Internships in UK for International Students 2024

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Internships in UK

The United Kingdom is one of the best places for an overseas student to obtain internships and job opportunities. Many students find an internship enjoyable due to the nation’s welcoming atmosphere and its friendliness towards multicultural education. Internships in the UK for international students provide an opportunity to experience the corporate culture. Also, it helps students learn and enhance their skills in their preferred field. Therefore, each year, hundreds of letters from overseas students ask for assistance in locating acceptable internships in the UK.


Benefits of UK Internships 

There are numerous advantages of interning in the UK; a few are listed below: 

  • Candidates with previous expertise in the relevant industry are preferred by the majority of UK companies. Through internships, students can gain the necessary industry exposure and competitive edge to further their careers. Additionally, it offers students a competitive advantage over other applicants when they apply for jobs with companies.
  • Doing an Internship in the United Kingdom can be beneficial to make new friends and develop close relationships with them. Moreover, they will be able to network and learn about the various work ethics of the intern group. It also gives you access to some beneficial relationships in the business.
  • If your employers are impressed with your performance throughout your internship program, they can extend an offer of a full-time position. Hence, you need to get along well with your coworkers, be gregarious, express gratitude, and leave a positive impression.

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Work Requirements for a UK Internship  

Obtaining a UK work permit in advance is a crucial prerequisite for being qualified for an internship in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, you should wait to apply for a work permit in the UK until you have accepted an internship offer. On the other hand, there are a number of exclusions that let PG students use their graduate visas to complete their internships. 

Your application for a certain type of visa will determine all the conditions for your work permit. The following are general prerequisites for seeking an internship in the UK: 

  • You must be registered as a student in your country of residence.
  • Students must have an English language proficiency certificate. 
  • Your age must be between 18-35 years. 
  • You must have a valid passport. 
  • Having a strong CV or Resume which includes your academic qualifications and skills. 

Organization Offering Internships in UK

Top websites or companies that provide international students with internships in the UK include: 

  • Milkround 
  • Student Circus 
  • TARGET Jobs 
  • RateMyPlacement 
  • E4S 

For Indian students, the following are some of the best sectors and companies to pursue an internship in the UK: 

Internship Programs in UK

The following is a list of UK internship programs offered by reputable UK universities:  

Internship Programs Provider 
Data Science and Analytics, Artificial Intelligence University of London 
MBA Global Business, International Fashion Management Coventry University 
Biotechnology, Molecular Biology Loughborough University 
International Business Management, MBA Middlesex University 
International Tourism, Hospitality ManagementManchester Metropolitan University 

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Requirements for Applying for an Internship in UK

International students may find the application procedure for internships in the UK to be quite tough. Thus, to ensure that you don’t lose out on the chance, apply in September at least six months in advance. Candidates must provide the following paperwork:

  • Complete the application.
  • Create a CV or Resume to highlight your abilities, approach to the business, and advantages.
  • Cover letter: Sending a cover letter is required since it informs the company of your qualifications for the position. This is accomplished by emphasizing pertinent experience and talents, thus you must always include a cover letter that specifically mentions the job for which you are seeking.
  • Records about a previous degree.
  • Records of previous employment, if any.

Tips to Find an Internship In UK

Now allow us to introduce you to some advice for Indian students looking to apply for an internship in the UK: 

  • Searching for legitimate websites and organizations is crucial for overseas students looking to start an internship in the UK. 
  • Being enrolled full-time—rather than part-time—at any UK university is a prerequisite for obtaining an internship in the country. 
  • Obtaining a work permit for the UK is essential, even after securing an internship there. Additionally, there have been instances where candidates who do not possess the required work permit are turned away from the airport. 

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Is there an age restriction in the UK when applying for internships?

The age range for many internships is 18 to 25 years old because they are intended for college students. However, before applying, make sure you are over the legal age restriction if you are an adult student or if you wish to explore other employment options.

Is it possible for a foreigner to intern in the UK?

The temporary employment GAE (Government Authorized Exchange) visa, formerly known as the Tier 5 visa, is the UK internship visa for graduates and international students. It permits you to travel temporarily to the UK to complete short-term work experience.

Can I travel to the UK to work as an intern?

This means that in order to work or study in the UK, any member of the EU—aside from Ireland—will need to apply for a visa. The Tier 5 GAE visa is the best option if you’re a student or recent graduate hoping to do a short-term internship in the United Kingdom.

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