is mostly in demand in Europe and the United Kingdom. It is more of a European-originated degree. MIM is a wonderful alternative for individuals who have completed their bachelor’s degree in a completely different subject. Top institutions to target include Warwick University, Edinburgh University, King’s College London, and others. When it comes to employment opportunities, you may go into industries like consulting, HR, and marketing, but you must first determine whether you’re obtaining the correct sort of curriculum for that. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Leverage Edu.

Masters in HR

HR plays a crucial function. Managing people within a company is essential and in high demand these days. There are many universities where you can pursue HRM from abroad. These include Cranfield University and Warwick University. There also are universities in Ireland, such as the University of Dublin and Trinity College Dublin. If you want to make a career in HR and grow in this field, HRM is an ideal course. Masters in HR is also a popular management course abroad for commerce students.

management courses abroad for commerce students

Masters in Supply Chain Management 

Finally, we have the Master’s in Supply Chain Management course. As a result of the pandemic, we learned about the importance of supply chain management. Improper management can lead to absolute chaos in terms of inventory and even basic necessities. So, the supply chain plays an important role in today’s world. People who work in the retail industry or the transportation industry usually pursue SCM.

These are the popular management course abroad for commerce students that are currently in great demand. Need assistance determining which course is good for you or which university offers the course you want? Contact our Leverage Edu experts at 1800 57 2000. Book your FREE 30-minutes counseling session today.

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