Structure Breakdown of Home Guard Salary In Canada In 2024

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Home Guard Salary In Canada

Canada always has a demand for Home guards considering the safety norms of the country. The job of a home guard can provide an individual with a decent income and plenty of time to spend with family or be utilised productively elsewhere in personal development. It can also be a very good option to work part-time as a home guard in Canada while studying or doing other activities for the rest of the time. To know in-depth about Home guard salary in Canada read the blog to the end.


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Average Home Guard Salary In Canada

To start with knowing about the home guard salary in Canada, let’s have a look at the averages. The average salary of a home guard in Canada is 34,000 CAD per year.

  • The average highest salary per year is 52,800 CAD
  • The average lowest salary per year is 15,500 CAD

To understand this better and for a good insight into the topic, the following are the monthly averages:

  • The average salary in a month is 2,833 CAD
  • The average highest salary in a month is 4,400 CAD
  • The average lowest salary in a month is 1,291 CAD

Your salary in Canada as a home guard can also vary from the averages and can be higher or lower based on certain factors that determine the salary like education, experience etc.

Home Guard Salary In Canada Based On Experience Level

The level of experience is a very crucial factor in the determination of the salary of an individual. A higher level of experience always fetches a higher amount salary as the skills and knowledge of the subject improve and the performance of the work gets better. In the profession of a home guard, an employee with 2 to 5 years of experience can gain 38% of a higher salary range comparatively. The following image might give you better insight. 

Home Guard Salary In Canada

Home Guard Salary In Canada Based On Education Level

The level of education is also an important factor in deciding upon the level of salary of a home guard. Though the profession does not demand any highly educated employees, still a home guard with a diploma or certification can get an 82% higher salary compared to a high school level qualification.

Educational QualificationSalary Per Year
High school 23,500 CAD
Diploma or Certification43,500 CAD

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Home Guard Salary In Canada In Different Cities

The salary of a home guard is also different in different cities of Canada. To understand which cities pay the highest salary and are the best to work in, refer to the following image which has higher-paying cities and the average salary paid.

Home Guard Salary In Canada

Home Guard Salary In Canada Compared To Similar Professions

Comparing the salary of a home guard to a similar profession helps one understand if the profession is worth it according to the income received. The following table mentions several similar professions to home guard from the same industry and their average salaries:

Profession Salary Per Year
Company guard45,100 CAD
Control room operator39,400 CAD
Fire chief134,700 CAD
Firefighter65,900 CAD
Jail officer54,700 CAD
lock-smith36,400 CAD
Police officer73,300 CAD
Security Officer44,300 CAD
Security technician40,300 CAD
Traffic controller72,700 CAD
Surveillance operator48,000 CAD

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What is the pay raise that can be expected in the job of a home guard in Canada?

The pay raise that you can expect as a home guard in Canada completely depends on your performance and your employer. However, the average pay raise that can be expected is 7% every 12 months.

Is the salary of male and female home guards different in Canada?

Yes, the factor of the salary still faces differences when it comes to gender. A female home guard earns approximately 5% of a lower salary when compared to a male in the same profession.

Is it beneficial to be a home guard in Canada?

Yes, it can be beneficial to be a home guard in Canada as it provides an individual with decent pay and a lot of time for other self-development activities. The job can be taken in a part-time form to simultaneously work for several things and have time for the family as well. 

This was all about the Home Guard Salary In Canada. To read more such informative blogs on jobs and salary-related topics, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu. Comment below for any suggestions or doubts.

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