Career in Graphic Designing

Career in Graphic Designing

We are often intrigued by the layout of a website or a cover of a book or simply a product. Graphic Designers are the professionals responsible for the fascinating design. One of the creative short term courses after 12th, Graphic Design is the craft that requires creating visual content using hi-tech software tools to communicate meaningful messages. With the emergence of Youtube and social media, the need for designing professionals has surged up exponentially. A great number of aspirants see it as an alternative to conventional degrees for its higher employability and global working environment. A career in Graphic Designing is all you need, to experience a dynamic job profile, flexible work hours and lucrative salaries. 

Courses in Graphic Design

If you have an eye for aesthetics and detail, then pursuing a course in Graphic Design is the right option for you. A number of universities abroad offer intensive courses in the field. Allowing students to focus on the principles of design while preparing them for the ever-expanding market, Graphic Design or Animation course after 12th is a great way of starting a career in Visual Communication. The coursework at the top design schools offers a unique blend of the philosophy of design and practical expertise, while sophisticated labs for designing and an abundance of resource material further adds to the charm of the subject. Some of the best courses at various universities around the world that will help you build a strong career in Graphic Designing are listed in the table below: 

UniversityLocationCourse Duration
University of Gloucestershire UKBA (Hons) Graphic Design 3 Years
Michigan State University USABachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design4 Years
Iowa State UniversityUSABFA in Graphic Design4 Years
American University of MaltaMaltaBachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Animation4 Years
Oxford Brookes UniversityUKBA (Hons) Graphic Design4 Years
TAFE NSWAustraliaDiploma in Graphic Design1 Year
Curtin UniversityAustraliaBachelor of Design3 Years
University of Fraser ValleyCanadaDiploma in Graphic and Digital Design2 Years
Red River CollegeCanadaDiploma in Graphic Design2 Years

Berlin International University of Applied SciencesGermanyBA Graphic Designing and Visual Communication3 Years

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Is Graphics Design a Good Career?

Graphic Designing is a field offers an array of avenues with brighter prospects for growth and advancement. Offering lucrative salary packages and an opportunity to take up top positions in less time. The top recruiters in the field include advertising agencies, animation and film production houses, publishing houses, online marketplaces, web developing companies etc. Some of the top-earning job profiles are discussed below:

Graphic Designer

One of the most obvious job profiles after pursuing a career in Graphic Designing is that of a Graphic Designer. The professional is responsible for creating digital designs for books, magazines, reports and brochures. Using software like Adobe Illustrator, the Graphic Designer has expertise in creating a design and conveying a message through them.

Multimedia Artist and Animator

An animator performs a role similar to that of a Graphic Designer except that the images here are in motion. An animator develops motion graphics for advertisements and holds a central position in the process for making an animated film. One of the highest paying jobs in the media industry, Multimedia and Animation is a great option to excel while making a career in Graphic Designing. 

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Web Designer

Unlike a web developer who does coding and creates a website, the Web Graphic Designer deals with designing the outlook of a website to make it seamless and attractive. In the age of the internet, the job profile is highly in demand and allows professionals to work at their convenience. A great way to start a career in Graphic Designing, as a web designer, you can take freelance projects or work as a full-time professional with a company. 

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Other job profiles that you can find suitable after a course in Graphic Design include:

  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Drafter (Architecture and Engineering)
  • Industrial or Product Designer
  • Marketing Manager
  • Technical Writer

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By taking up a course in Graphic Design, you can make a successful career in Graphic Designing. Since it is a practically oriented field, the schools lay more focus on providing hands-on training for which they take a limited number of students. It is understood that the admission procedure can be tough at the top schools, but not when you have Leverage Edu by your side. Taking help from the industry’s leading experts will make your journey to your dream career smoother. 

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