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The USA is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations in the world. It is the land of golden opportunities that is known for providing academic excellence, cultural diversity, and excellent support to International students. In the year 2020-2021 over 7 million students choose the USA for their further studies. Among these students, private universities have been popular. This is because most of the highest-ranked universities in the US are private universities. This includes universities like Havard, MIT, Yale, and Standford University. 

Private Universities in the US  are funded through high tuition fees, have better staff-to-student ratios, and have more income resources. It is to be noted that all the prestigious Ivy League group Universities are private universities. Most of them are also not-for-profit institutions. Although these universities charge higher fees, they are worth every penny.

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Top Private Universities In USA

Here is the list of the top universities in USA that are private and offer high-quality education.

University NameQS World Ranking 2023Popular ProgramsAverage Annual Fees
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1MBA, MS in electrical engineering and computer engineering, MS in computer science and microbiology, BS in aerospace engineering, BS in art and design 57,590 USD (INR 47.60  lakhs)
Stanford University3Master of business administration and finance, MSc in statistics and data science, MSc in management science and engineering, MSc in biomechanical engineering 57,693 USD( INR 47.68 lakhs)
Harvard in Physics, Master in Law, Master of Public Administration,  MSc in Biostatistics 49,653 USD(INR 4.04 lakhs)
Princeton University16M.Sc in mechanical and aerospace engineering, MEng in electrical engineering, M.SC in computer science, Master of Finance, Master of Architecture57,410 USD(INR 47.45 lakhs)
Yale University18MBA, MS in statistics and data science,  BA in arts and mathematics, Bsc in electrical engineering 45,700 USD(INR 37.77 lakhs)
Duke University50MBA in finance, MSc in computer science, BA in PsychologyBSc in Economics, MSc in quantitative financial economics 47,488 USD(INR 39.25 lakhs)
Brown computer engineering, MSc in chemical and biochemical engineering, MBA, M.Sc in data science55,146 USD(45.58 lakhs)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is a private university that wants to make the world a better place through its education, research, and innovation. It aims to advance knowledge by educating students mainly in science and technology. As a result, it is best known for engineering MIT courses. 

Stanford University

Standford University ranking is number 2 in the world QS ranking. It provides a  rich learning experience to its students. The most popular Standford University courses are medicine, law, humanities, education, engineering, Earth, and business.

Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It is privately owned and is a not-for-profit institution. Harvard  University has a 12-degree-granting school, the Harvard Radcliff Institute, and also provides non-degree opportunities for professionals. However, the Harvard university acceptance rate is just 4%. 

Princeton University

Princeton University is known for its research. Its graduate and undergraduate programs focus on learning, creativity, innovation, and collaboration with the students. Princeton University rank is 16 in the Qs World University Rankings.

Yale University

Yale University is known for its undergraduate teaching, and music and drama programs. It also has a strong reputation and is ranked 18th in the QS World Ranking. However, the Yale University acceptance rate is just 5.3%.

Duke University

It is a private research university that focuses on providing superior liberal education to its undergraduate students. It is known for its excellent graduate programs and professional education. The Duke University acceptance rate is 5.9%.

Brown University

Brown University is known for its research and as a proving ground for its students for developing their creativity, curiosity, and intellectual joy.  The University provides admissions to over 162+ programs in undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD programs. Brown University’s acceptance rate for international students is 5.5%.

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Admission Requirements for Private Universities In USA

Admission Requirements for Universities in the USA are as follows. It is to be noted that it can differ from university to university.

Requirements for UGRequirements for PG
Higher Secondary Qualifying CertificateBachelor’s degree certificate
Academic and co-curricular transcriptsAll academics and co-curricular transcripts
SAT/ACT scores if applicableGRE/GMAT score if applicable
Proof of finances Proof of finances
Student CVResume or CV
PassportPassport and Visa
Student VisaWork experience if required
Statement of PurposeStatement Of Purpose
Letter Of RecommendationLetter Of Recommendation

Private Universities In USA: Admission Process

The admission process in USA to apply to the list of private universities is as follows.

  • Decide on the course of study and the universities you want to apply
  • Next, visit the official website of each university and check their eligibility criteria, the application process, fees, and other requirements.
  • Apply to the university and fill in the essential information. Upload all the documents required. This includes your SOP, LOR, scores, and academic transcripts.
  • Wait for the offer letter from the university. 
  • Once you get the offer letter you can apply for Visa.

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Tuition Fees for Private Universities In USA

Tuition fees in the USA for International students in 2022 vary from University to University. However, these are the expected tuition fees for students for graduate and postgraduate studies.

Expected tuition fees for bachelor’s18- 25 Lakhs per year
Expected tuition fees for Master’s17-25 Lakhs per year


How many private universities are in the US?

There are approximately 1,660 private universities in the US

Is private university better than public in USA?

Both private and public universities are good. The only difference is private universities charge more than public universities. Other than this, private universities offer financial aid to needy students.

What is the #1 private university in the US?

The number 1 private university in the US is the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology.

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