List of Top Public Universities in Denmark for International Students

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Public Universities in Denmark

Denmark holds a global reputation for providing world-class education and is also regarded as a highly streamlined and efficient country due to which it is a favourable country among students. As per the data of Study Portals’ International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014, in Europe, Denmark has been rated as the third-best country for studies. Excellent research opportunities, top-notch facilities and quality-driven education are some of the factors which make Denmark a highly preferred destination to complete their studies and live. This blog covers important information related to public universities in Denmark. Keep reading further to know more! 


Top Public Universities in Denmark

The table below represents some of the best public universities in Denmark, their QS Ranking 2023 and average fees per year: 

University Name QS Ranking 2023 Average Fees Per Year
University of Copenhagen8210,000 EUR – 17,000 EUR
(INR 8.96 lakh – INR 15.23 Lakh)
Technical University of Denmark1047,500 EUR – 15,000 EUR
(INR 6.72 Lakh – INR 13.44 Lakh) 
Aarhus University1618,000 EUR – 14,500 EUR
(INR 7.17 Lakh – INR 12.99 Lakh)
Aalborg University33013,000 EUR – 15,000 EUR
(INR 11.65 Lakh – INR 13.44 Lakh)
University of Southern Denmark347 3,500 EUR – 6,000 EUR
(INR 3.13 Lakh – INR 5.37 Lakh)

Best Public Universities in Denmark: Overview

You should be familiar with the background, requirements, and best programs of any university before applying. Let’s talk in more detail about the top public universities in Denmark.

University of Copenhagen 

Among Denmark’s top public universities is the University of Copenhagen. It is a university with a strong emphasis on research and provides the most advanced research and teaching methods available anywhere in the globe. The University of Copenhagen (UCPH), with more than 40,000 students and over 9,000 staff members, is one of the major research and teaching institutions in the Nordic countries. Some of the top courses at the University of Copenhagen are: 

Technical University of Denmark 

DTU is the second-best public institution in Denmark for foreign students. It places a lot of emphasis on developing technology that benefits both people and society. From the undergraduate level to the master’s and doctoral levels, engineers are trained at the Technical University of Denmark with an emphasis on engineering and science. Some of the popular courses at the Technical University of Denmark are: 

Aarhus University 

Aarhus University is a vibrant, modern, and highly global organization. Since its founding in 1928, it has grown to become a renowned public university with a presence throughout the whole scientific spectrum and a global footprint. The city of Aarhus is a great place to work and learn. Almost 12% of the 40,000 international students at AU come from less than 120 different countries. Some of the popular courses at Aarhus University are mentioned below: 

Aalborg University

All of the degree programs and research endeavors at Aalborg University have an interdisciplinary focus and are a problem- and project-based. Strong contacts between staff and students, as well as thorough involvement with the public and commercial sectors, provide degree programs with a real-world perspective and top-notch research. Some of the popular courses at Aalborg University are: 

University of Southern Denmark 

Due to the university’s more than 115 distinct degree courses in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, health sciences, and engineering, alumni of the University of Southern Denmark today hold positions in nearly every profession in the world. By fostering tight relationships between academics and students, it provides varied degree programs with top-tier research and a practical viewpoint. Some of the popular courses at the University of Southern Denmark include: 

  • Marketing and Management Anthropology 
  • Business Administration
  • Engineering 
  • Europen Studies 

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Eligibility Criteria

You must fulfil specific prerequisites to enrol in the best public university in Denmark. The fundamental criteria are the same, even though the precise list varies depending on the programmes and universities you select. Let’s quickly examine them:

  1. Undergraduate Program – You need to have the equivalent of a Danish upper secondary school diploma to be admitted to a Danish university. However, many undergraduate programmes may accept acceptable occupational credentials.
  2. Postgraduate Program – To apply for graduate programmes at public universities in Denmark, you must have successfully finished your undergraduate degree with respectable ratings.
  3. English Language Requirements – For English-taught programmes, there are a lot of non-Danish candidates. You must present documentation of English proficiency at or above Danish English level B to register for an English course. University websites usually list the exact marks they desire. In general, the IELTS score varies from 6.0 to 7.5, and the maximum TOEFL score is 100. 
  4. GMAT / GRE – To enrol in an MBA programme or other management courses in Denmark, you must have a GMAT or GRE score. For Denmark’s leading colleges, the average GMAT score ranges from 650 to 690.

