Highest Paying Master’s Course After Engineering

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Highest Paying Master’s Course After Engineering

Engineering is one of the most sought-after courses in the world. Not only because it offers the best job opportunities, but because it offers a vast amount of experience, and after four years of endless studying and practicals, one ends up with a decent salary package. But some of you might have dreamed of pursuing further education, either for higher salary packages or simply because you were forced to pursue engineering. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a chance to turn your life around and for higher salary packages but do not know where to begin, we have you covered. Here is a list of the Highest Paying Master’s Course After Engineering.


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Best Master’s Courses after Engineering for High Salary

Once you are done with your engineering degree, you have several educational programs to look forward to and can select one of them with the intent of the highest salary package, but without proper guidance, you will simply end up being confused. Here is a list of some of the Highest Paying Master’s Course After Engineering

Master of Science (M.Sc. or M.S.)

Most students opt for this course after completing B.Tech as some of the other courses ask for work experience but this course requires nothing. Usually, engineers having an interest in technical aspects go for this course. Pursuing an M. Sc. or M.S. from abroad and reputed universities might end up with a job outside the country. In most cases, with a good score on GRE, Good SOP, and LOR, you are almost set to go. 

UniversitiesRankings 2023 (QS Ranking)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1
University of Cambridge2
Stanford University3
University of California – Berkeley27
Georgia Institute of Technology88

Master of Technology (M. Tech)

Transitioning from a Bachelor of Technology to a Master of Technology is a secure and safer choice. This course teaches whatever has been taught in under-graduation very broadly. Most students wanting to get a job in the same field go for this course. The GATE score is a must to get admission to the course of M. Tech. In some cases, an M.Tech degree is achievable while continuing a job. 

UniversitiesRankings 2023 (QS Ranking)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology1
University of Cambridge2
Stanford University3
University of California – Berkeley27
Georgia Institute of Technology88

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

M.B.A. is one of the most popular choices among students these days after completing a Bachelor’s in Engineering because the salary package is insanely high.  M.B.A. prepares students to take over the corporate world by polishing and finessing. This course teaches you about business and managerial abilities, meanwhile incorporating leadership qualities and decision-making. Clearing the GMAT, allows you to go abroad for studies, and CAT and Private Universities entrances enable students to get enrolled in various Indian Universities. 

UniversitiesRanking 2023 (QS ranking)
Stanford Graduate School of Business1
Harvard Business School2
Penn (Wharton)3
HEC Paris4
MIT (Sloan)5

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Post Graduate Diploma in Management (P.G.D.M)

Much like  M.B.A which offers a degree, Post Graduate Diploma in Management is a phenomenal course. It is shorter in duration than M.B.A. Unlike M.B.A., which is theoretical in approach, P.G.D.M is an industry-based program.  

UniversitiesRanking 2023 (QS ranking)
Harvard Business School2
London Business School 5
University of CambridgeN/A
HEC Paris School of Management N/A

Merchant Navy or Armed Forces

Engineering is a versatile course that one can pursue a career in Merchant Navy or the Armed Forces. In the case of the Merchant Navy, it is mandatory to have a B. Tech degree in the branch of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, or any Marine engineering branches. After completing the B.Tech course in the above-mentioned streams, one can enrol in the Graduate Marine Engineer (GME) or Electrical Technical Officer (ETO) course to get direct placement in a Merchant Navy Vessel. Another example can be joining the armed forces, by taking up any of the following courses:

  1. Technical Graduate Course (TGC)
  2. Short Service Commission (SSC) 

Medical Courses after Engineering

If you want to pursue your career in the field of medical science, you have plenty of options except for surgical courses. 

  1. Biomedical Engineering
  2. Biochemical Engineering
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Paramedical Courses
  5. Hospital Management

Short-Term Courses after Engineering

Here is a list of Short-Term  Courses after Engineering with the highest salary:

  1. Short-Term Certificate courses in Graphic Designing and Web Designing
  2. Human Resource Management Courses
  3. Software testing
  4. PGDM 
  5. Digital Marketing Course

Management Courses after Engineering

If you are interested in attaining a career in managerial level positions with a high salary package after completing B.E or B. Tech courses, you can opt for these management courses:

  1. Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.)
  2. Masters in Management (M.I.M)
  3. Masters of Management Studies
  4. Executive Diploma in Management
  5. Post Graduate Diploma in Management

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Can I change my field of study from B.Tech to Medical Science?

No, you can not change your field of study from engineering to medical science. But you can go for courses such as Paramedical courses and Hospital Management.

What is the difference between an M.B.A. and P.G.D.M.?

M.B.A. is a full-time course of 2 years and P.G.D.M. is a diploma course of duration ranging between 1-2 years depending on the nature of the course and the country you are pursuing from. 

Which course is best after engineering for a higher salary package?

The most promising courses for higher salary packages are M.B.A., M. Tech, Maritime Courses, and P.G.D.M.

What is the difference between MBA and MIM?

MIM is a Master’s degree program that deals with intensive knowledge about various management streams such as Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, and Consulting, whereas, MBA deals with Business Economics, Accounting, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, and Leadership. 

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