A Detailed Guide for Part Time Jobs In Estonia 2024

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Part Time Jobs In Estonia

Seeking a destination that allows you to work and study at the same time while being secure, cutting-edge, and well-known for its higher education? Estonia is the best place for you to study and work. By providing a variety of opportunities with world-class education. We will assist you in securing a fulfilling educational life. Estonia supports students seeking part-time work opportunities in a variety of fields so that they can easily develop their experience and knowledge in different domains. In Estonia, you can take advantage of various job opportunities and earn competitive salaries that will help you live a better life and improve your lifestyle. Read this article to learn more about part-time jobs in Estonia.

Average Part time working Hours 20 Hour Per Week 
Average Wages per hours €15.48 per hour 
Average Monthly wages €654 per month 

Benefits of Working Part Time Jobs in Estonia

Doing a part time job in Estonia will provide you with several benefits, here we have mentioned a few of the reasons mentioned below:  

  • Most of the universities in Estonia encourage students to find their own startup ideas and spin-off businesses. Tallinn University provides creative programs to its students; they encourage students to participate in startup programs such as TalTech’s STARTETech and the University of Tartu’s STARTERLAB program.
  • Estonia provides a wide range of part-time occupations, including data processing, administrative work, IT programming and development, as well as tutor jobs, language teachers, interpreters, and translations.
  • While studying in Estonia, you are eligible to work full-time and part-time, which will help not just in financial terms but also in gaining some experience that will help you achieve your long-term goal.

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Rules and Regulations for Working in Estonia 

If you want to apply for part-time jobs in Estonia, you need to know the rules and regulations for doing part-time jobs:

  • In Estonia, there is no legal cap on how many hours a part-time worker can put in. But the majority of part-timers put in between 20 and 30 hours a week at their jobs.
  • The student needs to study full-time in order to be permitted to work and study simultaneously.
  • Students can work full-time if they so want, but juggling a full-time job and full-time coursework at the same time can be challenging.
  • After graduating, all non-EU students are eligible to stay in Estonia for an extra nine months to hunt for employment.

Type of Part time jobs in Estonia 

As a student, you can work in four different ways to continue your study and work in Estonia.

  • Off-Campus Work
  • On-Campus Work
  • Internships.
  • Co-op placements

List of Part Time Jobs in Estonia 

Here is the list of part-time jobs in Estonia and their varying wages. 

Positions Average Per Hour Income 
Language Tutoring€10-€20
Language Translators€20-€30
Data processing€10-€15
IT Programming and Developing€20-€30
Clerical jobs€10-€15
Managerial Jobs€15-€20
Shop Work€5-€10

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Tips to Find Part Time Jobs in Estonia 

In Estonia, contacting a prospective employer via email is customary; phone conversations are possible but are not typically recommended. Send your resume, and it’s common to be asked for a motivation letter and an estimate of pay as well. Have your interview attired. The majority of Estonian students combine employment and school. Working either a full-time or part-time employment is highly typical.

Comprehensive information about working in Estonia is available on the Work in Estonia website. Locations where you can search for open positions:

  • Job postings for employment in English are available at Workinestonia.com.
  • Universities’ career centres and information desks
  • Colleagues, fellow students, and locals
  • Direct communication with a company representative, obtainable through the company website

Other popular Internet recruitment websites in Estonia:

  • www.cvkeskus.ee
  • www.cv.ee/en
  • www.linkedin.com/jobs/jobs-in-Estonia

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Is it possible for foreign students to work part-time in Estonia?

As long as it doesn’t conflict with your studies, you are free to work as much as you like as an international student. This means that provided you complete all of your coursework and earn your degree on time, you are free to work and study in Estonia for the whole academic year.

How much can an international student earn in Estonia?

According to the website “studyinestonia.ee,” a full-time employee’s average monthly pay is €1,310 gross, or €7.56 gross per hour. However, the minimum pay could be anticipated to be about €3.48 gross per hour or €584 gross per month.

Are foreign students able to work in Estonia?

You can live, work, and study in Estonia for a year if you have an Estonian student visa. You must apply for a temporary residency permit for study if your courses are longer than a year.

This was all about Part Time jobs in Estonia. If you want to read more part-time jobs-related blogs, follow our page, Leverage Edu.

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