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Application Process

The following is a step-by-step guide for applying to various public universities in Denmark:

  • Choose the course you wish to study, then look for the top university that offers it.
  • To learn more about qualifying requirements and the admissions process, visit the university’s official website. 
  • Upload scanned copies of any required documentation, including academic transcripts, a resume, IELTS or TOEFL scores, and GMAT or GRE results.
  • Fill out the right application and send in your payment.
  • Thoroughly question the relevant university directors. This is a wonderful opportunity to display your soft skills and mental clarity.
  • You can reserve a spot at a certain university if you crack your interview and receive the conditional offer letter.
  • You can pay your deposit once you agree to the university’s terms and conditions. The deposit cannot be transferred.

Documents Required

Students need to have the following documents handy at the time of applying to the universities of Denmark: 

  • Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate/Intermediate + 1-year university education.
  • Danish proficiency proof (for courses taught in the Danish language)
  • English proficiency proof 
  • Danish Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate equivalent entrance exam.
  • Tuition Fee Receipt 
  • 16-year education or equivalent degree for a Postgraduate degree.
  • A bank statement that covers your expenses while staying in Denmark.
  • Visa Application form
  • Letter of Recommendation (2)
  • Passport, 
  • CV, 
  • Motivation Letter
  • Letter of Health insurance

Cost of Studying in Denmark

Cost of studying in Denmark as an international student includes both tuition fees and living expenses. Furthermore, the amount depends upon other factors which are discussed briefly discussed below. 

Average Tuition Fees

As an international student, the amount of tuition fees will depend upon the country you are from. If you are from an EU/EEA country then studying in Denmark will be free for you which means that you don’t have to pay the tuition fee. If you are from countries other than EU/EEA countries then the average tuition fee for you can range from DKK 45,000 (4,89,000 INR) to DKK 1,22,000 (13,03,000 INR) roughly for a year. Also, this fee amount depends upon the university and programme level you choose as the tuition fee may vary accordingly. 

Average Cost of Living

The cost of living will vary depending on the city you are going to reside in. If you are going to stay in a smaller town then the living expenses are going to be less as compared to if you are going to stay in a bigger town. Taking into account accommodation, groceries and travel the average monthly expenses are estimated to be around DKK 6,000 to DKK 13,500 (65,100 – 1,47,000 INR). 

Scholarships to Study in Denmark

Studying in Denmark as an international student can be quite expensive which is why finances can be a big hurdle to pursue higher education there. To ensure that students across the world can complete their studies without facing financial trouble in Denmark, the Danish Government and various universities in Denmark provide scholarships to students. Some of these scholarships are mentioned below: 

  1. Danish Government Scholarships at University College of Northern Denmark
  2. Danish State Scholarships at Aarhus University
  3. The Danish State Educational Support (SU)
  4. The Danish Government Scholarships under the Cultural Agreements
  5. Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree Scholarships in Media Arts Cultures
  6. Nordplus
  7. Fulbright Commission
  8. Danish government scholarships for highly qualified non-EU/EEA students
  9. Danish State Tuition Fee Waivers and Scholarships at Roskilde University
  10.  IT University of Copenhagen State Scholarships in Denmark

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Q1. Are public universities in Denmark free?

Ans. Danish and EU citizens are entitled to free education, however, there are several grants and scholarships available to assist international students with the expense of tuition. Danish university students are eligible for governmental assistance with their living expenses.

Q2. Is it cheap to study in Denmark?

Ans. In this instance, the majority of tuition fees per academic year will fall within the range of 3,000 and 16,000 EUR ( INR 2.65 Lakh to INR 14.17 Lakh ) (sometimes greater). 

Q3. Can I get PR in Denmark after studying?

Ans. After obtaining a temporary residence visa for eight years, you may apply for a permanent residence permit in Denmark. The requirement can sometimes be four years. You must adhere to certain conditions.

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