Part-Time Jobs In Saudi Arabia that You Should Be Aware of

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Part Time Jobs in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia provides ample job opportunities to international students so that they can manage their expenses while studying. Students interested in working in Saudi Arabia as part time workers can find job options in top industries such as oil & gas, education, etc. Part time jobs in Saudi Arabia will help the students earn extra income which in turn will help them in managing their overall expenses. The following article will guide the students on more about part time work options in Saudi Arabia.

Minimum Age for Part Time Jobs in Saudi Arabia16 years
Working Hours for Part Time Jobs in Saudi Arabia 48 hours per week
Average wages  per hour 16800 SAR
Average Monthly wages $20000

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Why Part Time Jobs in Saudi Arabia?

Those looking for part time options must know the benefits of working in Saudi Arabia:

  • Saudi Arabia offers high wages, tax-free salaries, and other benefits to their workers
  • This place offers the students to work in globally renowned markets, across various industries
  • Saudi Arabia provides comfortable working and living conditions with benefits such as swimming pools, libraries, shopping complexes, etc

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How to get Part Time Jobs in Saudi Arabia?

Check the below points to know how to get part time jobs in Saudi Arabia:

  • Students can connect with their family members or friends and ask if they have any job opportunities
  • Students should try to attend networking events, and seminars to help them get part time job opportunities
  • There are many job portals available on the internet that will provide students with many job opportunities
  • Candidates can also mail directly to the companies and request job opportunities

Top Part Time Jobs in Saudi Arabia

To get an idea about the part time job opportunities in Saudi Arabia check the given below table:

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Many top industries offer various part time opportunities. Check some of the popular industries offering work opportunities for students:

  • Hotels & Restaurants
  • Education
  • Oil & Gas
  • Consulting
  • Medical
  • Accounting
  • Construction
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources

Rules and Regulations for Part Time Jobs

To work, the students are required to follow the rules and regulations for part time jobs in Saudi Arabia:

  • The students can work for a maximum of 48 hours per week in case the students do over time they will be paid 1.5 times the basic salary
  • Students should have a valid work permit and health insurance policy
  • The minimum age to work as a part time worker in Saudi Arabia is 16 years
  • The probation period ranges from 90 days to 180 days depending on the employer
  • The candidates must enroll themselves in full time programs to get the work visa for part time jobs

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Is it legal to do part time work in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, it is legal to do part time jobs. But there are certain rules and regulations which the candidates are required to follow while working as part time workers.

What are the working hours for part time work in Saudi Arabia?

The students are allowed to work for 48 hours per week; if they work overtime, they will be paid 1.5 times their basic salary.

What is the minimum age to get part time work in Saudi Arabia?

The minimum age required to get part time work in Saudi Arabia is 16. Below this age, the candidates will not be allowed to work as part time workers in Saudi Arabia.

This is all the information about what are part-time jobs in Saudi Arabia for national & international students. If you want to read more blogs on jobs abroad stay tuned with us on Leverage Edu.

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