Career Mentorship – Is it Worth Paying for it?

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career mentorship
career mentorship

Whenever we plan to pursue higher studies from a well-renowned top-ranked university, what do we do? We google the list of top-ranked universities, spend some time reading about those universities, ask our peers for suggestions and then we end up getting confused. While doing this, we tend to overlook the reliable effectiveness of career mentorship. It is true that all the information is present on the Internet and we petrify paying fees to a mentor. A mentor who would do much more than communicating the information available on the net. But do you know that career mentorship is a sort of guidance which would not only save your time and efforts but also your career? Yes, you read it right, career! Let us go through this blog and take a look at why considering one should seek proper mentorship before getting started on their dream career path.

What is Career Mentorship?

Mentoring can be easily understood as a relationship between two people that aims to foster personal and professional development. “Mentor” is a term that is used for reference to an experienced individual who possesses relevant knowledge along with industry-oriented experience with respect to the person who is seeking guidance. Mentors are also seen as trustworthy advisors and role models. 

Whenever the Mentee is seeking guidance from the mentor in terms of making the right choice in a career field, it is simply termed as career mentorship. Career mentor understands the needs of the mentee and hence, conduct an in-depth analysis to present the best possible solution of the queries put forward by them. 

Why Do You Need a Mentor for your Career Growth?

Those who are stuck in the dilemma of making the right choices in terms of their career, often get confused about whether it is right to pay for career mentorship or not. Candidates tend to go by the common notion and believe that mentors will only provide them with information that is already widely available on the internet. But in contrast to it,  there are a bunch of advantages that one can seek whilst get in touch with an expert career mentor.

Here are the key reasons why you need a mentor for your career growth:

  • Being connected with the mentor is much more than just getting a deeper insight into your career goals. Career mentors positively impact the personal well-being of an individual as well.  They’re not just only gear up a candidate with ways to kick start their career but also enable them with ways to cater better self-esteem and self-assurance. Mentors also guide students about better time management so that they can further have a good work-life balance.
  • A career mentor is not just about helping you make the right career choice but selecting the right course of action by shortlisting the best university and program as per your interests.
  • When we take charge of our own career and block external guidance and mentorship, we only see things from our perspective and this might lead to taking wrong career decisions. Reaching the point where we stand right now to the point where we want to be, the journey carries a lot of hurdles and the right career mentor can help you tackle every one of those with their guidance and support!
  • Showing you the list of universities, might be a part of the task of a mentor but certainly not the whole of it. A career mentor looks deep into your career aspirations and invests in your story. They help you better fine-tune your own career goal and break it down into small, medium and long term plans.
  • Receiving the right dose of feedback at the right time helps one get aligned with the upcoming steps. It is nothing but through career mentorship that you can seek the valuable feedback that will ultimately help you in reaching greater heights on your career.

How to Find the Right Career Mentor?

A personal touch, experience, connections, organized information, different viewpoints, information, guidance; all this comes with professional career mentorship are unmatchable with anything you do about your career yourself. While selecting your career mentor to make sure:

  • Your career mentor should be unbiased and there to serve you.
  • You go through their customer testimonials. You should be aware of which colleges have the students successfully become a part of after seeking career mentorship.
  • The experience of the career mentor. It’s always good to have mentors who have diverse experience of mentoring students for various courses and colleges.

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