Universities in USA without Application Fee

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Universities in USA without Application Fee

Budgeting and having options are important factors to take into account when considering studying abroad. However, applying to many institutions in the hopes of increasing your acceptance prospects might rapidly become outrageously expensive. In fewer than ten applications, you may wind up paying over $1000 (INR 74,270). Fortunately, many colleges provide free applications, and many schools offer cost waivers to students who complete the process online. Applying to these universities can increase your chances of getting admission without having to pay the hefty application fee. There are several universities in the USA without application fees. 

Why Attend a College That Doesn’t Charge an Application Fee?

When you are already spending thousands of dollars on education, you might believe it’s foolish to be concerned about a regular cost of less than $100 [INR 7,300]. But bear with us. When looking for safe schools, applying to a few colleges with free applications might be a realistic option. If your potential universities charge application fees, having an inexpensive backup plan might help you save money if things don’t go as planned.

Why Apply to US Universities Without Application Fee?

The expense of studying in a US university can be an expensive affair and even applying to the universities may be costly. The cost of standardized exams, the application fee, and travel expenses for college visits are all factors that might pinch your pocket. Before you even get to the university, you might have paid around USD 100 [INR 7400] or more. Obtaining an application fee waiver is one method to ease this financial burden.

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What You Must Know Before Applying to a University without Application Fee?

While application fees should be closely examined, they should not be the determining factor in your college choice. Consider information such as school accreditation and non-refundable enrollment deposit costs to obtain an accurate view.

Don’t be afraid to seek elsewhere if a free education doesn’t fit your requirements or doesn’t offer any programs or opportunities you’re interested in. To help with the expense of tuition, several institutions provide generous grants and scholarships. You might also want to look into applying for federal financial help.

Other Options for Saving Money on College Application Fees

If an online application fails to yield results, you can request a cost waiver. This is usually provided to students who require financial support. It does, however, come with a set of prerequisites, which include:

  • Having a cost waiver for the SAT or ACT
  • Being a part of a federal, state, or local programme that assists low-income students
  • Living in a foster home or any other government-funded housing

Incoming college students can successfully curate a list of potential colleges using this information. Consider inexpensive universities, free community colleges, institutions that accept fee waivers, or schools that don’t charge application fees from the start.

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What is a College Application Fee?

A college application fee is a charge that students usually pay when applying to a school. It’s mostly used to cover the expenses of reviewing student applications. The admissions committee conducts interviews, responds to queries, and screens students during these periods. Colleges also charge the cost to evaluate the sincerity of student applying, because if an applicant rejects after being accepted, the school would waste important time and money.

How Much Do Application Fees Cost?

According to US News among 936 ranked colleges, the average cost of an application fee is $44 [INR 3200]. The 62 institutions with the highest tuition charges, on the other hand, charge an average of $78 [INR 5700] per student. With a $105 [INR 7800] charge, the University of California, San Diego ranks first, followed by Arkansas Baptist College with a $100 [INR 7400] cost.

Universities in USA Without Application Fee

Here is a quick rundown of universities in the United States where you may apply without paying an application fee:

