Top 100 Oldest Colleges in America for You To Study!

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The United States is home to a rich history of higher education, with many colleges and universities dating back centuries. These institutions offer students a unique opportunity to learn in an environment steeped in tradition and academic excellence. In this blog, we will take a look at the top 100 oldest colleges in America, exploring their history, academic programs, and campus life. Read on to know more!

Why Study in the Top 100 Oldest Colleges in America?

There are many reasons why you might choose to study at an old college. First, these institutions often have a strong reputation for academic excellence. They have had centuries to develop their programs and attract top faculty. Second, old colleges tend to have beautiful campuses with historic buildings and architecture. This can create a unique and inspiring learning environment. Finally, old colleges often have strong alumni networks. These networks can provide you with valuable career advice and support after graduation.

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List of Top 100 Oldest Colleges in America

Here’s the list of the 100 oldest colleges in America along with their QS World Rankings for the year 2024: World Ranking 2024
1Harvard University4
2The College of William and Mary901-950
3St. John’s College
4Yale University16
5University of Pennsylvania12
6Moravian College
7University of Delaware=498
8Princeton University=17
9Washington and Lee University
10Columbia University23
11Brown University=73
12Rutgers University-New Brunswick299
13Dartmouth College=237
14College of Charleston
15Salem College
16Dickinson College
17California Institute of Technology (Caltech)15
18Transylvania University
19Washington and Jefferson College
20Washington College
21University of Georgia=514
22Franklin and Marshall College
23University of Pittsburgh=222
24Castleton University
25Georgetown University297
26University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill=132
27University of Vermont901-950
28Williams College
29Bowdoin College
30University of Tennessee=446
31Union College
32University of Louisville1001-1200
33University of South Carolina=575
34United States Military Academy
35Ohio University1001-1200
36Miami University1201-1400
37Colby College
38University of Michigan – Ann Arbor33
39Saint Louis University901-950
40University of Maryland=169
41Hampden-Sydney College
42Middlebury College
43Hamilton College
44Amherst College
45Tufts University379
46Wesleyan University851-900
47Trinity College
48Oberlin College
49Kenyon College
50Denison University
51Wake Forest University701-710
52Davidson College
53Emory University=166
54Wofford College
55University of Notre Dame=304
56University of Richmond
57Centre College
58Lafayette College
59DePauw University
60Franklin College
61Ripon College
62Beloit College
63Washington University in St. Louis=154
64Wabash College
65University of Rochester224
66Grinnell College
67Knox College
68Lawrence University
69Albion College
70Illinois College
71University of the South
72Willamette University
73Coe College
74Lewis & Clark College
75Carleton College
76Augustana College
77Macalester College
78Cornell College
79Gustavus Adolphus College 
80St. Olaf College
81Monmouth College
82Lake Forest College
83Central College
84Luther College
85Pacific University
86Cornell University13
87Massachusetts Institute of Technology1
88University of California, Berkeley 10
89Johns Hopkins University28
90Vanderbilt University261
91Case Western Reserve University 255
92University of Chicago 11
93Clark University801-850
94Stanford University5
95Tulane University=600
96University of Minnesota Twin Cities195
97University of Nebraska–Lincoln=551
98University of Texas at Austin58
99University of Washington63
100University of Wisconsin – Madison102

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Q1. Are older colleges better than newer colleges?

Ans: While older colleges often have a strong reputation and historical significance, it doesn’t necessarily make them “better” than newer ones. The quality of education depends on many factors like curriculum, faculty, resources, and student support. Your best fit will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Q2. Are older colleges more expensive than newer colleges?

Ans: On average, older colleges tend to be more expensive than newer institutions. This is because they often have a higher endowment, which allows them to invest in facilities, resources, and financial aid. However, there are exceptions, and many older colleges offer need-based and merit-based scholarships to make their programs more accessible.

Q3. Do older colleges have more stringent academic standards?

Ans: Admission standards at older colleges vary depending on the institution. Some have a highly selective admissions process, while others may be more open-access. So you should research individual colleges to understand their specific requirements and selectivity.

Q4. What are the benefits of attending an older college?

Ans: Studying at an older college can offer several benefits, including:
1. Strong academic reputation
2. Rich campus culture
3. Networking opportunities
4. Historical significance

So it’s crucial to carefully research and compare colleges based on your academic goals, financial aid options, and personal preferences to find the best fit for your needs.

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