Facts About Civil Engineer Salary in Australia 2024

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Civil Engineer Salary in Australia

The complexity of the world has increased the demand for highly skilled civil engineers, especially in developed countries like Australia. This article will discuss the depth of civil engineer salaries in Australia, the variety of opportunities available, and the average pay range in Australia. We have gathered information from a variety of sources, such as Linkedin, Glassdoor, and other job posting websites, to give you the most accurate and current information possible. We would appreciate it if you utilize this guide to assist you in better planning your career path in civil engineering.  


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How Much a Civil Engineer Can Earn in Australia?

The average yearly pay for a civil engineer in Australia is approximately 81,400 AUD; this might vary from the lowest average salary of roughly 38,000 AUD to the highest average salary of 128,400 AUD.

Average Annual SalaryA$81,400 
Average Monthly SalaryA$6,783 
Lowest Annual SalaryA$38,000
Lowest Monthly SalaryA$3,166
Highest Annual SalaryA$128,400
Highest Monthly SalaryA$10,700

Civil Engineer Salary in Australia Based On Experience

To help you understand how the average varies after a specific amount of experience, we have included the average wage for civil engineers based on years of experience.

Civil Engineer Salary in Australia

Civil Engineer Salary in Australia Based On Organisation

We have compared the Australian civil engineer salary range according to the organization in the table below. 

Organizations Average Salary ( per year )
Mott MacDonaldA$80,000
Northrop Consulting EngineersA$74,500
Warren Smith & PartnersA$78,500
Transport for NSWA$75,000
CPB ContractorsA$99,999
Blacktown City CouncilA$90,000
S&G ConsultantsA$70,000

Civil Engineer Salary in Australia Based On Cities

If you would like to compare the salaries of civil engineers in Australia according to the cities that we have stated, you may view the image below to see the data for each city. 

Civil Engineer Salary in Australia

Civil Engineer Salary in Australia Based On Education

The typical pay you might expect to receive depending on your education is highly dependent on your area of choice and professional trajectory. 

Education Level Average Salary 
Diploma Certification A$30,000 per year 
Bachelor’s DegreeA$63,200 per year 
Master’s DegreeA$ 112,700 per year

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Civil Engineer Salary in Australia Based On Different Positions 

We have included salary data for jobs that are comparable to civil engineers in the image below.

Positions Average Salary (per year)
Civil Design EngineerA$90,000
Project Manager/Civil EngineerA$77,000
Entry Level Civil EngineerA$71,000
Civil/Structural EngineerA$83,000
Structural Engineer$125,000
Design Engineer$115,000
Field Technician$84,379
Project Engineer$127,556

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How much do civil engineers get paid in Australia?

In Australia, the average pay for a civil engineer is $58.59 per hour or $114,253 per year. The starting salary for entry-level professions is $92,341, while the average yearly salary for experienced workers is $158,003.

What will the civil engineering world be like in 2025?

By 2025, the European Civil Engineering market is projected to reach a valuation of 2,412.9 billion US dollars. According to RICS, there is a 45 million staff shortage in the civil engineering field, while the real estate and construction sectors require more than 100 billion square feet of workers.

Is civil engineering good for the future in Australia?

Indeed, there is much room for growth and progress in the field of civil engineering in Australia given the continuous infrastructure projects and emphasis on sustainability.

 This is all about Civil Engineer Salaries in Australia in 2024. For more such articles follow the jobs abroad page and stay tuned with Leverage Edu 

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