College Location Ranking (THE) Comments
Yale University New Haven, Connecticut 3 A charge of $80 [INR 6000] is required, although it can be waived.
Wellesley College Wellesley, Massachusetts 29
Carleton College Northfield, Minnesota 36
Milwaukee School of Engineering Milwaukee, Wisconsin 40
Smith College Northampton, Massachusetts 43
Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, Ohio 48 A charge of $70 [INR 5200] is required, although it can be waived through Common App
Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, Massachusetts 54
Bryn Mawr College Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania 66 Free online application, paper application costs a $50 [INR 3700] fee.
Grinnell College Grinnell, Iowa 68
Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana 68 Application is free, through the Common App.
Colby College Waterville, Maine 71
Macalester College Saint Paul, Minnesota 77 Application is free, through the Common App.
Reed College Portland, Oregon 86
Kenyon College Gambier, Ohio 94
Colorado College Colorado Springs, Colorado 102 There is a general obligation fee of $1,000 [INR 74,000].
DePaul University Greencastle, Indiana 111 Application is free, through the Common App.
Trinity University San Antonio, Texas 113 Application is free, through the Common App.
Denison University Granville, Ohio 114
SLU – Saint Louis University St. Louis, Missouri 114 Application is free, through the Common App.
Rhodes College Memphis, Tennessee 121
Union College Schenectady, New York 132 A charge of $60 [INR 4400] is required, although it can be waived.
Illinois Wesleyan University Bloomington, Illinois 135
Drake University Des Moines, Iowa 144 Online application is free.
Sewanee – The University of the South Sewanee, Tennessee 147
St. Olaf College Northfield, Minnesota 149 Application is free, through the Common App.
The College of Wooster Wooster, Ohio 158 Free online application, pape-application incurs a $45 [INR 3300] fee.
Hobart and William Smith Colleges Geneva, New York 162 Free online application, pape-application incurs a $45 [INR 3300] fee.
Lawrence University Appleton, Wisconsin 167
Baylor University Waco, Texas 175 Free online application, pape-application incurs a $50 [INR 3700] fee.
Ursinus College Collegeville, Pennsylvania 178
Gustavus Adolphus College Saint Peter, Minnesota 189
Ohio Wesleyan University Delaware, Ohio 198 Application is free, through the Common App.
Juniata College Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 200
Michigan Technological University Houghton, Michigan 203
Southwestern University Georgetown, Texas 205
Earlham College Richmond, Indiana 217 Application is free, through the Common App.
Beloit College Beloit, Wisconsin 225
Centre College Danville, Kentucky 235
University of Dayton Dayton, Ohio 240
Hendrix College Conway, Arkansas 261 Application is free, through the Common App.
Hampshire College Amherst, Massachusetts 285 Application is free, through the Common App.
Hampden Sydney College Hampden Sydney, Virginia 298 Application is free, through the Common App.
University of St. Thomas – Minnesota Saint Paul, Minnesota 303
Transylvania University Lexington, Kentucky 401-500 Application is free, through the Common App.
Creighton University Omaha, Nebraska Unranked
Hillsdale College Hillsdale, Michigan Unranked Free online application, pape-application incurs a $35 [INR 2600] fee.
Lewis and Clark College Portland, Oregon Unranked
New Mexico Military Institute Roswell, New Mexico Unranked
Presbyterian College Clinton, South Carolina Unranked
St. John’s College Annapolis, Maryland Unranked
United States Merchant Marine Academy Kings Point, New York Unranked
United States Military Academy at West Point West Point, New York Unranked

How to Apply to these Universities?

To begin the admissions process, you must follow a certain step-by-step approach to ensure that you do not miss anything while completing your application. The following tips go over the most important things to remember while preparing to study in colleges that do not require charge the application fees:

Step 1: Research the certificate and degree programmes available in your subject of interest, as well as the colleges that provide them. Almost all of the universities listed above offer courses in a variety of specialisations, including Science, Technology, Humanities, and Business. As a result, the first step is to choose your preferred field of study.

Step 2: Applying to universities in the USA may be a time-consuming process, so get started on your application as soon as possible. Transcripts and mark sheets for your academic records, language proficiency scores (IELTS Score for the USA), letter of motivation, letters of reference (LOR), and a Statement of Profit (SOP) are just a few of the fundamental application requirements. 

Step 3: Check the university’s official website for entrance criteria once you’ve chosen the preferred subject. Academic-related specifications, requirements related to work experience, information about the intake, and so on are some of the most important things to ensure.

Step 4: Now is the time to start creating accounts on university websites in order to submit your application.

Step 5: You may begin preparing your visa application after your application has been accepted by the institution. It usually takes approximately 60 days and requires a large number of documents, so you should start your visa application as soon as possible.

Don’t let an application cost prevent you from going to a university that is a perfect fit for you. You’ll almost certainly come to regret your decision afterwards. Similarly, you should avoid selecting institutions that do not match your needs only because they offer reduced application costs. Do a thorough research of universities before applying and make a wise decision! 

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    1. Hello Lamin! Glad that you want guidance for studying abroad as Leverage Edu has study abroad experts that help you throughout the application process. Call us at 1800-572-000 and book your first counselling session now.

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